Wednesday, December 14, 2011

‘Fatal Purity’ versus ‘Fatal Pomposity’

I have criticised my hero, Karpal Singh, twice in my blog:

... once for calling for the death penalty for a demented Indian school bus driver who stopped his bus full of small little girls by the road side in an attempt at raping one of his wee passengers in broad daylight and in the presence of the other girls. Horrendous as the crime was, Karpal Singh shocked me with his demand for capital punishment for the culprit. For more read my last year’s post Overcompensating publicly for personal trials & tribulations, and ...

... a second time when he said (words to the effect) that Zaid Ibrahim cannot be trusted because of Zaid's looks – which to me was a bloody stupid statement.

I was wondering whether to criticise him a 3rd time for chewing Dr Rama up in public, but after assessing the whole situation* I decided Karpal has been absolutely right to do so.

* I trust those who have been criticising me for remaining silent in the issue of DAP’s warlords versus godfathers would appreciate that 2 factors have delayed this post, (a) lack of sufficient information previously for me to make an informed comment and, (b) there were other more interesting topics like a PAS wannabe Kemo Sabe wakakaka.

Now, why won’t I criticise Karpal a 3rd time?

* Note: I have commented adversely against Lim GE (for his opposition to use of nuclear power), Hannah Yeoh (for supporting 916), Perak DAP (for stepping on picture-poster of the frogs), Lim KS (for opening the royal Pandora box in Perak immediately after the 2008 election), etc. Only notable DAP bloke I haven’t criticised is former member Lee Lam Thye (another of my heros), wakakaka.

Initially I thought Karpal Singh was suffering from an idealistic affliction known as ‘fatal purity’, the title of a book by Ruth Scurr brought to my attention by my fellow Penang-lang and erudite writer, Dr Neil Khor, who in a letter to Malaysiakini used that title to describe Ong Tee Keat when he (OTK) was ousted by Chua Soi Lek.

Ruth Scurr’s book was on Maximilien Robespierre, known as 'The Incorruptible' during the French Revolution. Robespierre was such an idealist and frightening zealot during a most repressive period of the Revolution that he sent not only the French nobility to the guillotine but also many of his closest friends and associates, such was his fanaticism to democratic ideals.

Okay, there were far more complex issues affecting Maximilien Robespierre but in my brief and very simplified summary of Scurr’s story, I have made an attempt to draw parallels with Karpal Singh’s behaviour.

As I mentioned many times over, Karpal is the spiritual leader of the DAP, its secular equivalent to PAS’ Mursyidul Am.

He has never hesitated to chew the bottom out of violators of, or deviators from DAP’s ideology of democratic socialism. Some of the pelts hanging on his fence (ignoring BN people) were those of Anwar Ibrahim, Nga, and various other DAP leaders. His latest has been Dr Rama.

At the start I was annoyed with him for dressing down Dr Rama in public, but I soon understand that Karpal wanted to demolish any hubristic (and very damgerous) inclinations of some DAP leaders (not just Dr Rama) from becoming the type of warlords seen in MIC, MCA, UMNO and wakakaka PKR. They won’t be allowed to personally nominate their preferred candidates for elections, more so by unilateral public announcements (via the media), and assume that the party has to accept such fait accompli.

Karpal had to, was forced to publicly reprimand Dr Rama because the object lesson would send a clear message to all DAP regional and sectional leaders that the CEC is the only party body authorised to nominate party candidates for any election, nor would the DAP countenance (BN, PKR-type) 'warlords' telling some poor chaps or lassies to 'stand aside' from election to party posts so that the warlords' blue-eyed boys and gals could be guaranteed ascendancy to the party's upper echelon wakakaka. Like me, my hero is a 'process' person.

And that’s why in my eyes, Karpal Singh is the spiritual leader of DAP, a man who demands, ensures and safeguards party adherence to the ideals of democratic socialism. Otherwise, the party will become just another version of MCA, MIC or PKR.

As for ‘fatal purity’, certainly Karpal upholds ideological 'purity' but he hasn’t sent thousands 'fatally' to the political guillotine. Perhaps Dr Rama might be the first one wakakaka.

