Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Has Ong KT 'Mahathir-ised' Dr Ling?

Now this one is interesting. Yesterday Malaysiakini published Sex tape: Ling Jr defends Chua.

It would seem that there might have been a falling out between Ong Ka Ting and Dr Ling Liong Sik, his predecessor who anointed him (Ong KT) as Taikoh of MCA.

Of course Dr Ling didn’t say a word about the Chua Soi Lek’s debacle, but his son Hee Leong came out to defend the former Health Minister.

Hee Leong who is also the MCA deputy Youth Chief said: “People don’t invade other people’s private lives for nothing. It’s not fun and there is nothing to gain. (Politicians) have a basic right to privacy like everyone else.”

“Otherwise, we should build special glass toilets with no doors for politicians (so that everyone can see them inside).”

Malaysiakini columnist Josh Hong wrote in Sexual escapades in moron state that Chua Soi Lek had been perceived as an intra party ‘threat’ to Ong Ka Ting and consequentially the latter's alleged dynastic designs. He described Chua as follows:

Being a capable minister with a strong power base in Johor, Chua was also popularly seen as much more charismatic than Ong Ka Ting, the MCA president. Most strikingly, Chua’s command of Bahasa Malaysia and English is impeccable, and he speaks fluent Mandarin despite coming from an English-speaking background. Quite clearly, Chua’s linguistic talents and confidence in meeting the press and the public had all made Ong extremely uneasy and even feel threatened.

Chua’s dedication to the Ministry of Health is evident in his visits to most of the hospitals across the country, and his ability to communicate with hospital staff and civil servants in Bahasa was a tremendous help. He can be critical sometimes, as he happened to be the only cabinet minister who said the government should look into the root causes behind the meteoric rise of Hindraf. In other words, suppression and smearing would be futile to solving the problems facing the Indian community.

Using personal issues to attack political rivals has long been a Malaysian culture, laying bare the serious incompetence of public figures in engaging in rational debate. Hence, when the opponent is hard to beat, the next thing to do is to resort to dirty tricks: second wife, womanizing, possession of porn materials, homosexuality, unnatural sex – you name it. Most hypocritically, many do so in the name of upholding public moral standards, although they stoop so low simply because of bitter jealousy and power hunger.

Hee Leong added to that, shooting across the bow of Ong KT, by stating:

“(Any contest means) giving the delegates a choice, that should be the way. If (people) can’t accept a challenge, they should just get out of the party - get out of the party!”

“We are a transparent party with healthy political culture. We must get to the bottom of this because this is not the president’s or secretary-general’s (Ka Ting’s elder brother, Ka Chuan) party. I was born and brought up in this party too.”

“We have to get the main culprit - not the machai (underlings). There can be many (sacrificial) lambs, but we want the shepherd.”

He was referring to the alleged mastermind of a probable plot behind the tangkap basah* of Chua Soi Lek.

* in flagrante delicto (caught red handed in a sexual indiscretion)

Like Ong Ka Ting, Chua Soi Lek has been part of Dr Ling’s Team ‘A’, yet ........

Political pundits claimed that Ling Junior was supposed to be nominated by the MCA for the Labis parliamentary constituency, a seat held by his father before the former MCA Presidnet passed it to Chua.

Now, we all know that Ong KT's brother, Ka Chuan, was knocked out by the DAP in the 2004 general election.

And it’s also well known that Ong KT has been ‘organizing’ the political situation for the entry of his brother Ka Chuan into parliament after the coming election.

That Ong KT has selfishly assumed a second role as the Health Minister following Chua’s exit, instead of nominating a current MCA deputy minister or senior MCA MP to fill that post, strengthened the suspicion he’s holding the ministerial position ‘in trust’ for his Ah Hniah (abang, elder brother).

The perception that Chua, a Ling henchman, had been done by in an alleged sinister honeypot plot must have worry Ling Junior (and perhaps even Senior?).

Has Ong KT done an ‘AAB’ in ‘Mahathir-ising’ his mentor, Dr Ling?

Will Hee Leong be treated in a humiliating manner by the MCA as Dr Mahathir’s son had been by the UMNO hierarchy?

In Malaysian politics, there is no loyalty, no friendship, no sentiment. There is neither friend nor enemy, but only interest.

Dr Mahathir experienced it; perhaps Dr Ling may too.


  1. MCA linked triads in JB continue to distribute CSL SEX DVD.

    Yes, this is the latest news I received. In JB, DVDs are still being distributed for free. We're not talking about JOHOR as a state isolated to Batu Pahat and Labis, but the town area JB itself.

    I know people who've been approached by people linked to triads (dvd/vcd peddlars linked to MCA) who were given the DVD Free of Charge.

    The MCA triads are really not afraid of the police at all, as they continue to attack CSL even after he resigned.

    My relative just told me he saw the full DVD quality version. In JB, it is spreading like wildfire and I think the police are going to have their hands full if they intend to sweep every single household.

    There is definitely more than a handfull of copies being made. These DVDs are being mass produced large scale and given out for free.

    This definitely smells like an internal MCA strife. I think it is only just beginning. Soon a lot of heads are gonna roll and there might be a triad turf war in JB.

    *sigh* more stupid Chinese gangsta shit. I think there's something more sinister going on that we do not know of.

  2. What happen to police report on Ling and his son selling the country`s security maps?
    Oso no ISA for the 2?

  3. He said Soh introduced himself as a business associate of a senior cabinet minister in Malaysia who could not o_nly help with the listing of IST but also create a market base for IST products in both the government and private sectors.

    "Soh then proceeded o_n my request to arrange for a meeting with the minister. To my surprise, the meeting between Soh, myself and Dr Ling was fixed immediately at his office... Hee Leong was also present but arrived late," he added.

    He said Ling (photo) confirmed at the meeting that "Soh was his business associate and partner" and that he could indeed facilitate with the marketing of IST products which included vehicle tracking device and black boxes for commercial vehicles.

    He added to give his assurance, "Ling said that he would use his ‘connection and authority’ to procure Malaysia’s original survey maps which IST could not have obtained."

  4. I am surprised that okt who talks so much about healthy political culture got the cheek to appoint his elder brother not only Secretary-general of mca, perak mca chairman, but also principal of mca's school of political studies, and also council members in Tar College and Universiti TAR.Not okt wants to find a safe seat for the brother so that the latter can be made a minister if he wins. okt must be a joker! Very healthy political culture. MCA members, what say you all?

  5. Nothing wrong with mca. What is wrong is Ling liong sik's decision to pass the baton to okt who talks a lot but has done little. But okt would make sure his appointed sec-gen will be made a Minister one day.

  6. am told that chua and donald were in pact to challenge OKT. evidently, there was strong support for these two ambitious men and thats when the presenr scandal surface. well, you do the rest of the link.
    in any event, i still doubt it. thought chua was not too friendly with the CKC guy. in his parting speech, chua evidently snipe at CKC on corrupt culture linked to the current hot topic in Port Klang Free trade Zone.

  7. OKT has been practicing some heavy-weight nepotism in MCA. OKC certainly has his fingers in many bowls. Normally candidates who get defeated in general elections have to exit gracefully....but not if you are OKT's brother, of course..

    But LLS/ LHL live in glass houses as far as nepotism is concerned.
    Remember how LHL was once one of Malaysia's fastest moving millionaires ? Alas, short on business acumen, just pulling based on connections, in the end his attempted empire building just crashed in ruins...

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    And the author of the article Calev Ben-David is a member of The Israel Project (TIP). This is what the International Relation Centre has to say of TIP:

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