Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Look look up there, it's 'Superman'

Remember those clowns in the EC?

Yes the EC, the so-called impartial organization whose chairman and deputy chairman fibbed about the very delible 'indelible' ink and far worse, kept changing their bull. I know that to err is only human, BUT for a so-called impartial body to f**king bull was totally, absolutely and unforgivably unscrupulous.

what worries?
like the Arabian Nights we have 1001 excuses why it won't work


First, they said it was the EC staff's lack of knowledge in using the ink; then, it was the need for Islamic ablution (prior to prayers) which 'compelled' the EC to dilute it so that it is NOT indelible (then why in the f**king world used it as an indelible ink? But I suppose it was useful to throw in agama to deter questioning); following that, it was the Health Ministry's warning about the poisonous silver nitrate or some health-hazard chemicals in the ink which again 'compelled' the EC to dilute those noxious stuff, ...

... and which the new Health Minister, S Subramaniam (together with a ministry senior civil servant) repudiated the EC's claim of the advice coming from the Health Ministry - confirming once again the EC leaders had been f**king lying.

Yes, the EC lied but also demonstrated their two leaders' sheer incompetency for being unable to even come up with a decent plausible lie and stick to that for consistency. That's what incompetency means.

And the worst part, the EC chairperson, Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof, had the blasphemous nerve to draw in the name of Allah swt by providing another excuse again, effectively blaming The Almighty in his (Abdul Aziz's) declaration "On the much-awaited day, the power of Allah is greater when the ink could disappear after being washed several times."

And no, not 'washed several times' but by merely rubbing the inked finger against grass.

He thought by blasphemously invoking the name of Allah swt, he might get away with it. Where was 
Amir Amsaa Alla Pitchay and his IRIMM when you needed them, wakakaka.

On the much-awaited day, the power of Allah is greater when the ink could disappear after being washed several times

The point I want to make is the folly of attempting to divert attention, in the final case above by misusing the name of Allah swt, instead of 'fessing up the EC's series of fuckup.

There are two current cases that I suspect are naughty diversions (of public attention), not unlike the call of "look look, up there, isn't that *Superman?", wakakaka.

* or 'Green Lantern' if you're PAS, wakakaka

complete with moon too, wakakaka

The AG has now thought of re-examining the case of a horrendous rape of a minor, the rapist marrying the minor to get off the hook of being prosecuted for rape (how, you may ask? Hey, this is f**king BolehLand mah where raping a minor or not depends on whether the rapist's has a f**king bright future), and then divorcing her.

Why re-examine the case now?

Because the AG is in deep deep f**king trouble for the loss of Pulau Puteh to Singapore. If there is one thing Dr Mahathir can't stand, it's Malaysia losing anything to that bloody little red dot south of our border, wakakaka. And worse for Gani Patail, HRH Johor had already expressed his royal fury at that loss to his state holdings as well.

All in all, a nasty package of anger for dear Abdul Gani Patail.

Now, why should our 'esteemed' AG be particularly worried?

Dr M after me? Shit!

Well, it seems former KL CID chief Mat Zain Ibrahim has just lodged a 31-page SD claiming - no, not about Altantuyaa Shariibuu - that hundreds of millions of ringgit (and that's 8 zeros in front of the decimal point) had changed hands and been deposited into a Hong Kong bank account for which, as alleged by Mat Zain in his SD, Abdul Gani had deliberately lost the Pulau Puteh international case, in favour of Singapore.

While I'm also interested in who had paid the alleged hundreds of millions of ringgit, indeed indeed indeed, I would for now be satisfied to learn whether Mat Zain's inflammable allegation is true.

So, ..... yes, we now have the AG asking the police to re-examine an abandoned rape case which shouldn't have required the re-examination if the rapist had been sent to jail in the first place for raping a minor.

"Look look, up there, isn't that Superman?", wakakaka.

The next case involves the pay rise for Selangor's MB and exco members. Previously I had posted 'Killing' Khalid softly ..... also on same subject but which focused on the known 'bad blood' between Azmin Ali and Khalid Ibrahim, and also the arrogance of 'Royal MB' towards even his old mentor-sponsor, the de factor PKR leader, Anwar Ibrahim.

'Twas a post basically on PKR intra-party issues, rather than the pay rise per se, but which I'll come to in a short while, wakakaka.

Just a wee digression first - I refer naughtily to his new title 'Royal MB' because I was informed that Khalid Ibrahim is currently riding high in HRH's estimates.

My observation of Khalid is that while he has been quite a good corporate leader, he lacks the political gumption to personally strike out boldly as a leader in his own rights, and where he has always relied or leaned on a big boss sponsor, whether this be Dr Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim or as we now suspect, HRH.

Until he has this Taikoh's backing he has shown he lacked courage, as was amply demonstrated in the earlier case of Eli Wong's personal 'difficulties' when he had to 'run to' HRH for advice.

me worry? where got? what for?

But now as has been rumored, he has won over HRH's backing (hence he is the 'Royal MB'), it may explain what I perceive as his lack of usual deference to his old sponsor, Anwar Ibrahim, wakakaka, and his unusual arrogance towards other Pakatan component parties.