Dr Rama made a (excuse the pun) 'fatal' mistake in announcing (like a warlord) the names of some members whom he believed should stand as candidates in the coming election. What he ought to have done was to recommend those names to the CEC, but alas, he is relatively new in DAP and hasn’t quite understand the party can only remain true to and clean in its ideological pursuit if every member complies faithfully with party policies, procedures and process.

But having made a 'fatal' mistake (by party standards), he 'fatally' lacks the ability to swiftly address it. Instead he reacted with a pungent jab at Karpal as being a godfather.

Once the sh*t hits the fan, he made a feeble attempt to ‘half’ apologise to Karpal through vague acknowledgment of his admiration and thanks for his mentor (yes, Karpal was his mentor, having sponsored him into the leadership of the DAP), but like Erich Segal in his book ‘Love Story’, Dr Rama believes ‘love means never having to say sorry’ wakakaka, so he tap-danced around the ‘apology’ word, even defiantly saying he didn’t understand that word.

In defending himself he stated (words to the effect) that he wasn’t just an ordinary person (presumably meaning he is Penang's DCM II, and therefore shouldn't be required to apologise), a pompous declaration testifying to his underlying hubris. I believe such an overly proud man won’t be able to survive any loss of face, despite and in spite of the fact he was wrong to act like a BN/PKR-type of warlord in the first place.

I won’t go into the psychology of upper class Indians here but suffice to say that Dr Rama is probably a bloke who would rather ‘die’ than be humiliated as he believes he will be if he has to apologise for his 'godfather' insult to Karpal (and other senior DAP leaders like Chen Man Hin and Lim KS) and the improper and inappropriate announcement of his supporters’ names as candidates for the next election. Aiyoyo, how can he ever face his machais (acolytes) then?

And that’s why he has stated he is prepared to leave (be expelled from) the DAP (rather than apologise).

In many ways, Dr Rama is like his nemesis, Uthayakumar of Hindraf, both growing much bigger ‘heads’ than they had possessed when they started in the political business.

It’s a sad case of Karpal Singh’s ‘Fatal Purity’ versus Dr Rama’s ‘Fatal Pomposity’.

I hope the party’s committee handling the imbroglio can come up with a happy solution.


  1. KT,Karpal Singh has been through thick and thin with DAP.He has the battle scars to prove it.This Ramasamy is a midget and a nobody with a big head.It is best this Ramasamy have more respect for party elders and respect the wishes of the party,instead of acting like somebody to big for their boots and start choosing and naming names of his wishes for this coming GE candidates.Ramasamy will not be missed if he quits the party.

  2. The happy solution is to tick him off and demand he toe the line.
    Be subservient to the top echelon, isn't it the DAP credo?
    But I think Rama wants to be sacked for political gains.
    All is not well in the DAP front. Yesterday a state assemblyman resigned.
    BN is watching and smiling.

  3. Buttercup, re "Yesterday a state assemblyman resigned" - usual PKR frog wakakaka.

  4. Ktemoc,
    No state assemblyman resigned yesterday - PKR or any other party.
    Get your facts right.

  5. Ktemoc,
    No state assemblyman resigned yesterday - PKR or any other party.
    Get your facts right.

  6. You mean Lim Boo Chang, the one comparing himself to Tun Lim Chong Eu, Tengku Razaleigh & Sir Winston Churchill?

  7. Correction
    You mean Lim Boo Chang, the one likening himself to Tun Lim Chong Eu, Tengku Razaleigh & Sir Winston Churchill?

  8. Ktemoc,
    Doesn't that mean that what's going on in DAP mirrors what's in PAP? Sorry, my matey. Admit it Lee Kuan Yew has done a good job, laying down rules. And this is replicated in DAP
    Karpal Singh is like Lee Kuan Yew. His words are final. In this case, I have to agree with Karpal in admonishing Ramasamy.

    Anyway, this would be amicably resolved one laa......Just to refresh your memory......Remember Fong Po Kuan's bombshell......hahaha
    Happy reading!

