Monday, December 12, 2011

PKR's Pariah-ish Preemptive Power-grab for NS?

The Malaysian Insider's Pakatan aims for Negri, eyes PKR MP as MB reported:

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is ramping up efforts to wrest Negri Sembilan from Barisan Nasional (BN) in the next general election, with its leaders saying the pact has identified Teluk Kemang MP Datuk Kamarul Baharin Abbas as frontrunner for the mentri besar post.

Even though TMI quoted its source as a “senior PR spokesperson” you can bet your bottom ringgit the conveniently anonymous spokesperson has been from PKR rather than PR.

It’s the usual and very regrettable PKR tactic of using the media to (so they wish) force a fait accompli on its DAP and PAS partners(?). It’s so bloody typical of their avaricious UMNO-like Taikoh wannabe mentality a la Sarawak and Perak all over again.

If we examine the current PR standing in the Negri Sembilan DUN, where the BN forms the ruling majority with 21 ADUNs, PR has 15 ADUNs in opposition, comprising 10 from DAP, 1 from PAS and only 4 from PKR.

Assuming both DAP and PAS retain the same winning seats (i.e. DAP = 10, PAS = 1) and PKR alone reaps the winning minimum swing of all 4 extra seats, the status will see DAP at 10, PAS 1, and PKR with 8. So why should the MB be from PKR? And mind, we are providing the maximum benefit of the doubt to PKR, by assuming DAP and PAS won't make any advance at all in the next NS state elections.

OK, perhaps PR may agree to a PKR person being the future NS MB of the state government as it did in Selangor, but why can’t PKR allow this to evolve from sincere, mature and confidential intra-PR discussions and negotiations? Why must PKR conduct selfish grubby preemptive strikes via the media on its partners?

And if PKR's argument is based on the requirement for the MB to be a Muslim, then we must wait to see whether there will be Muslim DAP ADUNs after the next election? Or, why can’t we nominate a PAS person as MB in the likes of my fave Nizar Jamaluddin?

Quite frankly, I am bloody sick of PKR's old ketuanan, kiasu and khianat-ish habit of bypassing intra-PR negotiations through use of the media to preemptively stake its claim on high powered political positions or committees. It's not a sincere but rather selfish and greedy member of PR and there'll come, must come a stage when DAP and PAS have to get rid of this untrustworthy partner ..... unless of course the sincere democractic elements in PKR make efforts to shed the party of its UMNO stripes (or leopard spots)*.

* I had written before, and very often too, that change in UMNO must come from within, thus similarly (wakakaka), change in PKR must likewise come from within. As an example, PKR members should pause and consider why Gobala, this once die-hard supporter of Anwar Ibrahim, almost of kamikaze-like dedication for the so-called Great Reformer wakakaka, has been attacking his once-idol with such ferocity that he was recently ejected from Parliament for doing so, rather than continue to deceive themselves blind by idiotically dismissing Gobala (and others) as a BN mole or Trojan Horse planted to destroy PKR from within. It’s up to the righteous elements in PKR to deal with this evil corroding poison within their party, that is, if they have the guts, sincerity and righteous belief in true democratic reforms.

Incidentally, in DAP's drive to recruit more Malay members, I urge the party to reconsider and change its policy of not admittedly anyone from a PR party, because I would like to see the DAP wooing and admitting Badrul Hisham Shaharin (Chegubard)) into its ranks, provided Chegubard is no longer a member of PKR.

Once a PKR supreme council member, Chegubard is not in the PKR upper echelon anymore. He’s certainly not in Anwar Ibrahim’s favour nor accepted with professional grace by Anwar’s inner coterie. Chegubard has been highly critical of Anwar and party’s kitchen cabinet, more so during and after the last PKR party polls where he (Chegubard) revealed many alleged untoward happenings during the polls.

Outraged by the alleged dodgy PKR party polling process, well-known writer Art Harun asked in an earlier post of his what does the 'K' in PKR actually stands for?

Art wrote: … When records show about 80 people in attendance and yet about 800 people voting, surely PKR could expect dissent and resentment from the candidates vying for posts. That is only to be expected.

To top it up, when party outsiders such as Haris Ibrahim could produce ballot papers issued for the party elections, one wonders whether Roy Hodgson is in charge of the ballot papers in PKR. […]

I don't know about how they feel and think. But frankly, in my perception, PKR is so full of crap than it would even dare to admit. And if the farce that PKR calls and labels as party elections is to be a yardstick of its ability to govern this country, I would rather vote for the Siberian Husky in front of my house. And by that, I don't mean to insult the dog.

Post-polling, there was an attempt to ‘mollify’ Chegubard with the post of deputy party sec-gen but he flicked that shallow and insincere appeasement off (there's another nastier word for "shallow and insincere appeasement" wakakaka).

In unequivocal rejection of that offer, Chegubard stated he would not back down from his vows to reform the party “despite attempts by certain quarters (wakakaka) to get rid of him and his supporters. The former PKR supreme council member admitted that he was feeling the pressure from PKR leaders who were unhappy with his vocal approach to rejuvenate democracy and transparency in the party"

Obviously, Chegubard has been and no doubt is still facing regular backstabbing from within his party.

If he is not on the PKR list for the next State and federal election, and he elects to resign from that party, DAP must take the initiative to recruit him. This man with his great values will be a tremendous asset to DAP.

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  1. Negeri Sembilan is a tough one for BN. Rumour has it BN's own internal assessment is they may well lose NS. But the outcome is full of danger.

    The situation in NS post-GE13 is looking very unstable, and may make Perak post-GE12 look tame.

    First there is similar legal requirement that the Menteri Besar has to be a Malay Muslim. So DAP 3Cs - China, Christian, (perhaps) CharBoh are out.

    Second PAS and PKR do not have anything like strong team ready in NS. They need that.

    Its not a case of counting chickens before they hatch. Its making sure you are ready to take charge of the chicks when they arrive. Otherwise the Negeri Yang DiPertuan Besar will have invite BN to form a minority government.

    I don't want to get into the silly DAP hates PKR hates DAP nonsense.

    Just like to DAP Penang, I tell the politicians to get on with the program.
    Unless you really want UMNO to rule forever...

  2. just say no to dap2:04 pm, December 12, 2011

    i hear the dap malay-recruiting campaign has managed to net an earth-shattering 700 new malay members throughout the country.

    most of them sound like "cari-makan" types looking forward to dap-appointed posts in the event pr wins the respective state govenrments.

  3. PKR - Melayu Pariah
    DAP - Cina Pariah
    MCA - Semua Pariah

    UMNO - Mother-of-all Pariahs

  4. Very disappointed with DAP Penang infighting.
    I'm this close to declaring DAP not worth voting for if they continue this stupid food fight.

  5. whatever it is, come next election you will either vote UMNO dominated BN, or PKR dominated PR.

    Take your pick...

    Don't forget, this is all politics, where gentlemanly behaviour is abhorred...

  6. Like the ancient Chinese used to say,'regroup,let bygones be bygones,cooperate and chased the occupiers out first'.That is how the Chinese are able to defeat and chased out the Japanese invaders.Then come back and fight among ourselves.

    Can the PR component parties get it into their thick headed skull.Your first priority is to defeat the common enemy.That is the BN.Then after the BN is defeated,then come back and fight among yourselves.Eat your hearts out,you numbskulls.

  7. In the end...PR leaders will settle seats allocations to win the 13th GE...and not to fight for seats like donkeys and monkeys.