Monday, December 26, 2011

Kim Jong-Nurul?

One of the most troubling observations of Malaysian politics is the cultism of personalities, such as Tun Razak, Dr Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim and yes, on the opposition side, Lim Kit Siang and Pak Haji Nik Aziz, and subsequently (again but this time on the other side of the political fence) Anwar Ibrahim, wakakaka.

It's troubling because cultism often leads to what I term as ‘Kim-ism’, a word derived from the ‘Great Leader’ (wakakaka) Kim Il Sung, president of North Korea from 1948 to 1994. He was succeeded by his son Kim Jong Il (1994 to 2001), who in turn had been succeeded by his son Kim Jong Un.

Now, would it be wrong for leading politicians to be joined and/or succeeded by their sons/daughters, like Tun Razak was by Najib, Dr Mahathir by Mukhriz, Lim KS by Lim GE, Pak Haji Nik Aziz by Nik Adli (who had the misfortune to be detained for 5 years under ISA for alleged terrorist activities and membership in KMM) and Anwar Ibrahim by Nurul Izzah?

Shall I also add AAB by s-i-l KJ? wakakaka.

Externally, there’s our neighbour Lim Kuan Yew being succeeded by his son Lee Hsien Loong (with another PM Goh CT in between), Soekarno eventually by Megawati, and then there’s the ruling oligarchy of the Philippines which has kept the presidency principally among 3 families.

Even sweetest Aung Sung Suu Kyi is the daughter of Aung San, founder of modern Burma or Myammar.

Sons and daughters (and son-in-laws wakakaka) succeeding their fathers/mothers (and f-i-l) as political leaders are found everywhere, in the USA, Australia, etc and are particularly common in the States of the sub-continent such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

If these sons and daughters are qualified, capable, competent and experienced enough to be political leaders in their own rights, then why not?

But when a young brat is shoved upwards like Kim Jong Un, then it is ‘Kim-ism’. I personally believe Najib being made MB of Pahang at 21 years old was definitely an act of ‘Kim-ism’, though to be fair to him NOW, some 30 over years have since gone by, during which time he was exposed to a variety of political & ministerial positions before assuming the position of PM, not unlike PM Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore.

Najib certainly has the experience and exposure to be PM, thus we should no longer accuse him of benefitting from cultist promotion anymore, though whether he is/will be a good one remains to be seen ...

... which brings us to Nurul Izzah, the so-called Putera Reformasi and beloved icon of the anwaristas.

Many have been the times I read/heard of the preposterous proposals for Nurul to be nominated as the PM of a Pakatan-ruled Malaysia, in the event of the non availability of her father. Those proposals have been so unrealistically moronic, leaving me flabbergasted by the puerile mentality of those blind-as-bats idol-worshippers. Then I could only think of poor hard working, politically far superior Fuziah Salleh, who only lacks the (questionable) pedigree to be considered!

10 days ago, RPK made a far more reasonable proposal to chart Nurul’s progress upwards, one which appears to be practical and not unlike the one Lee Kuan Yew had done for his son Hsien Loong, where the Chosen One is incrementally exposed to various appointments and experiences before finally stepping onto the Hot Seat.

RPK wrote this in his post The need to chart Nurul Izzah’s career path. Some relevant extracts follow:

Nurul Izzah must first be groomed and trained for national leadership. In the next election she should contest a state seat, maybe in her ‘home-state’, Penang. Then, if she wins that state seat, she should be made one of the Deputy Chief Ministers, or at the very least a State EXCO Member (State Minister) of an important portfolio.

This will give her the opportunity to learn the ropes. Her job as a state minister would give her the experience she needs to eventually take on the task of a federal minister, or even as one of the Deputy Prime Ministers (assuming by then Malaysia has three Deputy Prime Ministers once Pakatan Rakyat takes over the federal government).

Furthermore, this will also allow Malaysians the opportunity to gauge her performance as a Deputy Chief Minister or a State EXCO member. [...]

Even if Pakatan Rakyat gets to win the next election and gets to form the federal government there is no problem with Nurul Izzah spending a stint in the state government before moving up to the federal government in the 14th General Election -- assuming, of course, Pakatan Rakyat wins the 14th General Election. By then Nurul Izzah will be about 40 or so and at just the right age to take centre stage in the federal government ... [...]