In fact, nowadays he is seen to be MB-ing with an unusual blustering confidence. For more, read Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality?

But his foe, Azmin Ali, has suddenly received serendipitous help from the Auditor-General, wakakaka, that Selangor as a governed state has been negligent in its under-utilizing of allocated federal funds for road maintenance in the state. Was this part of how he has managed to accrue the legendary humongous Selangor state assets?

Well, I know what the Myrmidons would say, but I caution them to hold their horses because they cannot hail the Auditor-General when he highlighted BN's follies but then cherry-pickingly reject his audit observation when it shows Khalid Ibrahim has not managed well the improvement of Selangor's infrastructure when so much funds were available.

MKini reported that: The Auditor-General's Office also conducted a survey of residents in Klang, Gombak and Shah Alam and found that 80 percent of the 545 respondents to be dissatisfied with the road conditions there.

This has pissed off Gobind Deo that the young bhai said: "I call upon the menteri besar to explain why the Selangor government didn't make full use of funds channelled by the federal government to the state for maintenance and upkeep of non-federal roads."

WTF is Khalid up to?

Well well, don't we see a different side of Khalid Ibrahim, which may be timely now to bring in the subject of his state's humongous pay rise for himself, ADUNs and excos, a new pay package he has so arrogantly but strangely introduced when he has been known to be a Scrooge in terms of public spending even when the state has billions stashed away.

And miscellaneous expenses and freebies aside, it's said that the Selangor MB's new pay will be very much higher than the PM's.

In what has been seen as a controversial Scrooge-like personality for public spending but Father Christmas for the state political representatives including himself, Khalid Ibrahim has invited outraged shock from both friends and foes, and is currently under siege from his own party - for more, read The Malay Mail Online's Pakatan chiefs press Khalid to revise Selangor pay hike.

No doubt BN is gleefully egging Khalid's critics on as the pay revision represents the first crack in Pakatan's CAT performance in Selangor, and we're only too well aware that public impressions count. Aren't those vultures just drooling?

So in the face of all these ... guess what? Khalid Ibrahim suggested to PM Najib that he will support a pay rise for federal MPs.


"Look look, up there, isn't that Superman?", wakakaka.

It brought derisory laughter and scorn from BN people like Shahrir Samad, one the few UMNO people I have a lot of respect for.

hey bibs, keep your eyes on the ball, not Superman


Shahrir said that there is a formula for MPs' pay in Commonwealth countries, for example, Australia having a prime rate of 3 times the average national income.

Since Malaysia's average national income is RM40K, then the ADUN pay should be RM120K, which works out at RM10K per month.

Shahrir pointed out why politicians shouldn't compare their pay with the private sector, saying: "Plus, we receive pension. Not mentioning this means we are not making a full disclosure."

"Because of the pension element, it is often understood that the pay in the public service is lower than in the private sector."

"We will be enjoying pensions later, so our pay should not be the same as the top four percent of Malaysians."

MKini reported Shahrir saying Khalid is "trying to cover up (his) mistake of raising the pay of Selangor assemblypersons without indexing it to the average national income (GDP per capita)."

“So I question the Selangor MB’s sincerity in supporting a pay rise for MPs. Don’t try to cover up your mistake.”

I agree.

And sadly, I have to say Khalid Ibrahim may not be the sort of MB we want after all, especially not after he had done DAP in as described in my Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality?

But then neither do we want Azmin Ali. Alas, Nurul and Rafizi are far too bloody young and inexperienced. Who else is there? Sorry lah, has to be a Malay - if any DAP supporters disagree, please read Anthony Loke's erudite and strategically brilliant DAP mahu PR NS kenalpasti calon MB.

I'm now tempted to support a PAS leader for MB ... but alas, if only those mullahs can curb their Hudud obsession, wakakaka.

Aiyoyo, if only Zaid Ibrahim was around, wakakaka.

you f**kers drove me out of PKR, didn't ya?
didn't know a good leader when you had me!



  1. Perhaps Anthony Loke should ask himself why not fight for more seats allocation among PR in NS? There are considerable number of DAP melayus in NS DAP. Not just Aspan Alias only

  2. As for pensions, that depends but obviously politicians get the biggest bang on pension. One got to remember too. Inflation! UK parliamentarians & politicians get their indexed link pensions which tied to inflation. Malaysia Yilak.

    There is no right or wrong answer in the rise selangor politicians salary. However, what we should be point out the full disclosure of what our politicians are getting?

    Are we getting one lump sum pay? Or what Sharir is getting now just allowance given to MP? There are many plus plus plus given to the so called politicians especially from BN. These are serious questions. Lest kaytee wanna brush these aside as Myrmi FUCK. How much Syed Hamid is earning as SPAD chairman? Hahahaha.

