Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dr Hasan Ali a Kemo Sabe?

In late April this year, I posted Is Dr Mahathir a racist?, where an extract from it read:

….., ‘Malay unity’ was touted when the March 2008 tsunami hit Malaysia and dramatically changed the political landscape. UMNO obviously wanted & was desperate to split the Pakatan camp into Malays and non-Malays. PAS was immensely attracted to the clarion call for Malays from both sides of politics to unite to ensure the continuation of Malay supremacy in federal and state government.

In Selangor the sweetener for PAS was the MB’s post. Recall also the UMNO-PAS meeting at the Terengganu palace, though Nik Aziz stated that he was ambushed by UMNO. Indeed it was only Pak Haji Niz Aziz who put a stop to Pak Haji Hadi Awang and his deputy president Nasharuddin’s keenness to take up UMNO’s appeal for ethnic unity, before the Pakatan ship wrecked itself on hidden rocks by the lure of the siren song.

It’s not an unusual UMNO tactic when they are in political retreat, that of instigating fear among the Malays of the Chinese taking political control of Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and hatred of same yellow skin peril by reminding the Malays of (true or otherwise) Chinese aggressive economic prowess, avarice, arrogance, rudeness and disrespect to the Malay rulers, etc. There's nothing like instilling a siege mentality a la Fort Apache. Dr Mahathir had taken this path several times.

What made me bring out the above again has been yesterday’s double-talk confession of Dr Hasan Ali who preened and pompously accepted the titillating bait of (UMNO-owned) Utusan Malaysia in conferring upon him the title of the 'saviour' of the Malay-Muslims – see Malaysiakini’s
'Saviour' Hasan to pursue PAS-Umno unity.

But why did I mention ‘double-talk’?

Dr Hasan declared
"The very reason for my existence is to unite humans in the worship of Allah."

If so, why not say Muslim Unity or Human Unity?

Also, why did he assert that he would only cooperate with people who promote the interests of Malays, Muslims and the Malay royalty?

Islam is one of the greatest religions of the world, in fact a religion with a socialist bent, though many orthodox/conservative Muslims would baulk at the association of Islam with socialism.

But consider zakat, one of the 5 pillars of Islam.

Muslims consider zakat as an act of piety where they could show charitable concerns for the well-being of less fortunate fellow Muslims. The aim is of course to promote and preserve social harmony between the wealthy and the poor, an equitable redistribution of wealth, and a sense of solidarity amongst members of the Ummah.

Marvellously, zakat is not confined to only Muslims because the Quran indicates 8 categories of people (asnaf) who are qualified to receive zakat funds, namely:

(1) Those living in absolute poverty (Al-Fuqarā')
(2) Those who cannot meet their basic needs (Al-Masākīn)
(3) The zakat collectors themselves (Al-Āmilīna 'Alaihā)
(4) People who are non-Muslims, to show them the real spirit of Islam (Al-Mu'allafatu Qulūbuhum)
(5) People whom one is attempting to free from slavery or bondage. Also includes paying ransom or blood money (Diyah). (Fir-Riqāb)
(6) Those who have incurred overwhelming debts while attempting to satisfy their basic needs (Al-Ghārimīn)
(7) Those working for an Islamic cause (Fī Sabīlillāh)
(8) Travelers in need (Ibnus-Sabīl)

I wonder whether Category no 4 is ever practised in Malaysia, or for that matter, in any Muslim country.

But why ask about No 4 when we know from the recent accusations against alleged Christian missionary work in Malaysia, that prominent Malaysian Muslim leaders have condemned the zakat authority for neglecting the Muslim poor to an extent that the latter have become willing recipients of Christian charity and thus, by implication, insinuation and insidiousness, potential apostates because of Christian proselytizing.

Leaving that aside, let us turn to India, an ancient land, alas, cursed by the evil of its discriminatory caste system (all purely because of the accidental consequence of birth).

When Islam arrived in India, many Hindus swiftly embraced the great religion (remember: one with a fantastic socialist doctrine) to become Muslims in order to wonderfully rid themselves of their unfortunate unfair and undesired status as lower caste Indians (and that, only because of the accident in birth to certain families). They went from being pariahs to being members of the Ummah.

There is no doubt that Allah swt, being who He is, wants Islam to be a supranational religion, one above race, ethnicity, caste and skin colour.

But then comes along Dr Hasan Ali who promotes not just Muslim unity or Human Unity or Malaysian Unity, but specifically Malay-Muslim Unity, and the position of the Malay royalty, or even more specifically ...

... UMNO-PAS Unity!

I have written on the following observation several times before but I guess there’s no harm reiterating it, that ....

.... the Weltanschauung or worldview of many (though not all) PAS members is more about Malay interests rather than Islam’s per se, and PAS is a Malay (rather than Islamic) political party. Thus we shouldn't be surprised by people like Dr Hasan Ali.

