Monday, January 21, 2008

Is renaissance reformasi PKR scared of tiny little PRM?

I wonder whether a letter from Koh Swe Yong, VP of the Parti Rakyat Malaysia (PRM) has been received by Steven Gan, editor of Malaysiakini? Koh wrote to a select few.

In it, to cut the story short, Koh told Tian Chua of PKR to f* off when a news report had the latter (allegedly) having the cheek to say
"… dari segi undang-undang, ahli-ahli PRM yang tidak menyertai parti baru (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) tidak dibenarkan mengguna nama PRM untuk bertanding dalam pilihanraya.*"

* translation - "... legally, PRM members who didn’t join PKR won’t be permitted to use the name PRM for their candidates in the general election ..."

Needless to say, if I were Koh, a VP of PRM. and someone from PKR impertinently told me that, I would have said worse things, but Koh being a gentleman, counselled Tian Chua “…supaya tidak berlagak angkuh dan sempit fikiran apabila berkomen,sebaliknya perlu bertindak sebagai pekerja politik yang realistic, praktikal dan jujur, seperti objektik cogan-kata politik baru yang dilaung-laung oleh Parti Keadilan Rakyat*.”

* loose (and bloody liberal) translation by kaytee, with apologies to Koh – “… get off your blooming high horse and narrow-minded thinking when you open your big mouth. KNN, as a politician, you should in fact be realistic, practical and honest, and hey man, live up to your bloody party slogan lah, the slogan you have been f* bleating constantly …”

Hey, BTW, what is the PKR party slogan ;-). Perhaps the Intellectual Giant has it in Latin like “De Facto Demokrazee De Seetfool & De Fektiv”

Apparently it all started when someone asked Tian Chua about the appeal made by the President of PRM, Hassan Karim, to the opposition parties to give some leeway for PRM candidates to contest in the coming general election, so as to avoid a three-corner fight which naturally would only benefit the BN.

Aiyoh, Saudara Hassan Karim, don’t you know PKR has through the back door (front door no guts mah) threatened to screw things up for the DAP in Perak and Sarawak if the DAP does not surrender some of its traditionally contested seats to the PKR. I wonder what Raja Petra Kamarudin would say of PKR and Tian Chua’s behaviour?

Yes, what about Tian Chua’s nerve in attempting to copyright reserve the PRM brand from the PRM party? Aiyoyo, it seems PKR is so scared of PRM shadows?

Koh was so incensed that he ‘advised’ Tian Chua to reserve his words to himself until he (Tian) becomes Minister of Internal Affairs and Anwar Ibrahim becomes Prime Minister, or the stupid statement would become the nonsensical farce that it is, good only for kopitiam kongsamkok.

Koh also said:
"Selain itu, kata-kata Tian Chua itu juga menunjukkan ilmu pengetahuan Tian Chua dan Keadilan sungguh cetek, sampai tidak mempunyai ilmu asas undang-undang. Jika Keadilan diberi mandat untuk memerintah negara ini kelak, macamana mereka dapat memerintah dengan baik dan berkesan, macamana mereka dapat membawa keadilan (justice) kepada rakyat jelata, sebagaimana nama Partinya?*"

* loose brief translation – “Additionally, Tian Chua and PKR shows they know sh*t about basic law. Imagine if PKR rules the country, there ain’t gonna be any justice as his party’s name suggests.”

Ouch and bloody de jure and de facto ouch.

In fact PRM is properly registered with the Registrar of Societies as a legal party. Since Dr Syed Husin left for PKR, the members who refused to join PKR has reorganised their party machinery and office bearers blah blah blah.

When this happened, it has been alleged that dear brave Tian Chua and the PKR leaders went into overdrive to obliterate the PRM label. Kniasu kah, knia hami lah?

F* man, Koh said the reality is the PRM is a legal party under the Akta Pertubuhan Malaysia, and that the PKR leadership demonstrated their narrow minded arrogrance. Well, if true, then kaytee would put it bluntly as ‘pathetic pitiful pariah-ness’.

And Koh ended his letter by sneering at PKR with this statement
“Jika Parti Keadilan Rakyat hendak memghapuskan PRM, silalah tunggu sehingga Keadilan menjadi parti pemerintah negara ini.*”

* loose translation – “If PKR wants to get rid of PRM, wait till PKR becomes the ruling party.”

But as I have often said, PKR has been bud-grafted with the UMNO virus of dictatorship and intolerance. PKR is in reality nothing more than an UMNO branch, no doubt an unwanted one but still an amoeba from the same cesspool. Look at such events as a self proclaimed ‘defacto leadership’, in a democracy? Is there no shame?

Then there was former PKR VP Nallakarupan who was instructed by PKR de facto leader not to contest. Yes, Nalla was told not to contest – de facto democratic principles?

And PKR Youth secretary SD Johari accused Anwar Ibrahim of meddling in the last party elections. Johari claimed that Anwar asked acting Youth chief Shamsul Iskandar Md Akin to ‘find ways’ to ensure that Johari loses. Read Anwar Ibrahim interferes with PKR polls?

He also resigned out of disgust at the de facto leader’s interference. I ask again, is this a party that practises democratic principles?

And don’t miss this one PKR meltdown - the Anwar Ibrahim factor?

But the most terrifying thing I heard fromm a reliable source is that Keadilan is going all out to kill PRM through various activities, including allegedly attempting to threaten Koh Swe Yong into withdrawing from contesting.

As one former supporter of PKR said in utter disgust, why don’t PKR take on someone their own size, like the DAP instead of PRM.

Alas, it’s the way of a coward, one cloned from the uterus of an UMNO miscarriage.


  1. I wouldn't even try to defend Tian Chua, but lets get some basic facts right. Dr. Syed Husin Ali did not just join PKR in his personal capacity. There was an agreement between the two parties to merge the PRM with the PKR. That it hasn't happened is because the ROC , probably for under political instructions from their UMNO masters, has refused to approve the registration of the new merged party.
    So if PRM starts to put up separate candidates and even campaigns against the PKR, its a violation of the agreement between the two Parties.

  2. what basic facts have I got wrong in my post?

    My post was about Tian Chua attempting to prevent a legitimately registered party from using its rightful name, even unto PKR people allegedly threatening Koh.

    What's this - democracy? Lawful process?

    PKR is a hypocrite, imbued with UMNO's soul in attempting to bully and suppress other people.

    So waht if PRM was deliberately manoeuvre by UMNO? Why should PKR be afraid? Afterall DAP isn't!

    I'll tell you why. PKR is damn scared the former PRM members currently in PKR have been considering abandoning a ship steered by a captain they have found to be utterly reprehensible in his conduct.

    PKR democratic? hahaha, how to be when it has a de facto leader, which is another name for an unelected dictator.