Saturday, December 24, 2011

So this is Christmas

All of you, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, Bahais, etc, please see this video, the official one for John Lennon’s song titled "Happy Christmas (War is over)".

There is no religious proselytizing message but instead a special question from John Lennon to us.

Really, it's the most meaningful and moving Christmas song that I, a former MBS student and Wellesley Church attendee, have heard. The accompanying video clip is an appropriate powerful enhancement of John's reminder to us, and just how so bloody applicable it is in today's world! One of the few songs that have moved me to tears.

And it may explain in some ways why he was on the FBI’s watch list.

Lyrics to his anti-war song

So this is Christmas
And what have you done
Another year over
And a new one just begun

And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear one
The old and the young

A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear

And so this is Christmas
For weak and for strong
For rich and the poor ones
The world is so wrong

And so happy Christmas
For black and for white
For yellow and red ones
Let's stop all the fight

A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear

And so this is Christmas
And what have we done
Another year over
And a new one just begun

And so this is Christmas
I hope you have fun
The near and the dear one
The old and the young

A very merry Christmas
And a happy New Year
Let's hope it's a good one
Without any fear

War is over over
If you want it
War is over


  1. Once again...Merry X'mas to all Christians in this blog.
    It is sad...John Lennon was shot dead.
    His 'Imagine" song pricks the conscience of millions all over the world...especially the Americans.
    He was actually shot dead because of 'Imagine" song.
    Mind Games...Give peace a chance...Power of the People....and many more songs he wrote that are soul searching.

  2. Yes, I love this John Lennon song. We played it at our school reunion last week.
    Merry Xmas, KT and everyone. Have a good one.

  3. Merry Christmas to the chihuahua

  4. F*ck John Lennon the Faggot
    F*ck Najib the Flip Flop
    F*ck Mahathir the Liar
    F*ck Anwar the Arse Banger
    F*ck Karpal the Mafioso
    F*ck Lim Guan Eng the Braggart
    F*ck Ibrahim Tongkat Ali
    F*ck Chua Soi Lick
    F*ck Hasan Ali the Solar Frog

    All bloody hypocrites.

    F*ck Christmas. Its just an over commercialised Roman pagan holiday.

  5. Everything and everyone irritates someone right now.
    It is a case of having being badly brought parental guidance or getting from the wrong side of the bed....or one who thinks he/she is he smartest Malaysian.
    To is a sad case of a one screw loose Malaysian.

  6. Wow, the self-righteous one pontificating to the others when he is also foul-mouthed.

  7. Good one 11.19 am

    You forgot Nik Aziz, PAS's St Nicholas.
    LKS, PKM's tiga bintang standard-bearer
    Palanivel, Thaipusam's Vel-vel.

  8. If you keep on thinking of all the ways in which
    others cheated you, fought with you,
    degraded you or angered you;
    your heart will forever be full of hatred.

    Learn to let go. And be happy.

  9. They are gone case products of the witch doctor.

  10. Ktemoc,
    I think your hero Karpal Singh is looking distinctly midget-minded as he continues to parade his anger at Ramasamy using the MSM.
    He of all people should know Bintang etc. will portray any dispute within a PR party in the worst possible light.

    Not saying Ramasamy is innocent, but Karpal as DAP Chairman badly needs to show Chairman-like gravitas.

  11. Karpal is a smart lawyer and freedom fighter.
    Put him as Chairman as figurehead......OK. Expect him to tune his mind and play the role like an elected way.
    Similarly CM of managing Selangor like a CEO he is so used to be. He does not know how to "play ball" to win votes. He only know how to produce results.
    However...both are in good hands to be re-elected in 13 GE.
    On this election's the support one gets that for that..Karpal is a legend.
    Karpal does make many supporters of DAP angry over his off and on quarrels with PAS stubbornly....and many times backed off...or keep quiet.

  12. Beautiful lyrics give a song a soul and makes it stick to Pur hearts. Another song that makes me cry everytime I listen is 'papa' by Paul Anka. Check out the version with lyrics on you tube. Just beautiful

  13. Don't keep harping on Karpal Singh's contributions to the DAP in the past, no doubt they were substantial.

    The people that DAP very badly needs to persuade in GE13 are the fence-sitters, not the DAP faithful.

    The fact that most of them did not vote DAP in the past before 2008 will tell you they don't give a damn what Karpal Singh did or didn't do in the 1980's or 1990's.
    GE13 is in the very near future, not in the past.

