Friday, January 18, 2008

Musuh dalam opposition selimut - DAP or PKR?

Raja Petra Kamarudin continues his attack on the DAP that I mentioned in Politicking amongst opposition parties.

As I mentioned then, “... by attempting to read between RPK’s lines* I reckon he was saying if the DAP refuses to play ball, the opposition voters, even DAP supporters, should abandon the DAP and instead vote for PKR if there is a 3-corner fight.”

* in his The ten-year mood swings

Needless to say, PKR and RPK (no anagrammatic pun intended) believe that the DAP will be playing hardball in negotiations for seat allocations in Perak and perhaps even Sarawak. Afterall, Malaysiakini had stated in a recent news article about the worrying
DAP-PKR seat talks: Perak, Sarawak the remaining obstacles, which must have been in the PKR leadership's mind.

And why shouldn’t the DAP (play hardball, that is)? The party has performed well with the voters returning them in the last general election and Sarawak’s State election.

By comparison, in the two mentioned states, who, what and where was the PKR, one may well ask? So why should the DAP sacrifice any of their stronghold seats or those it feels it has a damn good chance to win in the coming general election?

In RPK’s latest article Trojan Horses in the opposition ranks he piles the pressure continuously on the DAP in a virtual diatribe against the leading Opposition party, with several issues including Islam thrown in.

But before I discuss that, I thought I would mention RPK also shot quite a caustic if not libellous comment at Nallakarupan. RPK wrote:

"Take the case of Nallakarupan. He was almost allowed to contest the recent Ijok by-election. At the eleventh hour he was dropped in favour of Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim. No doubt, many thought that an Indian should have contested that seat and the fact that the Indian was sidelined in favour of a Malay attracted allegations of racial discrimination. But Nallakarupan is a known pimp who procures women for the rich and powerful, in particular rich and powerful politicians who walk in the corridors of power. And he is an Umno Trojan Horse. Dropping him was probably the best decision Anwar Ibrahim has ever made in four years."

Of course when Indian Nallakarupan was dropped from Malay-majority Ijok in favour of Malay Khalid Ibrahim, he was not yet a ‘pimp’.

And when asked by world’s greatest political reformer not to participate in a so-called democratic contest for a VP position in PKR during the party’s general assembly (no doubt a de facto democratic procedure in PKR), he also wasn’t yet a ‘pimp’.

It was only after he left and started criticising the Renaissance Man of Asia that he became “a known pimp who procures women for the rich and powerful, in particular rich and powerful politicians who walk in the corridors of power”.

Hmmm, I wonder which rich and powerful politician, who then walked in the corridors of power, Nalla had procured women for?

If RPK dares to sneer at Nalla in such insulting manner, and not fear defamation, he must have a few facts up his sleeve.

Anyway, never mind – let’s get back to RPK’s diatribe against DAP.

DAP has been serially criticised as follows:

(1) The DAP suffers from Trojan Horse-itis and I am not talking about computer virus. This is virtually saying the DAP may possibly be acting as a 'musuh dalam The Opposition selimut' to screw the Opposition camp up. Considering that Lim Senior and Junior and various DAP leaders and members had chosen to live in Spartan opposition (with Junior even going to jail for an underage Malay girl who was unscrupulously ‘used’) this must surely be the most absurd accusation I have heard, but as I said, RPK is not described as a ‘brilliant strategist/tactician’ for nothing - nothing personal, it's just politics!

If I were a voter in a constituency where there is a 3-corner fight, and I hate the BN, which opposition party, DAP or PKR, would I choose?

Well, let’s see? But ... but ... but ... surely the DAP can’t be a Trojan Horse?

Why not! Look, look, look at Lee Lam Thye – didn’t RPK write “DAP too has seen people like Lee Lam Thye and others eventually leave the party to go back to work for their real boss, Barisan Nasional.”

Now I know you young voters hate LLT because AFTER RETIREMENT from politics, that former DAP man had the damn cheek to work for the government, as reminded of us by none other than RPK.