Just as my thought asked ‘why not Selangor State?’ I arrived at RPK’s explanation:

“And why Penang and not Selangor?” you might ask. Well, because Umno is saying that Penang is controlled by the Chinese and with Nurul Izzah as one of the Deputy Chief Ministers she can demonstrate that the Chinese do not control Penang and that Lim Guan Eng is not the dictator who runs Penang like it is his personal kingdom. Furthermore, Nurul Izzah would have no problems working with Guan Eng plus we Malaysians would not be losing any sleep wondering whether she would sell out the opposition and go join Umno. This would put to rest the ‘frog’ issue.

I opine very strongly that RPK’s explanation of why Penang and not Selangor for Nurul has been very poor and unconvincing. May I ask of him:

(1) Does this mean Mansur Othman as DCM Penang cannot 'demonstrate that the Chinese do not control Penang and that Lim Guan Eng is not the dictator who runs Penang like it is his personal kingdom', whereas by some magical man man lai power, Nurul can?

(2) Does that mean Mansur Othman, unlike Nurul, is a potential frog?

Let's be frank here Peter. I believe the real reason why you haven't proposed Nurul for the post of Deputy MB of Selangor (assuming all assumptions for this possibility can become true) is because you know that will embarrass PKR in the eyes of DAP, if we were to recall that Khalid Ibrahim fell so sharply and smartly in line with the ‘no deputy MB for Teresa Kok’ requirement because he didn’t have the balls and Pakatan heart to insist that she assumed that post – see my post on 24 March 2008 Khalid Ibrahim failed to show resolute leadership?

Thus proposing Nurul as a future deputy MB of Selangor can only bring that spineless acquiescence back into focus.

Peter, you should tell it like it is, rather than come up with such a pathetic excuse (and offend Mansur Othman in the process wakakaka). Sorry matey, you need an occasional rap on your knuckles.


  1. Great and sharp observations....KT.
    RPK can be bought.
    I think PR guys don't trust him one bit.

  2. DAP has its "Great Leader"...Lim Kit Siang, and its "Great Successor" Lim Guan Eng.

    There's also Godfather Karpal Singh and not just one but two God-sons - Gobind and Jagdeep.

    How did they suddenly appear as MPs and ADUN when so many other mid-level leaders have soldiered on for years...

  3. All PR politicians are elected by the people for the people and with the people.
    They speak for the all Malaysians.
    None of any PR MPs and ADUN came from back so many BN guys brought in by Najib.
    Be it sons...daughters...all stand for elections...all elected...all are recognized and respected.
    Now check the lists of BN so call MPs and ADUN...are they all elected...especially Koh Tsu Koon and all the MCA puppets?
    Who is fooling the Malaysians.........UMNO b or PR?

  4. How come Mahathir's son become a Minister..while the Youth Chief.. Khairy not given a position?
    Hussein became a Minister as Youth Chief.
    There is double standards even in UMNO b party.
    We are all...UMNOM b members are split...and Najib begging all to unite.
    Shahrizat was defeated by 12th GE...and we all know why now.

  5. Kaytee,Hisham cannot be like his father Tun Hussein.Tun Hussein took care of Umno youth strongman Datuk Harun who is many times more powerful that all the succesive Umno youth heads after him.Hisham cannot even look Abrahim Ali in the eye.

    Mukriz cannot be Dr Mahathir.Dr Mahathir took care of Musa,Razazeigh and Anwar.Mukriz cannot even look after his shipping business.

    Khairy cannot be Abdullah Badawi.As sleepy head Badawi scored the highest landslide victory in GE.Khairy lack manhood and can attacked schoolkids only.

    Najib as PM is so so only.Jibby lacks political courage.That is why he cannot implement his policys.He always let himself to be grabbed by the balls.

    Nurul is no Anwar.But Nurul can rally the Malay fence sitters to PR and even Umno members and supporters too.Something that Anwar cannot achieved.If Nurul were to lead PKR and PR,Umno will be humilated and humbled to a public spanking.

    Public perception wise Hisham, Mukriz,Khairy and even Mr Moo are no match for Nurul.Have a poll for them,and Nurul will win by the length of the stretch with Hisham coming in second with the rest still stuck at the starting gates.

  6. All PKR politicians are potential frogs, including the biggest potential of all - Al-An-War.

    One of the scenarios could be An-War leading a mass exodus to rejoin UMNO as part of a deal to avoid the return to the inside of the prison cell.

    Leaving DAP and PAS high and dry. Not to mention the Nons in PKR kakakaka...where do Tian Chua and Elizabeth Wong hang themselves ?

