Monday, January 07, 2008

Aiyoyo Anwar Ibrahim

Hell hath no fury like a … (previous) friend scorned!

Nallakarupan, once close-buddy and tennis partner of Anwar Ibrahim has shot the latter down by asking the de facto chief of PKR what he (Anwar) had actually done for the Indians when he was deputy premier and finance minister?

I don’t suppose dear Anwar would quip with “Aiyoyo, Nalla, I played tennis with you one.”

Anwar has been campaigning in the north and calling on those Indians who turned up at his roadshows to abandon the BN and vote instead for PKR. Surprisingly (or perhaps not) his roadshows were not all that popular with the Chinese.

reported that Nalla spat out: “I have personal experience and knowledge on how he treats the Indian community. Based on my close association with him for more than 30 years, I know very well that he is lying to the Indian community now, just to gain votes.”

“I hope he will put an immediate stop to his political games in trying to cheat the Indian community.”

“I hope they will realise that Anwar who did nothing for them when he could have done something for them is not going to do anything now.”

Hmmm, maybe that could explain why the Chinese didn’t turn up at his campaigning, as had the Indians.

Even Humpty Dumpty came out to sneer at Anwar as: “He is lovely because the general election is just around the corner. He seems to be putting up a very good show and smiling a lot these days when he sees the Indians.”

“I don’t know when he started to develop such good habits whereas his old habits were totally different when he was deputy prime minister and finance minister.”

“When he was on top, he never looked at the Indians, let alone resolve their problems.”

But I heard Anwar Ibrahim genuinely loves Hindi movies and Hindi songs.


  1. Hahahahahaha

    MCA is after Anwar again. How about an article on nallakaruppan. He`s got a very interesting past.

  2. Let me tell you this Mr Nalla, maybe Mr Anwar never did anything for the Malaysian Indians but it is better then believing people like you who behave like a snake to your friends when it is only your self interest that you have been looking out for.

    The snake around Lord Shiva neck is more then enough for the Malaysian Indian community to appreciate,we dont need a snake like you around our necks choking us to dead".

    Posted by JD 5:03 PM

  3. It was actually a very well-organised and well-coordinated
    distribution campaign. Teams of distributors went from town to town in
    Johor to distribute the DVDs to every house and public place.
    Thousands upon thousands were dished out and no one can claim they did
    not receive a copy of the DVD. The huge manpower resources and
    substantial amount of finance required to embark on such an operation
    could only mean that big bucks were involved here. And it could only
    have been financed by those with deep pockets.

    Chua Soi Lek is of course not quite unknown as a ladies' man. He would
    in fact brag that he is 'famous' as a Casanova and would tell his
    peers 'everyone knows I am a womaniser'. As much as one may frown upon
    such behaviour, at least he was honest about what he is and did not
    try to hide behind the mask of Islam Hadhari while leading the
    lifestyle of Paris Hilton.

  4. If there are folks out there really interested in Hindi movies & songs, then they are also cordially invited to take a look at some motivational poems posted in the Hindi language as well (with the original English version being there as well + Babel Fish for those reading in other foreign languages) in my blog

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  5. Humsup DVD aside, Ah Lek's not exactly missed for the dislikes he created for himself for good reasons:

    Won't you at least defend his non sexual aspect, KT, old boy? ;)
    Why only Anwar bashing all the time?

  6. well, old chum, I don't blog on political sex whether about CSL or AI.

    Aiyoyo, how can u say I am bashing Anwar - was just quoting what's published in Mkini - in fact I am defending him by pointing out, that contrary to Humpty Dumpty's accusation AI didn't even look at Indians, AI does love things Indian like Hindi movies and songs

    I feel so hurt my good motives have been misjudged ;-)

  7. nalla

    speaks great about anwar until he was not place as the candidate for IJOK. now, he sings a tottaly different tone. wtih friends like him, who needs enemies.
    kt, your distrust of anwar is now legendary. having said that, you are entitled to each his own.

  8. I feel so hurt my good motives have been misjudged ;-)

    Heeheee. Katy if you got some Indian friend from kuala Selangor, they can tell you some interesting things about nallakaruppan.
    Tap kena research sikit. Oso (i give you lead here) what nalla doing when pandithan put the coffins at MIC HQ.

  9. Semi-Value accuses Anwar of never doing anything for Indians.

    Penang UMNO is distributing leaflets alleging that Anwar is pro-Indian.

    Between the two pronged attack from the same morally bankrupt jokers, I would say Anwar has probably got the balance right.

  10. MCA Youth deputy chief Ling Hee Leong has fired a salvo against the party leadership over their handling of the sex scandal involving the former vice–president, Dr Chua Soi Lek.

  11. `But I heard Anwar Ibrahim genuinely loves Hindi movies and Hindi songs.`

    Many malays do, so not surprising. RTM stopped showing hindi movies on TV on fridays so muslims could go to pray and not watch hindi movies.

  12. It is evident that both Nalla and Samy are jealous of the response Anwar is able to garner from the Indians.

    However, at the risk of playing it uber-safe, I don't trust all three. In fact, I'd be more comfortable with Nik Aziz and his PAS-toted woman-inhibitions policy than either PKR, MIUP or MIC. But that's just me.

  13. True, Nik Aziz works hard. Pity he can`t sleep:

  14. Yaare vaithu yaaru komedi pannarange?
    (who is making a joke of who?)

  15. In remarks to Malaysiakini, Gobalakrishnan said he found this broadside by Nallakaruppan particularly galling because of what the latter had told him after one budget presentation in the 1990s by the then Finance Minister Anwar that exempted temple products from tax.

    “He told me that Anwar had called him before tabling the budget to talk about the tax exemption. Nallakaruppan said that Anwar would call him before presenting the budget to parliament to chat with him about aspects of the budget that would help the Indian community,” said Gobalakrishnan.