Friday, December 23, 2011

Undermining the pillars

Last week, in my post Dr Hasan Ali a Kemo Sabe? I made mention of zakat, one of the 5 pillars of Islam.

According to the Quran, this (socialist) social-welfare fund is intended for acts of Islamic piety to support charitable programs for the well-being of less fortunate fellow Muslims. The aim is of course to promote and preserve social harmony between the wealthy and the poor, an equitable redistribution of wealth, and a sense of solidarity amongst members of the Ummah. And I enthused that according to the Quran, the recipients of zakat marvellously need not only be Muslims.

Yesterday I read in Malaysiakini about the
Tithe funds (being) used to settle minister's legal fees.

Even as a non-Muslim I am sure the Quran did not have this purpose in mind when it declared the institution of zakat as one of the 5 pillars of Islam.

Yes, the withdrawn sum was repaid, but suddenly/coincidentally (shades of kuestionable kerbau-ish kondos) I recall a case several years ago, of a general manager of a company using company funds to buy shares for his personal ownership, of course with the intention of paying the withdrawn sum back to the company when 'his' shares made the expected profits. Unfortunately for him, a surprise audit discovered his misuse of the company funds for personal purposes, and he had to resign or face charges of CBT.

The Malaysiakini report stated that the … zakat (tithe) fund [was used] to settle advance legal costs incurred by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Jamil Khir Bahrom and two others. The legal costs had been incurred when opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim named Jamil, Federal Territory Islamic Department director Che Mat Che Ali and its chief prosecutor Shamsuddin Hussain, as respondents in the politician's qazaf application.

Surely zakat has never been meant for such a purpose. I opine strongly that PM Najib must ask Jamil Khir Bahrom and the two senior public servants to resign for procedurally misusing the zakat, especially Che Mat who approved a withdrawal of RM63,650 from it.

And I do wonder about the Selangor case where the zakat collection and its use are now amazingly beyond the preview of the State legislative body, the Exco of democratically elected people’s representatives.

On a slightly separate issue, I also wonder about media reports of a few Muslims who would accept questionable all-expenses-paid trips to Mecca for them to perform the Haj, which conduct by every Muslim represents another pillar of Islam.

Is it halal (kosher) to accept dodgy money (of questionable provenance) and use it to perform the Haj?

An sms-ing Mufti didn’t realize how unwittingly correct he had been when he pompously declared that (words to the effect) unlike the Arab people of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), Malays are far more special to Islam.

His ‘unwitting’ part is that he has correctly identified some of his Malay cronies as 'special to Islam' because they had, in using such monies to finance their Haj and telling outrageous lies to harm others, knowingly undermined the pillars of Islam a la the JKR-built MRR2.

Some 7,000 cracks were detected in 31 of the the MRR2's 33 pillars. Islam has only 5 pillars.

I wonder whether he will be sms-ing this to his buddy, the solar-powered saviour? Maybe they can blame it on the Christians, Chinese or Charbor (women), or Teresa Kok, Hannah Yeo and Teo Nie Ching wakakaka.


  1. No religion teaches faithful ..sincere and truthful followers to use money for politics and bribes.
    UMNO b have disgraced the Islamic religion with their hypocritical acts...time and time again...with no shame.
    The day Najib stop using religion in their dirty politics...will be the end of UMNO b party.
    Burning both ends from the Najib and his band of robbers and thieves...will hasten the end by his own doings.
    His flag was taken out....with no a U student.
    Smart Malaysians are expressing their hatreds for Najib in another creative smart way.

  2. you are talking to shameless UMNOputras. Religion is used to purely to gain politically. Surely not as a way of life and thats one of the reasons Islam is not viewed as positively as it should be.

  3. I support the zakat expenditure as it was in defence of Anwar Ibrahim's machinations.

  4. KT, I think you better stick around to talking about DAP and the Mat Leather King which you so idolized.
    You know nuts about the zakat and quoting Malaysia Kini is absurd because that racist machinery is also clueless about zakat and its beneficiaries.
    Zakat is a benevolent fund for the poor and needy.
    Muslims and Muslim corporates all pay zakats for the upliftment of the Muslim down-trodden.
    I know many nons are envious of us paying zakat because of tax deductions.
    And you proudly say you people are paying income tax more than the Malays. Sheesh!
    P.s. You are getting bolder day by day in talking about Islam which you need to know in-depth.

  5. Interesting blanket of secrecy and non-accountability that UMNO and fellow conspirators are throwing over anything to do with the administration of Islamic laws in the country.

