Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is PKR the BN's Trojan Horse in Ipoh Timor?

In an earlier posting Two tigers on one Opposition mountain I wrote that PKR (the DAP so-called ally - hahaha) had argued that it also wants seats in Chinese-majority areas apart from running in Malay-majority areas - seats in which DAP has traditionally contested, effectively reneging on a ‘seat allocation’ agreement reached between Lim Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim.

Then to add insult to avarice, PKR demanded Ipoh Timor, which so happens to be Lim Kit Siang’s own constituency. Don’t be shocked because the PKR idea of friendship or alliance with the DAP is merely opportunistic, and if it means sabotaging or back stabbing the DAP, it would do that with neither conscience nor scruples about honouring an agreement made by its, admittedly de facto, leader.

Malaysiakini has reported in its news article Three-way battle for Ipoh Timur?</a> that:

PKR veep Dr Lee Boon Chye told Malaysiakini today that “if his party and DAP are unable to reach a compromise on seat allocation in Perak, then we are prepared for three-cornered fights, including in Ipoh Timur”.

“If there is no settlement, it’s a free for all scenario. PKR is free to contest any seat in the state even if it means slugging it out against DAP and BN,” Lee declared.

Asked why the two parties were unable to come to a settlement, the PKR vice-president declined to comment.

As I had blogged in May last year in a post DAP & PKR - blood brothers? (2)
“the DAP should carefully rethink whether it's in its own interest to be so close with the PKR. In the same way UMNO is the single greatest undermining factor and thus the real 'enemy' for the MCA, the PKR will be exactly that for the DAP, especially come the next election. There cannot be two tigers on one opposition mountain.”

PKR has this dirty underhanded habit or tactic of ‘negotiating’ with the DAP by publicly announcing their version of seat allocation to the press without the DAP even knowing (the public announcement) until the latter reads it in the news.

Pre-emptive strike, presenting the DAP with a fait accompli, stabbing in the back, showing the DAP in a bad light – that’s the de facto modus operandi of the PKR.

Hardly surprising when the PKR would even stoop as low as to threaten another opposition party, the PRM, from using its (PRM) own party title, principally for fear of some PKR members returning to a true socialist party instead of one which serves the personal interests of only one man; alamak, mana confidence lah? Please see my post
Is renaissance reformasi PKR scared of tiny little PRM?

Malaysiakini reported that DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng responded to the PKR regrettable conduct by stating: “If PKR wants to contest in Ipoh Timur, then we say it is a democratic country and they have every right to do so. But we are prepared to face them".

It must be doubly disappointing to Lim Kit Siang who had supported one so-called de facto leader during his time of needs to have that de facto person’s party stabbed him in the back. This is worse than Ops Lallang which had Lim Kit Siang incarcerated by the government for two years, because now there is the added putrid odour of gangrenous treachery.

As Ipoh Timor is already under siege by alleged gerrymandering (see my post Clear & Present Danger for Lim Kit Siang) where a phantom army apparently waits at the gates of that electoral constituency, the PKR entry into Lim’s seat for a three-cornered battle shows the real Trojan Horse that Raja Petra Kamarudin has been ranting about in his oblique criticism of the DAP.

Well, Raja, who’s the de facto BN Trojan Horse now?

But in some ways, I am glad that it has come to such a confrontation. As I have mentioned earlier: “... In the same way UMNO is the single greatest undermining factor and thus the real 'enemy' for the MCA, the PKR will be exactly that for the DAP, especially come the next election. There cannot be two tigers on one opposition mountain.”

One pseudo-tiger must go!


  1. I still feel that DAP should stand on its own in the coming general election, rather than form a partnership with PKR. It will give a bigger chance to succeed rather than thru the partnership and DAP able to stand on their own.

    The partnership basically base on one person, Anwar Ibrahim, is it worth it? Can PKR who have failed
    outrightly in the past general election can make any impact this time?

  2. If Lim Kit Siang will to go to another place - BN will hound him saying LKS has being running all over the country - from Melaka to Pinang and Perak - next to Selangor? It is time for LKS to stay put. PKR's Dr Lim should be building his base in Kampar or Gopeng immediately after the 2004 election.

  3. There cannot be two tigers on one opposition mountain-- What, Lee Ah Chai is a tiger? Thought all along he is a sick pussy puddy tat

  4. Does PKR seriously think that they have got the candidate with the caliber to take on LKS in Ipoh Timur?

    I also blogged about it here : DAP vs PKR vs BN In Ipoh Timur To Become Reality?