Sunday, December 11, 2011

UMNO's unity lies with crooked bridge

Remember my previous post Lost Opportunity?

Well, according to The Malaysian Insider, Johor Umno has called for the ‘Crooked Bridge’ to be revived.

I wonder whether Najib will seize on AAB’s ‘lost opportunity’ to re-engage with Anwar Ibrahim.

Mind, the political landscape has changed somewhat since April 2006 when I posted A Bridge Too Far - Anwar Ibrahim where I wrote of Anwar’s eagerness to offer his assistance to the AAB government, stating he (Anwar) could draw from his experience in the government, including as finance minister between 1993 and 1998, to resolve the crooked bridge affair with the Sing government.

Anwar had then stated: “I would not discount any possible meeting with Abdullah if he were to ask my views on the issues ... like the negotiations with Singapore on the bridge and even information on the negotiations with Indonesia on border issues.”

Anwar is now de facto leader of Pakatan with the potential to seize majority rule from UMNO in the next GE, though I personally have some qualms about its realization even if Pakatan indeed were to win the majority of federal parliamentary seats in the 13th GE.

I worry principally about the continuing cohesion of the loose alliance because of the greater potential for PAS to renege on its Pakatan partners in the name of Muslim Unity (with UMNO) and the prospect (quid pro quo) for implementation of hudud laws in Malaysia's legal system.

Back to Anwar - on his debit sheet, he is personally under imminent threat from the Sodomy II charge.

How will he see the account balance in his political favour should Najib indeed approach him to help solve the resurrected crooked bridge problem with the Sing people?

But in politics as in business (and Malaysian politics is also business), nothing is impossible. The Malays are true masters in the art of court intrigues with their unsurpassed centuries-horned negotiating skills, more so when there will be the attractive sheen of religious teflon coating. And with Ku Li's support, even royal blessings shouldn't be discounted.

I wonder how Najib, Anwar, Dr M (wakakaka) and Ku Li would each see the potential for ‘UMNO Unity’ (including ex UMNO men) in the opportunity presented by the resurrection of the crooked bridge issue?


  1. a BRIDGE TOO FAR. the divide is too deep to repair.
    i buy you a beer if it ever happens.

  2. Dei, Najib has been trying his utmost to ensure Anwar is sent to jail and throw the keys away.

    What nonsensical drivel is coming out of your brain ?

  3. Your fantasising is going too far ...
    You should snap out of your dream!
    Anwar is now treated like a plague to be locked away...

  4. Jail Anwar and make him a martyr. Shallow tactical thinking lah!

    Get him back into UMNO and neutralise his appeal to those who hate UMNO - now, that's deep strategic thinking.

    The opportunity presents itself to Najib. Anwar on his part has to weigh his chances in UMNO or in jail.

  5. They should build the crooked bridge.

    People, tourists, etc can then gaze in wonder at the monument...

    A monument to someone's ...

  6. KT:

    1) Martyrdom is not much valued here...

    2) you think the warlords will let Najib reinstate Anwar?

    3) Strategising? see what were said in the recent AGM ?

  7. "Get him back into UMNO and neutralise his appeal to those who hate UMNO ..."

    Dr M did it once...

    You are asking history to repeat

  8. Kaytee,
    What about the on-going row happening in DAP Penang? Slient.....Aiyaaa....

  9. Kaytee is so heavily engrossed with his deep, profound dislike of Anwar Ibrahim, it practically trumps all other considerations.

    I won't be surprised if the political situation in the country reached the point there would be genuine danger of Anwar becoming PM, Kaytee would issue a resounding "Vote for UMNO" call.

    Since DAP never actually directly confronts UMNO in election contests, Kaytee could, in a very constrained, narrow, sense, do that without betraying his political beliefs.

    Et Tu, Kaytee ?

  10. Crooked or straight bridge, UMNO has burn its bridges with Al-Bontoti.
    He is a pariah, a plague and pestilence to the party.
    Who needs him except you.