    Seriously, one got to read deeper why the responders not happy with the road conditions. Without looking in details, folks such as kaytee may go straight into pot holes. Since when people do go into the details lest people like kaytee has a certain passion or hatred on certain individuals. If the road conditions meant to be traffic jam, then it's a different story

    Define irony. Excessive spending also kenna complain. Under spending also kenna complain. Apa lu mau? People known to spend whatever they have on the budget simply because they fear that in the subsequent year, the allocated budget would be cut. Hence, we get items being purchased at exorbitant prices. Furthermore, I bet even if you throw HAMBALANG money onto the roads, the same people would still complain. Wanna bet?


    In this case, I prefer hoarding funds than spending your grandma's money on unnecessary things. At least, you still have the money. I felt we should be focussing on the imbalance on federal tax revenues & federal funds given back to the state.

    Which exco is managing the state roads? Who is Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi? Time to complain/censure this bugger as well?

  3. Today's lunch special: Esplanade rojak and featuring the special shrimp sauce.

    Ms. Muppet is following cue from Penang larng but wants to add cili pedas.

    First, Khalid has every right to use the allocation as deemed fit. We shouldn't repair roads for the sake of repairing it, finishing the allocation before year' send like all civil servants love to or help the buddies find work. At least the Auditor General didn't find misuse or waste of funds or as MACC's so eloquently use - "stupidity"

    (Side talk - the worst roads are found in Old Klang Rd, Cheras & Puchong etc to name a few and these are in DAP areas. Maybe, Theresa & the Cheras DAP midget should concentrate of these issues)

    With a slight of hands, we are focusing on Khaild. However, with the comparison chart, the real question is how some of the ministers & MB's live lavish lifestyles on the current salaries? One leader earns $20-30K but can blow $200-300K on his daughter's wedding banquet alone. Another, can host 1 million wedding guest while another can buy a humongous bungalow & SUV for his playboy son.

    Instead we should reflect on this instead of red herrings:


    Third, why are other states following if its so bad especially Penang? Everybody now wants to jump on the bandwagon.

    Fourth, its not the quantum that is import but can the state balance the books. Not all money is just raised by taxing the individual taxpayer but through land sales & premiums. Instead, let us compare these articles:




    Therefore, people from the cooperate sector see things different. Its when they appear to live beyond their means is scary or when the state tries to portray a rosy picture when its in the same shit - abuse of power & funds.

    Lastly, at least we cannot say the same thing about Khalid like this fellow:


    AA - keeping having wet dreams, PAS (with the exception of Perak's Nizar), even more wet dreams & bed wetting. Better to stick with the angel we know than.....

    1. Anon,
      Huh? Last check, Cheras is federal or DBKL's pigeon which is under BN. The quantum is important because of the perception carrying with it. Perhaps, Aspan's suggestion may prove useful. Pay top politicians year end bonus.

    2. Yes, point taken but also trying to make a point. At least Bhai-Jr is a lion cub in the making & earns his worth. Theresa? The Cheras midget Chan who has been sitting there for years & dishing out disciplinary letters like god. They should earn their keep, especially when Theresa was MP & ADUN on numerous commitees collecting allowances up to $60K per month. Why don't they fight with DBKL for road repairs or question the abuse of spending like Bhai-Jr? Its not only the Chinese opposition areas affected by mismanagement or punishment - go look at Kg. Baru, Kerinci, Setapak, Melawati etc...

      DAP isn't better and now Penang projects deficit. Socialist usually distance themselves from greedy capitalist but from the crowd Penang DAP leaders keep, they are no longer "idealist" but sheer political "realist" & "opportunist".


      At least Khailid made his money earning a honest living & made his money like Zaid. To lead Selangor is like charity work to him since he is not politically ambitious. Bhai-Sr charges $100K just to open a file if you want him to defend you.... that is why he only takes up national issues instead of petty roadworks & salaries.

      AA tried to give Khalid rope to hang himself but got tangled in it himself and as for PR opposition, it's AA way to "lend your knife to someone else for assasination"

    3. Which Teresa you are talking about? I thought her surname is Kok. By the way, she is no longer Kinrara's adun. Kindly check your source. In singapore you would be mampus

  4. Please get one thing straight. Zaid Ibrahim is not, and never was a good leader.
    Not in UMNO, not in PKR.

  5. Amok, good point. He never professed to be a good leader. There is a difference between good leader and good manager. At least he isn't a bad manager, let alone a crooked one. So, a Tim Cook isn't a Steve Job but shareholders need to access whether the next CEO can return something and how many Steve Jobs' can we find in the world?

    Common, at least he is better than Khir Toyol or a AA! Msians always want the cake & eat it too..... after years of Toyoling & Muhamad son of Muhamad, its a good start.

  6. This is coming from the man who would be the next Penang CM. Jeff Ooi is vindicated


  7. You sweety pie has answered. When are you going to whack Najib your loverboy kaw kaw


  8. Very hard to argue with people (politicians) who talk stupid with no flair, class and sincerity. We should export accidental jerks like these - no need matahari, cia or 007 to do the job...these jerks can drive BOTH kiasu and ordinary non-kiasu to commit suicide suddenly just like those bugs that slam straight into your windscreen at night. Only a yogi can withstand this kind of beyond words onslaught