    Nons are forbidden to make any comment on the subject, even if its stinks of malpractice - "sensitive". That automatically silences 40% of the population.

    Muslims , especially those outside UMNO are also forbidden to make any critical comment, supposedly because Islamic affairs are under the purview of the Sultan, and any criticism amounts to "Derhaka".

    Watch how they slaughtered Prof. Aziz Bari.

    There lies the road to full Non-accountability.

    Sheesh !

  6. Buttercup..What do you know so much..about the Islamic religion?
    All you know is quote this and that from the Koran...and talk cock and bull too.
    Don't just read..memorize and simply believe.
    Give you a hint. Who are the two sons of Adam?
    You only know ONE religion...SHUT UP!!

  7. Those UMNO b crooks are no Muslims.
    It is a label they wear to fool the real Muslims.
    All religions have pretenders...but UMNO b uses the Islamic religion to fool the Muslims and steal billions.which indirectly steal from all Muslims it real or pretenders.
    You can say...they steal from all Malays.
    Let Buttercup....explain what is a true Muslim....if he can.

  8. Buttercup....I say the blog owner knows more about Islamic religion than you.
    But then....Mahathir also got thick skin.
    You must also hero worship him like hell....and HELL is waiting for HYPROCRITES using the Koran to steal.

  9. Monsterball

    What's with you monsterball. Ants in your pants that you are jumping up and down?
    Need to circumcise.
    Polluting people's space like you did in Rocky's blog.
    Have been a fan of KT a long-long time.
    You don't have to answer, scumball.
    Get a life. No money for Xmas. Ask LGE for it. No problem.

  10. Why you fellas continue to engage in futile exchanges with that person who is, as you can see from his postings, a BN propagandist?

  11. Hey folks,
    You all should feel eternally indebted to our dear leaders' largesse....

    They worked hard to provide you all the necessities, so they are entitled to some project funding...

    Now don't get funny ideas or dangerous talk about accountability etc ...

  12. Me a BN propagandist?
    Is that all you idiots can say?
    Blog owner knows me too well too.
    Buttercup....I challenged you to talk Islamic religion...for you brag..too much..and here you twist to reply cock and bull to me.
    Accuse and ask me no need to reply.
    Is that the best you can insult me? say...I am a BN propagandist...and this Buttercup tells me to get money from DAP...LGE.
    Idiots are confused.
    hi Buttercup....I have money to last me a lifetime...and still plenty bury you alive...if you want some.
    Talk Religion...or SHUT UP!!

  13. Anon 11.54AM can see what others cannot see......hahahahahaha
    This young fut... one eye jack is trying to be too smart.
    Tomorrow is Christmas.
    Will F you two after holy day.

  14. Monsterball:

    Anon 11.54 is talking about Buttercup

    You are making a stupid fool of yourself...

  15. KT:

    You have a Buttercup coolly provoking this Monsterball into a tirade of silly ranting and frenzy....

    Does this always happen in your blog?

  16. OK..Anon...2.25PM....I made a mistake...about you.
    I apologize.
    Lets move on and wait for Buttercup...talking religion to me.

  17. Buttercup..a fan on ass.
    He insults KT..and rub in...and talk cock and bull.
    It is always.."get a life".....insults and more insults and tell me.. "You don't have to answer, scumball" ....same style by these BN idiots.
    Big mouth..blowing hot smelly air...blowing in the wind...bragging. father like son...and also racists alot..with no brain.

  18. Anon 2.25pm

    Now you know how stupid that slimeball is. Can't understand simple remarks.
    Heard a remark, pick up a quarrel just like his kind at Blue Boy Mansion.
    Well what do you expect from an atheist Jinjang Ah Beng who has not seen life outside that Chinese reservation land.
    P.S. KT can vouch that we never pick fights here. But here comes disaster monster disturbing our peace.
    Go back to where you belong.
    Get out of here before you think Beijing is the capital of the world.
    Merry Christmas KT and all friends here whom I know for years.
    That slimeball is a pariah in the blogs he frequent.
    No wonder PKR is far, far from PutraJaya having an ignoramus licker racist like him.
    Who wants to talk religion with an uncivilized toad whose weapon is an axe or acid.

  19. want to talk cock and bull...go ahead.
    But when come to religions....don't try to show off your know more than others..when you know next to nothing.
    You want to divert the issue I have with you.. and start insulting.diverting attentions.. .....go ahead.
    All know you are.
    That's good enough for me.
    I am still waiting you talk religion with me....and see who is the real scumbag and idiot here.
    Keep avoiding my challenge and keep insulting me.
    Only gas bags do that.