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  8. anon of 2:31 PM, December 27, 2011, not a nice comment to made, especailly on a married woman, hence my deletion

  9. Ktemoc,
    When are you going to start your own dynasty ? :) :) :)

  10. This will not change so long as we allow the ruling class to change 'A' grade that we have obtained through hard work into a 'B' grade

  11. Most corrupted crooks will be defeated in 13th GE.
    UMNO B politicians are corrupted to the said one of UMNO veteran member...Tunku Rithauddin.
    I guess Khairy may need to be UMNO b's opposition leader.
    All the big crocodiles will loose...especially Najib...unless he picked a very safe place ....away from Pekan.
    In Pekan...he is known as the 11th Orang Kaya.
    If he run away and stand for election elsewhere...he may win...but Alantuya ghost will not let him off that easy and he has no more script writer...blaring like a bloody fool..his true real cracko self revealed.
    That's why Mahathir wants him to step down and not stand for 13th GE....and bring UMNO b down to the tong sampah...even as the Opposition.

  12. Aiyoh...don't call her Kim Jong-Nurul, ler...
    There's a lot of underground racist whispering that her mother is really Chinese (which she is, adopted at birth), so Nurul is just semi Malay...

    Kim Jong-Nurul sounds a bit like UMNO-style character assssination....

  13. Maybe KT is hinting Nurul is half Korean?
    Whatever it is...Nurul is the future for all women wanting freedom from the yokes of bullshit tyrants with big mouths...bullshitting his own race...spearheaded by the devil reincarnated...Mahathir...who clams to be full blooded Malay when he is half Indian..half Melayu
    And speaking of is a tribe from a village in Indonesia.. near Medan..where the word "Melayu" was given to that race...1000 years ago...obviously by foreign explorers.
    Menangkebau is the main race...consisting of mixed Chinese...Indian and local homo sapiens....blood.
    Yet those robbers and thieves claim their great great grandfathers are Arabs.
    Dressed with false titles...pockets filled with stolen money by the billions...they will never change.
    The Devilish mamak have made them that way for 22 years....and on going.
    YET!!..these crooks dare to criticize Lim Guan Eng's non corruptible Penang Govt. have a sickening low class MCA President...Chua Soi Lek...behaving the biggest low class puppet to Najib with no shame...and why not...his sex movie and tootsie is seen all over the world...yet he still feel no shame at all.
    In will commit suicide to save the face of the relations...but in Malaysia...everything is long as one can fool Malaysians to vote for BN.
    After 54 years governing and still fighting to convince Malaysians how good they self explanatory.
    But they will keep on twisting and turning....accusing others..while Najib will try more stunts to create fear where all Malaysians know...he is blowing hot power.
    We need to watch out BN smart asses trying to twist and turn in this blog.
    All we need is to keep it simple.....FOR or AGAINST and don't fall into their talk ...agree to the advantage....only for BN.
    Be smart and don't fall into their traps.

  14. Anon of 5.54 's remarks reminds me : was it a comment made by none other than the minister of Information of that era, saying that Azizah is "cap naga" or something like that, implying she is of other origin and so is unworthy?

    If so, it is an insult to all the rest of the "cap naga"s

  15. Wan Azizah does not have Chinese but rather Korean blood. However, my pun on "Kim Jong-Nurul" is not so much about her Korean heritage but more about the anwaristas' view of her as the automatic political heir to Anwar's claim on alternative leadership and the PM position, a dynastic implication of her rise in politics a la Kim Jong-Il and in turn Kim Jong-Un.

  16. Good one, KT, that King Jong Nurul. So apt.
    Father the bontot man, is nothing more than a cult leader.
    I was rolling on the floor laughing when reading some blogs where people want Nurul to be our next PM. Who are they kidding?
    There's even talk, another daughter Nurul Nuha will contest the Bukit Mertajam seat.
    At least this one is a nicer girl than the big sister.
    If you go to school with Nurul you will know she's just a dismal grade student from primary right up to varsity.
    Don't qualify for immdiate admission to overseas U. Entered a local U but with father's good connections with the US, managed to creep into John Hopkins.
    Enough of this mass cult worship, dear Malaysians.
    Al-Bontoti wants to be called Pak Sheikh, just like the dear leader and the supreme leader.
    I wrote many times in your blog the 3 people I dislike most is 1. Mr Bontot 2. RPK and 3 Zaid Ibrahim in that order.
    Don't understand why bloggers like old fogeys Din Merican and Zorro and Haris regard RPK as prophet.
    These 3 should be binned, sealed and declared as nuclear waste to be destroyed in the Saharan desert.