Even a certain remarkable Mufti (who cowardly put the blame for his seditious act on a woman when push came to shove) argued that “the Malays are special because they are related to Islam, unlike the Arabs even though Prophet Muhammad was descended among them” and “We must defend our [Malay] race” (rather than Islam). So much for a Mufti!

Now, can anyone blame me for concluding from Dr Hasan’s political confession that he doesn’t care what the official PAS political ideology is, nor give a sh*t to the repetitive exhortations of Pak Haji Nik Aziz, PAS’ Mursyidul Am, to consider UMNO as PAS’ political enemy?

Of course I'm giving him the max benefit of the doubts, that he is truly devoted to UMNO-PAS unity and not because of the potential of becoming the future MB of an UMNO-PAS ruled Selangor.

Yes, he is basically saying he’s the Kemo Sabe (Lone Ranger) of UMNO-PAS Unity, and to f*s with PAS.

Does such a person deserve to belong to a political party like PAS which, like all political parties, has an official political ideology?

Only PAS can provide the answer.

And finally in closing, are you guys still holding on to ABU, especially those living in Gombak Setia, Selangor? Wakakaka.


  1. "(4) People who are non-Muslims, to show them the real spirit of Islam (Al-Mu'allafatu Qulūbuhum)"

    Its been done in Malaysia, but only for Window-dressing.
    Somebody among the authorities does understand its in Islam, but the assumption is that Nons are Kaya, not deserving of zakat aid.

    An MCA friend of mine was once approached to find one or two "deserving" Cina miskin for showcase purposes. They had their photos taken, showing due Gratitude for the Islamic generosity.....


  2. He should just quit and join Umno.
    Then he can fight PR fron inside Umno.

  3. Don't underestimate the emotive appeal of the "Malay Unity" movement. Its deeply rooted in cultural and religious imperatives regardless of whether they belong to UMNO, PKR, PAS or even DAP.

    Its not easy for a non-Malay/non-Muslim like you to understand, because its not about logic.

    In general terms, Muslims are EXPECTED to unite against an external threat.
    Of course, it doesn't happen in the practical world for many reasons. People have many other objectives and loyalties.

    Educated Malays can understand the "External Threat" is largely UMNO-manufactured for its own political benefit. Even then, they cannot totally deny the appeal of "Malay Unity".
    Needless to say, it has strong impact among the tradional rural Malays.

  4. I am in grave doubt if this BTN bred Javanese extract Mr Hassan Ali who truly understand Islam.Looks to me he is a racist first.

    1974 Old UMNO Member

  5. Hassan Ali is a very confused man.

  6. Binatang Hasan Ali (sorry for insulting all the binatang) is only useful to Umno as long as he is inside PAS. The day PAS sack him, Umno has no use of him. The best way to neutralize Hasan Ali element is to sack him but obviously thisanimal is aware of him been sacked so he is using utusan mouthpiece to accuse PAS of not fighting for Malay Ruler rights. I am waiting for onew rong move from this Hasan Ali Animal then PAS can swiftly sack him.

  7. He claims he wants to fight for I slam, so he should hijack a plane and slam it into Obama's White House.
    I slam!

  8. Telur dua,
    Hasan Ali a confuse man? Forgot his past background? Wasn't he with BTN? Can a leopard shed off its spots? He's a thorn in the flesh for PAS. Perhaps he's an UMNO implant.

  9. Little Hassan Ali practices spelling with magnetic letters on the refrigerator...

    ... cat, dog, papa, and mak have been proudly displayed for all to see.

    One morning while getting ready for the day, the little boy bounded into the room with his arms outstretched. In his hands were three magnetic letters: "G"-"O"-"D"

    "Look what I spelled, Mak!" he exclaimed, a proud smile on his face." That's wonderful!" the mom praised him. "Now go put them on the fridge so Papa can see when he gets home tonight."

    That sekolah pondok education is certainly having an impact, she thought, happily. Just then, a little voice called from the kitchen.

    "Mak? How do you spell 'zilla?'"

  10. WHO KEEPS TABS on the sultan of SELANGOR about how the ZAKAT money is spent.
    Considering Royalty has a penchant for fast cars; fast women and think themselves wannabe High Rollers

  11. The most poisonous thing God ever created is the politician's mouth...

  12. Hi Anon 12.32 PM,

    Hahaha....that's brilliant, to suggest that ex director of BTN to hire a plane and do a 911 on the White House - shouting as he goes down in flame " Look Allah, one for Islam, here I go, I SLAM for Islam" LOL

  13. Nons are kaya, not deserving of zakat aids?

    The trouble in our country is they tend to equate the Nons only to the Chinese. What happened to the Indians, the natives of Sabah & Sarawak ? Aren't they the poorest of the poor in this country?

