Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim & DAP - cakap ta'serupa bikin?

Malaysiakini reported that Anwar Ibrahim declared Opposition will do well in Sarawak.

Yes, surprise surprise I agree with Anwar Ibrahim that no surprise, no surprise the DAP ;-) will indeed do well! The DAP has already proven that recently in the Sarawak State election, by contrast to PKR.

The world’s greatest _________ (fill in blank), otherwise known as the PKR dict…. de facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim, said he was confident that any PKR-DAP disagreement on seat allocation in Sarawak will be resolved in the end.

In response to reporters’ suggestion that local PKR leaders would not be able to agree even on a single seat out of the seven Chinese-majority parliamentary seats with the DAP in Sarawak, he pronounced "I don't buy it!"

Well, I like to see him put his money where his silver-tongued mouth is – that is, for the PKR de facto leader to sort out his party's publicly announced act of treachery on the Ipoh Timor federal constituency, where the PKR has threatened DAP Lim Kit Siang with a 3-corner fight in a constituency that is already rife with gerrymandering allegations!

And the PKR's abject arrogant atrocious impertinence had been to demand that Lim Kit Siang vacate his seat for the nothing-PKR to contest in, or face a sabotaging 3-corner fight which ensures a BN victory! What (Trojan) equine-ity iniquity!

If Anwar can’t even resolve that, then he’s just talking cock about a far more complex and complicated issue like seat allocations among the opposition in Sarawak.

… which has been why I yawnnnnnnnn-ed when he claimed PKR and DAP have established a format for discussions to resolve the seat issue nationwide. Come on, what about Ipoh Timor?

He asserted that if there remains any disagreement among state leaders of the two parties, the matter would be referred to national leaders. Hahahahahahahahahaaa

Though he did state that the national leaders will decide with the agreement of state leaders, I would advise him not to ‘berangan-angan’ (daydream). He’s wallowing in his own fantasy if he believes that state leaders will toe the line set by national leaders, meaning himself and the DAP’s Lim Guan Eng.

Sarawakians, whether in DAP or PKR or even the BN, have minds of their own that party national leaders (except the world’s greatest daydreamer) have discovered aren’t quite that receptive to their (national leaders’) proposals, let alone directives.

In fact I am amazed that the DAP has succeeded thus far in Sarawak and Sabah, as the only Malaysian political party to have national representation in both Peninsula and the two eastern States. UMNO has only in recent years penetrated Sabah, happily with help from the ‘return’ of the missing or Diaspora-ed 10 tribes totaling some 1 million people.

The Sarawak DAP leaders have refused to concede even a single seat in the Chinese-majority areas, stating that Anwar himself said that such seats actually are to be contested by DAP.

Anwar admitted he had made such a statement, and in damage control to mollify his forgotten Chinese section in PKR, spinned that the DAP had taken it out of context, as what he had meant has been the 'traditional DAP seats'. He pleaded: “If we are to say all Chinese seats will go to DAP, then it is to say there are no Chinese members in PKR which is not true at all."

Two questions arise out of his too-clever-by-half declaration:

(1) We aren’t talking about just the Sarawak DAP leaders. Lim Guan Eng himself has often reminded PKR of Anwar’s promise. Do you believe that a man like Lim Guan Eng, or for that matter his father, would ever take Anwar’s promise out of context?

(2) If Anwar had claimed his promise as limited to just the 'traditional DAP seats’ then what the hell is going on with PKR claims on Ipoh Timor, a federal seat already contested, won and occupied by Lim Kit Siang?

Let’s see him do the rightful thing in Ipoh Timor, or we would be forced to say that he and his PKR are, to borrow Raja Petra Kamarudin’s term, the Trojan Horses devised by the BN to destroy Lim Kit Siang.

Is PKR the BN's Trojan Horse in Ipoh Timor?

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