  17. "managed to creep into John Hopkins"

    Buttercup is farting through his/her arse.

    Nobody creeps into Johns Hopkins university on "connnections". This is not Bolehland.

    If you'd like to know, Johns Hopkins has produced several dozen Nobel Prize winners in various fields of Medicine, Physics, Chemistry, Economics - including 2011's prize for Chemistry.

  18. KTemoc...Nothing planned or claimed by a political party or it from BN or PR can easily influenced or fool voters nowadays.
    It is good your eyes and mind are sharp....but People Power decides..not Anwar or anyone.
    We need to vote for change..for so many reasons.
    Give PR 2 terms or 8 years to prove their worth.
    Many political bloggers are not Freedom Fighters like true sense. No need to talk about these scums can be bought by anyone.
    Anwar can dream and why not?
    Malaysians see Nurul is intelligent and we do need women to stand equally tall to men.
    She is one...besides few from PR...and we still need a Muslim lady to dream as future PM too..until such time....race will not be an issue totally. That cannot be corrected within few years.

  19. If Nurul is a "dismal" student in school..claimed by Buttercup...what's the problem?
    Don't tell me Buttercup is a intelligent way.
    Anon 9.50AM said it all.
    He can dislike all the people we dislike too...for be it a BN or PR one trust those bloggers.
    Buttercup...sounds like a she more than a he.
    No wonder Thamy Chik can smell her Buttercup's cup.. from a mile.

  20. When you see Najib and Mhuyiddin can be PM and DPM...Nurul out shine both of them in intelligence.
    So the most "dismal' students are handpicked by Mahathir to govern the country.
    It's a trend...going backward ..not forward...hahahahahahaha
    How come Buttercup knows so much about Nurul school results?
    Where is the proof?
    Talking utterly nonsense...all the time...with a touch of some words to please so many.
    Nice art...lousy brain.

  21. KTemoc...North Koreans is an entirely different story...known to be the most secretive and isolated country in the world.
    N.Korea is poor example to put our against Anwar's family or dynasty..if you wish to call it.
    Think of People Power and their votes.
    Think hard and conclude...are Malaysians smart voters or like before?
    Buttercup agreeing with you...something is wrong.

  22. KT:
    Not fair to use the Korean's Kim dynasty as an analogy for Nurul.

    North Korea is George Orwell's 1984 played out in real life.

    Nurul or other family/off-spring politicians - you can vote them out if you want to.

    And for "intelligence" in high political places, the award must surely go to the minister for justifying that a reporter is arrested under ISA "for her own safety"

  23. Kaytee,you should have said South Koreans.I assumed coming from a smart alec like you we have to give you the benefit of doubt.So its a typo error.We have seen how smart the South Korean people are.I still say Nurul is the best among the pack.The Umno half past sixes included.

  24. DAP has been exposed as a F*cking corrupt party !

  25. Anon 12.01 AM is talking cock again.
    Sad to see an idiot cannot differentiate between right or wrong.
    I hope Mahathir is proud of his 22 years ..producing idiots that cannot think for themselves.

  26. Anon 12.01AM..seeing Anon 9.15PM and Bruno agree with me....start changing the subject.
    Who is polluting the blog?
    Keep it up fellas.
    This is a Penang blog...and we must protect DAP and Lim Guan Eng.
    These frogs are jealous over DAP good and non corrupted governance.

  27. You see...Mahathir has taught them..keep repeating it...and soon voters will believe Anon 12.01AM.
    Just look at Mahathir ways of talking...non stop...trying to fool Malaysians and the Malay race.
    Lim Guan Eng is getting a fair share on false accusations.
    The more DAP performs well in Penang...Najib will try to buy frogs..from PR elected MPs ..just like we see in Perak.
    But Perak has razor thin PR majority.
    Penang is a different story.
    Few PR PMs have said they were offered millions to switch camp and refused...all forgotten...for to much issues to deal with the crooks.
    We need to gun down two BN scums in this blog.
    Keep it up.....Bruno...Anon 9.15PM.