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. I edited Vinnan (10:55 PM, December 13, 2011) comments as follows: Yes, it is still Anything But UMNO. Unless one is blind it is obvious that this Hasan Ali has done an unofficial frog jump to UMNO. He is just pulling antoher pukimak Zulkifli Nordin [deleted] shit. Just like that piece of shit this Hasan frog wants to be kicked out of PAS so that he and UMNO can accuse PR of being against the Malays. No electoral candidate can be perfect. We know who the Hasan Alis and Hees are and so long as PR take care not to field such candidates again then it is still ABU. Remember in the 2008 GE there was a dearth of talents for the PR to field as candidates. Essentially, a lot of their candidate selection strategy was based on adapt, improvise and pray like hell they can overcome the BN candidates which are backed by a massive electoral machine. Hopefully there will be more depth and care when it comes to the PR candidates this time. However, if they still have not learned then they deserve to get sodomized by UMNO again. C'est la vie.

  16. Anwar is most certain to be found guilty of sodomy and is going to be locked up for at least the next 10 years. He should do a Thaksin and get out of the country now. He can always return once he is assured of a fair trial.

  17. "What happened to the Indians.... Aren't they the poorest of the poor in this country?"

    Tell that to the Thamby who cut me off in his 3.0 Litre Lexus SUV this morning.
    Problem with the rich Thamby's and Neh-nehs is they won't lift a finger to help the less fortunate brethen.

  18. Hasan Ali is a good man. I will vote for him.
    He'll win the election contest if he stands again in his constituency, regardless of which party ticket.

  19. "What happened to the Indians.... Aren't they the poorest of the poor in this country?"

    One of the most effective ways to reduce poverty is for poor families to cut down on the number of births. Instead of having 8 children who are malnourished, uneducated and unemployable, why not opt for only 2? Then the resources available to feed those 2 children will be quadrupled! That is what happened to China.

  20. People like Hasan Ali are what's in store for Malaysia's future.
    UMNO, PR, whatever, take your pick....DAP won't be able to stop the tide, either inside PR or go-alone.

    The Nons need to get used to it - or find your way overseas.

    Its not such an unusual choice - if you are a Non, its almost 100% certain your ancestors made that choice somewhere along the way.

    Fair Enough ?

  21. Very interesting that this DAP supporter has become like an ostrich pretending the DAP implosion in Penang isn't happening - while he writes like he's an authority on all the travails of PKR and PAS.

    Dei...its causing a lot of damage to DAP Penang's credibility outside the party, among ordinary Penangites, whether you recognise it or not.

  22. When UMNO faced its biggest crisis in the mid 80s (Teams A / B, declared illegal), it still won handsomely in subsequent elections.

  23. Today's news on Lim Boo Chang (THE SUN):

    On him switching parties yet again, he said the late Tun Lim Chong Eu, (Gerakan's founder) had also joined four different political parties - the Radical Party, MCA, United Democratic Party (UDP) and Gerakan.

    "(Tan Sri) Tengku Razeleigh (bin Tengku Mohd Hamzah) was from UMNO, he formed Semangat 46 and is back with UMNO … Sir Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister during World War II) started in the Conservative Party, joined the Liberal Party and then went back to the Conservative Party … I am not the first case," he said.

    To Lim Boo Chang : - you are no Lim Chong Eu or Tengku Razaleigh

  24. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/gallery/2011/dec/14/police-arrest-punks-indonesia#/?picture=383286298&index=8

    The photos above show how Indon police deal with punks such as the Ali brothers-- Hassan and Ibrahim

  25. Only in Malaysia...so many so call great Muslims like Mahathir...Najib..Muhyiddin...and now Dr. Hasan Ali..all defending and championing the Muslims for unity.
    We have around 20 million Muslims ...just a few more millions Muslims than China...and a dwarf compared to Indonesia 250 million Muslims....yet we seem to be leading the Muslim world with no one recognizing it at all.
    Yes...with out race and religion politics...UMNO b is a bankrupt party.
    Enjoy these hypocrites and clowns performances...just for a laugh or two.
    When you still have a 85 year old double headed snake like Mahathir ....keep twisting and telling half truths..keep talking politics....never retired at all...you will know how weak his UMNO b party really is.

  26. Anon...9.23am...Dec 14
    You said Hasan Ali is a good man.
    What is good to you?
    Is it because he is a clean and good Muslim...means he us good?
    Give us more details...and not just vote for good or bad politicians.
    He must vote for smart and non racists politicians.
    Hasan Ali have exposed who he is...and Malaysians are not impressed with his race and religion nonsensical outdated politics..

  27. Wonder if Hasan's salary comes from taxes that includes contribution from non-Muslims or those non-halal activities.

  28. monsterball, malaysia has only 16 million muslims while china has 4 times more at nearly 60 million

  29. If Hassan Ali and Nazaruddin Mat Isa is allowed to contest, I will never vote for them and most nons will say the same. These two are potential frogs. If they still harping on UMNO unity with PAS, then these two have no qualms of associating with corrupt party. So, what Islamic Agenda are they talking about if they are so willing to associate with a corrupt party.

  30. TOO many dogtors lah !