  20. got style to twist like a snake.
    Where did you learn it from...from Khairy?
    Surely not from Mahathir.....the master of all twisters.
    Your style of twisting is like school class.
    Your mumbo jumbo rambling shows what kind of a brain you have.... a one screw loose fella.
    Yes...I like to pick a fight with anyone trying to be too smart and talk race and religion..insulting another..especially KT..who is doing so well to make fun on UMNO b crooks...and here you come...trying to shut his mouth.

  21. "P.S.KT can vouch that we never pick fights here" said Buttercup.
    Who is picking a fight with whom?
    I challenged you not to be too smart and insult KT..about Islamic religion.
    Is that picking a fight?
    That's a debate...I am numskull...sotoloyo.

  22. I have been so call..stupid for more than 10 years commenting......HAHAHAHAHAHA
    It's the racists and UMNO b supports who thinks they are smarter than Freedom Fighters.

  23. hi bloody Buttercup...I found few are F-ing you left and right at "The Golden Calf" post and your tail curled in and ran...and come pick a fight with me.
    You love to talk religion and yet dare not accept a challenge to debate on the subject.
    You cannot differentiate a fight and a debate....or maybe exposed by me...a useless toothless value..trying to confuse readers.
    What a low class scumbag you are.

  24. Monsterball...notorious on-line bully who has been banned from many sites.....
    Now polluting Ktemoc's site....

  25. Anon of 6.46

    To be fair, BOTH of them, monsterball and buttercup, are trading names and spewing insults, aren't they?

  26. Polluting my foot!
    KT know me quite well.
    He even had a cartoon post on me with Big Dog.
    Buttercup was insulting KT on Islamic religion knowledge.
    I challenged him...and out come all sorts of insults thrown at me.
    Who is polluting the blog?
    It looks like few pro BN buggers are here to talk agree to disagree...and not FOR or AGAINST change of government.
    You are right..Anon 7.31PM...Buttercup dare not accept my challenge for a debate...he brag so much..and started to insult me.
    I responded.
    I am man enough to apologize to an Anon who pointed out my mistakes.
    Who is polluting the blog?
    Buttercup brags and insult KT. Go check it out.
    2 more's holy night...for Christians.
    I wish to take this opportunity to wish all Christians a Merry Christmas and Happy New year.
    Onward Christian soldiers...marching as to war..with no fear.
    Freedom Fighters have no fear whatsoever over our crooked government and Najib....trying hard to shut mouths and create fear.
    Yes....Merry X'mas & Happy 2012.

  27. Same old line....banned from many sites...this and that.
    When I talks...I am direct and mince no words and that makes BN supporters knows what's coming for them.....and they call it polluting the blog.
    Talk FOR or AGAINST like a man.
    And Buttercup want to talk race and religion...I am ready for them.

  28. Monsterball:
    why waste your breath on buttercup?
    He is desperately trying to save BN's beaten image, against the tide... a lost cause. He's provoking your emotions and blood pressure.

    Merry Xmas, Happy new year

  29. Merry X/mas & Happy New Year to you too..Anon 6.20PM.
    Thanks for the advise.

  30. Anon 6.20PM....I vowed to speak till I drop dead against crooks..hypocrites...liars..who are trying to fool vote for BN again.
    And anyone using race and religion to confuse voters...I am after them too.
    13th GE is near...and god willing..I am still alive to cast my vote for change.
    After 13th GE..I will rest and keep quiet.
    I am touched by your concern over my health.
    Buttercup and anymore...means nothing to me.
    He talk religion....I fired on.
    He want to twist and divert attention to provoke me...I enjoy playing games with these kind of idiots...and hope you can join in too.
    He will say I am polluting the blog.
    KT knows me too know I do not do such things.
    I walk the talks and fear no one.
    This is my way to encourage voters not to fear Najib and his crooked government.
    I am not here for popularity contest. I am here to part my views and opinions...AND watch out for smart Alexes trying to fool Malaysians.
    You see Anon6.20PM...if Buttercup wants to brag about how much he knows more than KT on Islamic religion...and KT will never respond to is our duty to protect the blog way or another.
    Finally...there are so many "ANONYMOUS" commentators here.
    I wonder why?
    Why not have a nick?
    I do feel silly talking to an Anon.
    To is extreme caution applied to protect your identity with no reasons.
    Hope you comment with a nick next time.