    Voters want to know what leadership DAP can offer for the years 2012 - 2015.
    Right now, its not looking good if Karpal's recent behaviour is meant to be an example.

    Don't forget, other than staying home or spoiling your ballot, voting is a Zero Sum exercise. Votes which don't go to DAP will go to Barisan.

  14. Karpal Singh has lost his Parliament seat before in there is no such thing as unconditional support that Karpal can take for granted, even in his own constituency.

    Penang Voters will kick him out if he wanders off too far.

  15. Karpal have made many blunders in the past but all blunders are observed as from his heart and no monkey fish for votes...this and that.
    Malaysians long to have few more kind of politicians like Karpal.
    He is a real Freedom Fighter.
    His contributions for past 4o years...are enormous and countless.
    As long as he stands for election...he will be elected with a vast majority result.
    Check up all his past record before anyone start uttering nonsense....but pro BN guys sure love to see Karpal loose,
    Dream on. He is no Lee Lam Thye.
    It is strange that a candidate as strong as a rock..with human weakness that harm no judged so harshly.
    His weakness is speaking from his heart as he sees fit for Malaysians....not like those cunning UMNO b crooks speaking for one race and pretend to speak for all.

  16. The child is on day old.
    His mission and destiny are certain and clear.
    He died at age 32 to carry all mankind sins with him.
    Few great political leaders.. were inspired by him.
    Nearest to out country is Philippine's Aquino...and bless.
    Thousands of Philipinos are saved through his death.
    Malaysia has Anwar Ibrahim.
    Najib is trying hard to make him die in jail.....yet thousands of Malaysia still support Najib.
    DIRTY against CLEAN will be the choice for all voters at 13th GE.

  17. Why lose sleep over personalities like Karpal ?

    Shouldn't we look at the big picture and see how our country and taxpayers' money are being administered?

  18. Monsterball has two choices:

    Keep Al-Bontoti company in jail. Aunty Jijah is also tired of him; or
    Sink with Kapal's ship.
    Malaysia will be a more happy place minus them.
    Unfortunately LGE did not sink with our submarine which he said has sunk.
    Should have.

  19. chihuahua is floating in the dreaming...talking nonsense again.

  20. Najib love to shut Anwar's mouth.
    Buttercup thinks he has the power to shut Karpal and LGE's mouths....including mine.
    chihuahua gave me two choices...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  21. "Malaysia will be a more happy place minus them"...said Buttercup.
    Keep praying and hoping.
    One day it will come true...but I am afraid you will not be in this world to witness it.
    You life is shorten by Allah wishing others "sink"...drown or dead on Christmas Day.
    You have committed a cardinal sin..against Allah.
    PS: I recall KT loves to pull a fast one and joke around in the good old days....when guys like Big Dog... talking cock all the time.

  22. Buttercup..can you guarantee you can live as old as Karpal and me?
    To us...everyday is a blessing.
    For you...everyday..your brain getting rusty and useless.
    Soon you will be a vegetable...brainless cracko.

  23. No more smart ideas to insult others?
    I exposed you are a low class hypocrite...know next to nothing about the Islamic religion...just read read read..memorize..and talk cock.
    Wait for new post by KT...and lets see how smart you are.
    You want to play play with MONSTERBALL??......hahahahahahaha

  24. Questions over Karpal Singh's current leadership qualities (not past history), or lack of, are important.

    I'm a young adult, first time voter, so is everyone in my social group. Almost everyone of us, with very few exceptions are Pakatan Rakyat supporters or sympathisers.

    There is a pretty significant chance (I couldn't predict the % chance) that the morning after the next General Elections, Barisan Nasional will not be the next government. So what happens after that ?

    In such a scenario, someone like Karpal Singh would likely be a powerful minister in the Cabinet, right near the top of the table.

    Is the kind of leader we want/need ?
    Based on the last 2 weeks behaviour, I am tempted to say "NO".

  25. Najib and Mahathir know the vast majority young voters want a change in government.
    Someone like Karpal Singh ....I hope will be the Law Minister.
    That's the kind of leader that UMNO b supporters are afraid more favoritism and corruptions.
    If one wants to argue...base events for the past 3 years....not just two weeks ago...which no one knows how conclusions can be made...based on 2 weeks matters...and what he is talking one he did not spell it out clearly.
    But if he based on what he reads in newspapers and TVs news...which are bias and pro UMNO b...then he can be easily fooled.
    You win loose some.
    However....vast majority Malaysians minds are opened and will vote for change and get rid of corruptions.
    No matter what...only an idiot will keep supporting a party governing the country forever.
    54 years is already much too long.
    So vote for change and be powerful with your votes.

