Friday, January 25, 2008

Nazi type group punishment versus liberty

Extracts from the Middle East Online:

Amid the hustle and bustle, with shouts of people intermingling with the noise of goats and car horns, 40-year-old Fawsa al-Jisha stood out as she stood gazing around surrounded by her nine daughters.

"I just came here to smell the liberty," she said. "I haven't left Gaza for a really long time."

The exodus came a week after Israel imposed a full-scale blockade on Gaza in response to persistent rocket and mortar fire from the territory ruled by Hamas, a democratically elected group pledged to liberating Palestinian land from illegal Israeli occupation.

"There is no justification or basis to demand that we allow the residents of Gaza to live normal lives, while mortars are fired and missiles are launching from their streets and courtyards of their homes toward... communities in the south" of Israel, said Israeli PM Ehud Olmert, who is accused by many international observers of applying “collective punishment”.

The Great Escape - from Nazi brutalities


  1. If someone has been firing rockets into my house for years despite my warnings to stop doing so, would I be in the wrong if I retaliate with A-bombs and chemical weapons?

  2. Nuke em all...all the filthy Jews and Arabs

  3. anon of 8:14 am, you said it - using the equivalent of "A-bombs and chemical weapons" against rockets, and worse and most unforgiveable of all, on Palestinian civilians instead of the militants, are exactly what the Nazi-like Israelis have been doing. That's why the UN and European condemnations are against the Nazi styled 'group punishments'.

    As for the rocket firing, what should the Israelis do?

    How about ending the occupation of Palestinian land? Yes, that's why the Palestinians have been pissed off. Wouldn't you too if someone comes along and kick you out of your own house?

    That's the heart of the issue - how does one get a powerful robber out of one's house?

  4. How about ending the occupation of Palestinian land?

    Yes, after the Americans have handed back the US to the American Indians, the Aussies given back Australia to the aborigines, New Zealand to the Maoris, India and Pakistan back to the Moguls, China back to the Manchus, Malaysia back to the orang asli and so on...

  5. hahaha not a bad idea, though the Moghuls and Manchus were invaders and had bloody gone or absorbed.

    however, on a serious note, reasonable nations, even Saudi Arabia have merely called for Israel to retreat to the 1967 borders.

    The trouble is Israel won't, and not only that, it wants more Palestinain land, land of its biblical Judea and Samarra, which is all of West Bank and Gaza. Its withdrawal from Gaza is merely tactical, to please the Americans and show them Israel is reasonable, though it doesn't tell the world it keeps Gaza locked up like a prison.

    It doesn't want to annex these land yet, because there are 5 million Arabs living in 'Judea' and 'Samarra', for when a nation annexes any land it annexes the local population as well.

    So it has devised a program (or shall we call it 'progrom' as many Jews of European descent would know) to rid the land of Arabs by making life so miserable for them that by logic, those Palestinians would move - to the Jordan that Ariel Sharon had 'suggested' to them.

    Alas, the Palestinians have refused to 'cooperate'. Wasn't the theme song from the movie 'Exodus' titled "This land is mine"? Hmmm, maybe the moral applies to those Arab untermensch or subhumans, as the Nazis termed the Jew?

  6. all members of palestinian society are involved in one way or another in aiding the militants.

    collective punishment was used in dresden, germany during ww2, and hiroshima, nagasaki in japan.

    these people rlly had it coming. i say, bomb the shit out of them! ironically, the israelis are too nice ( im sure the other party wld have no qualms doing that if the tables are turned.)