    DAP has resolved it & went on to win 28 parliamentary seats

  9. The earlier PR cleans itself of frogs, the better for the coming GE.

    Anyway, the public has reached the stage that they will decide not based on party squabbles or problems, but more on governance, especially corruption. In the last GE you have unexpected MPs being elected, like the guy who recorded the Lingam phone call.

    PR must be hoping Shahrizat will keep her positions, as she will help PR's cause.

  10. Now I can almost hear the "Theme from Godfather" every time I read about Kapal Sink.

  11. Kaytee suk,
    See! Told you already can resolve one

    I agree with you that if it happens in PKR, it would be like so many who have left.

  12. Hahahahahahahahahaha....
    Ah Pek party's solution to the storm between the Neh-Neh and the Bayi....
    Makkal Oosai did it...


  13. What do you call a Kapal idolator ?
    A Kapalrista ?

  14. Ramasamy should do a Hee Yit Foong to teach DAP a lesson

  15. Glad to note you are still at your best for a Malaysian Malaysia.

  16. Karpal speaks his mind up all his life..but the recent quarrel.
    Too much democracy practiced may make some Malaysians bored with childish politics....especially showing Karpal ignoring a gentleman handshake from Dr. Rama.
    I suspect Dr.Rama is not a trustworthy DAP man at all...and all up to DAP how to get rid of him as fast as possible.

  17. This episode has revealed Ramasamy as having a brittle ego, which can lead him to bad judgements when that ego is under threat.

    Karpal Singh has not emerged unscathed.
    He sounded like a Mafia Godfather, telling the other 99% of DAP members/lower rung leaders they either obey the Elders/Overlords Way or its the Highway.

    In the Sicilian Mafia, those who don't conform to the Godfather turn up floating in the river or lying in the rubbish dump.

    I suppose the DAP is gentler than that.

  18. Bottom line, Ramasamy is likely not a Winnable Candidate (hahahaha).
    Hindraf and HRP have been going around focusing on killing him (figuratively speaking) for the Kampung Buah Pala disaster. In fact spending much more time attacking PR and effectively aiding BN. Ramasamy has been a key casualty of this attack. Its one of the reasons PR - both DAP and PKR has no time for HRP.

    DAP will be looking for an excuse to axe Ramasamy, and this "Warlord vs. Godfather" issue will be their excuse.

  19. Hey anonymous,
    Karpal Singh is simply Malaysia version of Lee Kuan Yew. As much as ktemoc loathe the man across the causeway, LKY's style has always sunk into the blood of most senior DAP members
    Sometimes, you need a no nonsense leader like Karpal Singh

  20. Throughout Karpal's political career...he speaks more like a lawyer fighting a case than a politician.
    He will call a spade a spade.
    Right or wrong...he is all human and no much so...he is the only politician who holds the record being voted non stop.
    He is the People's it good or bad..for he is fearless and speak from his heart.
    But for the last 3 years..under Najib's leadership....PR politicians must watch out and don't make one false move to let those BN..crooks twist and confuse voters.
    Recall the hudud matter where spinning and end....and PAS did well to close the case....and waiting for UMNO b to start accusing PAS ... this and start all over again.
    13th GE is near...and it will be good if Karpal focus on Anwar's case...and not make a remark to allow such creatures like Dr.Rama to cash a snake bought up by do some dirty chase PR voters away.
    Malaysians are no more stupid.
    Karpal will always be elected....and that's what counts for PR and the future of Malaysia.
    He does have much more better things to do than respond to a nobody like Dr. Rama.

  21. Penang voters kicked Karpal out in 1999, and his majority was razor thin in 2004....which brings me to my point...

    I voted against BN in 2008, and intend to do so again as and when Najib dissolves Parliament. But that does not translate into positive support for DAP, which is not the same thing.

    DAP comes across as a disciplined, top-down party with very strong centralised CONTROL in Capital letters. Monolithic, socialist style administration.

    That's not necessarily a bad thing, in fact probably the only way DAP survived those lean years, when it had limited support and very little resources.
    The same way, tiny Singapore with no natural resources probably needed authoritarian rule to succeed.