  26. Benefits of doubts are given to young voters.
    If anyone does not vote for change...then there is no doubt..some are afraid that without corruptions...and protection from UMNO b crooks...they feel lost...which is what Najib wants...keep fooling his own race...stay mild and meek...stay as slow contented and blame all bad God's will...that kind of mentalities.
    Allah said....
    Allah will help those who help themselves...remember that.
    But UMNO b crooks help themselves stealing billions and be filthy rich..and use some to buy Malays votes.
    Get that facts and be right with your votes.
    UMNO b is fooling his own race....PERIOD!!

  27. Keep it up, Buttercup. You are attracting many to this blog.
    Monsterball, you better start your own blog to push your nonsensical writings.

  28. ayah....Being an arm chair critic..all can do that la..Anon 11.02PM
    I put out nonsensical writings?
    Don't make a fool of yourself.
    But then...most BN supporters here are idiots anyway.

  29. Buttercup's cup is to catch and contain all the dna deposited inside his jubur

  30. "I came. I saw. I konkeet" so said Thamby Chik... seeing Buttercup's cup.

  31. Ktemo's blog deserves to have monsterball polluting it ...wakakakakaka.

  32. His arm chair critic sidekick will fan fan Buttercup's hot hot jubur...for round two.
    Together they do or die...or go hungry.....jobless.

  33. I do not pollute.
    I am exposing crabs and frogs side tracking issues to confuse readers.
    And they started to insult.
    I will finished them.
    Freedom Fighters never run away from trouble....and then those toads and crabs will twist it ...that Freedom Fighters are causing trouble.
    Go read Malaysiakini's
    blog and see how Buttercup and his sidekick master performing.
    Freedom Fighter has come..
    That's give courage to all and have fun...waiting for 13th GE.
    For every new post put out by KT...all my comment with their finest ideas.
    Then..if the toads and crabs want to divert attentions and backside itchy..give it to them..holding back no punches.
    That's the only way...these worms can learn WE ARE MALAYSIANS....all equal.
    Time of reckoning is NOW.
    Is this comment polluting the blog...Anon 9.34AM?

  34. Go read.."Kin Jong-Nurul?"
    Can you see KT is exposing Raja Petra?
    If you freedom fighter like me recognizing another KT...that's correct correct correct.

  35. Freedom Fighter expresses in different we are People Power..with different personalities but with one goal.
    An "ANON" exposes BN worms with hints and puns.
    KTemoc speaks like a lawyer..exposing high profile hypocrites.
    I chose to behave like street fighters...straight to the point and give my best those insulting me first.
    When you expose and chase frogs and toads...the blog will have dirt and filth dug up...this "polluting" and become clean later.
    That kind of polluting is with good well as have fun with these idiots...waiting for 13th GE.
    Najib's comment.."13th GE around the corner" the biggest corner with no two ends meet.
    He knows..BN will surely loose and his personal life is at stake...with Alantuya's death hanging over his head.
    All that nonsense....swearing at the mosque to prove one is innocent....will not work under PR government.
    He and Rosmah have to go to court to prove their innocence.
    CORRUPTIONS have reached and incurable stage. No way will UMNO b change for the better..for if they is admitting stealing for decades too.
    If they don't change...more of their supporters will run away.
    The boat is sinking and Mahathir's UMNO b is between the Devil and the deep blue sea.
    Tunku Abdul Rahman can rest in peace soon.

  36. monster bola....what a name !
    Is it the soccer type, or basketball type, or guli type or telur type ?

  37. It is a Freedom Fighter bola that walks the talks.
    The bola expands and contract depending whether it is a chihuahua or a big dog.
    KT accepted to be my Pope when I was Drama King..both fighting for the hands of Drama Queen.
    That was fun..while it last...fighting "All Blog" nonsense by Rocky.
    He knows what I mean.
    It's been a long long time...coming to a Penang blog owner ...that cares.
    Better late than never.
    Hantus want to confuse voters???...susa eerr.
    I need help to catch frogs and crabs.
    So far so good.
    No pollution for the time being.