  28. DAP squeaky clean, yeah right! How do you explain the award of tailoring shop to Nga's wife.
    She bid the highest and yet she got it.
    Haha and the tailor shop's name is Elton. Must be a fan of Elton John.
    Who knows he may want to order a suit from the Taiping based shop.
    During the height of the Kapal Sink and Rama's confrontation, so many abuse of power and corrupted ways were exposed.
    This will happen if you give the uninitiated a taste of power. Like the Malay proverb said berok dengan bunga.

  29. Monsterball:
    Those BN desperados are trying their best to deflect attention away from BN's massive abuses.

    Compare MACC's action for Teoh Beng Hock (TBH) & Shahrizat's NFC cases with the amount involved:

    TBH:RM000,002,400: mobilise entire Selangor MACC to investigate...
    NFC:RM240,000,000: NFA, pass buck to PDRM, then only start investigations after PKR's investigations unearthing the condos, Putrajaya land, travel ...

    Not yet talk about the commissions in the murky world of navy boats, submarines ...

  30. Buttercup is talking corruptions?
    Aiyah...suits have different quality and quotations...just like your buttercup's cup..big or small..young or old...fresh or smelly..dirty or clean.. different prices for different quality too.
    Differences of RM200 per this RM 200 is corruptions Buttercup only knows?
    Is he not trill to get one teeny weeny reason to accuse DAP on corruptions in Penang?
    Wow...Penang voters will be ever grateful to Buttercup....NO?
    hi...Buttercup...575 MCA Youths resigned at Penang now.
    Why are you so stupid.

  31. Keep it up...Anon 11.15AM.
    Repeat and repeat harm done.
    Malaysians are getting smarter...and Buttercup needs to see a doctor to check on her cup...and not always think of dot dot dot for money.

  32. Elton Taylor Shop...sounds better that Buttercup's Tailor Shop.
    This idiot is saying...if you vote DAP to govern Penang in 13th GE..more suits will be charged overpriced.
    That's her call for voters to switch votes.
    Why have Najib..Moohooodin....Mahathir and all never think of this bright idea...except Buttercup?
    Buttercup and Ibrahim Ali will help sink the UMNO b boat faster..without knowing it.
    PS: I hope KT is convinced that when Buttercup agrees with him...SHE is up to good.

  33. "berok dengan bunga"....said Buttercup.
    Hurry hurry Buttercup's cup or that flower will wither away.

  34. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  35. Monsterball

    You jobless or what? Nothing better to do but pounding the key-pad while waiting for your wife to prepare your meal. Sucker hubby.
    So much free time posting nonsense. Looks like you are gonna be the mainstay here now that you are banished from Rocky's blog.
    While you waste your breath condemning me, I am earning millions.

  36. Thunderstorm got my computer behaving like idiot.
    First...Rocky never ban me at all.
    We stand on different grounds..but we are friends...inspite of me...exposing "All Blog" nonsense..he has said openly I am welcomed to comment in his blog.
    BN crabs like Buttercup love to put out earning millions...for the government where 1 sen does not belong to her.
    I am going to the new post.
    Enough of this one screw loose cracko.

  37. Now I have commented at new post...back to face Buttercup with more voom power!!
    hi...Buttercup...I no need to earn millions.
    I have a money tree...all belong to carry balls to own it.
    You got millions?
    You got million hairs at your pussy la.
    The millions you may possible earn is collecting money to settle electricity bills by Malaysians...not one sen belong to you.
    Why are you so thick skin lady....keep talking nonsense.
    I got so much time to comment because 13th GE is near and must watch every step you make....not to confuse Penang voters and think how smart you are.
    The way to get a man's heart is through the stomach. Learn that.
    Beauty is skin deep. Character is what men look for to marry...and one like one wants...just to play and fool around.
    Bet you are single....correct?
    OK to move on.
    F you no time.

  38. By the way...Bruno is also regular at Rockybu.
    Is he here because he is banned too?

  39. "While you waste your breath condemning me, I am earning millions"
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...UMNO b jokers are screw loose.

  40. Yip...I am jobless.
    Seen the world...tried of traveling now.
    No need to work...shaking legs only.
    Smoking 10 cigars per day.....drinking coffee...chit chat with friends...commenting...gardening...time flies.
    No money problem ...throughout my life.
    Never carry any balls...but plenty carry mine.
    Anything you want to know more...Buttercup?

  41. hi Buttercup...I will leave this blog...if you say..."Monsterball..please leave. I beg you."

  42. commercial spam deleted as I believe none of my commenters will visit Chennai wakakaka