    But DAP needs to move on.

    Depending on how badly BN shoots itself, the time will come when voters will kick them out, either GE13 or some other time.

    Is DAP ready to be part of the Federal Government ?

    Lack of room for alternative viewpoints, decision making by a small elite group (though they may not think themselves as such) are all not helpful to become a ruling party and keeping power.

    I'm anti-BN, but DAP has yet to convince me its a worthy party to be part of the Federal Government.

  22. Hey, seems that all these hoo-haa seems to be over 'inaccurate' reporting:
    Makkal Osai says sorry for 'inaccurate statement'

    KUALA LUMPUR: Makkal Osai, which had frontpaged the controversial statement from Penang Deputy Chief Minister Dr P. Ramasamy, has apologised for inaccurately attributing the quotes to him and causing a crisis in the DAP.

    “It has been brought to our attention that Dr Ramasamy did not give such a statement and the publication was a mistake,” chief editor M. Rajan said in his column on Wednesday.

    He, however, did not say where the statement came from but expressed regret over the feud...

  23. "Makkal Osai did it"
    "The Butler did it"

    That's just Bulls**t.

    I once considered DAP as having less tendency to Bulls**t than other political parties in Malaysia, but looks like getting into power corrupts everybody in the end.

  24. Ramasamy is just a little turd whose brain has swollen too big for his little head.
    He's just a two-bit player in the DAP hierarchy, guess the position and protocol which goes with the DCM post has gotten to his head.

  25. To Anonymous of 12:13

    VOTE BN!

  26. This is not the time to be convinced.
    This is the vote for change.
    It does not matter if you don't like this or that PR party.
    55 years under UMNO b is far too long and corruptions...murders...bullying.. have all been seen.
    Show the People Power is in control and voting for change of government is a must.
    PR no good..can always vote them out at 14th GE.
    But it needs at least 8 years or two terms to show good results.
    If UMNO b can have 55 years....why not PR for at least 8 years?
    Those who still talking this and that and not FOR or AGAINST...are pro BN supporters....for undecided voters can benefit BN only.

  27. The Sinner Vs The Hypocrite.
    A Freedom Fighter Vs a Racist.
    The Smart One Vs The Idiot.
    A Lawyer Vs a good for nothing Doctor.
    A Legend Vs a Nobody.

  28. Bloody Stupid Legend, I say...

  29. The Rama-Kapal issue shows the ineptness of LGE to solve such a small issue.
    How can DAP be the ruling party?
    Or is there an agenda behind this two Indians quarrel?
    And the easiest solution they offer is gagging Rama. OOH so democratic la this democracy champions.

  30. You all seems to be blowing hot air over a "small issue" (Buttercup's words).

    Might as well vote for BN this coming GE!

  31. Yup, DAP shot itself over this issue.
    I'm voting BN this coming GE !

  32. the chinky's are the real snakes here! and just waiting for lky to drop dead in pig shit hole and rot.

  33. The chinkys are vipers
    The kelings are cobras
    The bayis are pythons.

    Just Go back to your negara asal and stop polluting tanah melayu.

  34. Greedy for money and dressed up with false titles...Fatal Attractions.

  35. So much so...our democratic country being converted to a dictatorial rouges and thieves...plundering and stealing non stop...for 54 years.
    Anyone does not vote for a change in a bloody selfish hypocrite.

  36. Vote BN !
    The only party capable of governing our beloved Malaysia.

  37. Controversy over Muslim headmaster for Convent school....

    Is this Anwar Ibrahim's work again ?

  38. Now Najib is taking about morality and sins to lie.
    Are Malaysians that stupid to believe in him?
    I guess he feels very confident they do...for newspapers and TV are shutting off all bad news.
    I guess these thick skin robbers and thieves hypocrites feel vast majority Malaysians trust all one sided news reported...and will support him.
    Lim Kit Siang is hopping mad that corruptions are not reported in papers.
    U students are marching in K.L for democratic rights and not to be treated like children...when they can think like adults.