That LLT Trojan Horse is so unlike a brave resolute Anwar Ibrahim who though STILL VERY MUCH IN POLITICS but only out of the kindness of his patriotic heart had offered his help to AAB during the JB-Singapore bridge fiasco. Then I had blogged in A Bridge Too Far - Anwar Ibrahim:

Anwar has offered assistance to the government, saying he could draw from his experience in the government, including as finance minister between 1993 and 1998. That’s a fantastic CV, man.

continued: “I would not discount any possible meeting with Abdullah [AAB lah] if he were to ask my views on the issues ... like the negotiations with Singapore on the bridge and even information on the negotiations with Indonesia on border issues.”


Mind you, Anwar assured us his offer does not imply a wish to rejoin UMNO - of course not! Everyone knows the UMNO-led government always gets outsiders to negotiate with foreign governments on its behalf. Anwar said he has already decided against rejoining UMNO. Yes sir, and I hope PKR people can relax with his assurance of fidelity.

And he explained his motive for offering himself to AAB: “I will not be serving the government. But I am a Malaysian and very loyal to the country and will do my best to serve.”

Thank you Datuk.

Thank goodness loyal Malaysian Anwar is so unlike that disloyal DAP Trojan Horse LLT who dares to work for Malaysian government agencies.

(2) The DAP is “... taking the religion of the Malays as the enemy ...”, stemming from its opposition to PAS as a coalition partner that PKR has been promoting, all because of PAS’ religious ideology.

Now, if I were a Malay voter in a constituency where there is a 3-corner fight, and I hate the BN and possibly believe that the 'inner circle' of PKR is nothing more than another UMNO branch hanging out in exile until hopefully daddy calls them home, one which I really doesn’t want to vote for, but ... but ... but ... then, should I vote DAP who considers Muslims as its enemy?

(3) (And in the same breath) The DAP has an agreement with PKR and PAS. Aiyoh, didn’t RPK write "...PAS, DAP and PKR had agreed on how to carve up the state ...". Now isn’t that like a pact?

KNN, the DAP only denies it because as RPK reminded us, the Gerakan exposed this so-called agreement. And f* that kayteemoc blogger who in his previous related post Politicking amongst opposition parties had exposed the allegation of the DAP having an agreement with PAS as not true.

Sh*t, that bloody Penang blogger just cut & paste from Malaysiakini that
only DAP and PKR had agreed on the 9th January 2008 to have a united front, and in Penang only against the BN in the general election. And that PKR is yet to finalize any agreement with PAS in Penang as the one it has concluded with DAP.

(4) The DAP is being stingy against Hindraf leaders by not offering seats to at least of them who are DAP supporter.

And if I were an Indian voter in a constituency where there is a 3-corner fight, and I hate the BN, which opposition party, DAP or PKR, would I choose?

But ... but ...but ... didn’t RPK ask the same of PKR and PAS too? Ya, but which political party is the natural party for Indian opposition. Why muddy the water with PAS? Its’ that bloody DAP who is not playing ball with Hindraf – c’mon, let’s all vote for PKR.

But isn’t PKR against Indians – nah, didn’t RPK said that Nalla is a ‘pimp’ for BN!

But what about Kulasegaran? F* him, he's probably just another DAP-BN Trojan Horse lah!

I continue to admire this man’s apparently strange (but only at the surface) but in reality brilliant spin tactic leading towards a grand strategy which I, as mentioned in an earlier post, will endeavour in my amateurish way to analyze.

But … to be continued …


  1. There are many Indian and Chinese voters who will vote for PAS even if DAP opposes PAS.
    However no Malay will vote for DAP if it opposes PAS.

    DAP has done nothing to reach Malay voters. 40% of Penang's population is Malay (Source: Malaysiakini). How can DAP win in Penang without Malay support?

    RPK's suggestion will only benefit DAP.

  2. Haiyo.. what is all the fuss is about?

    It will be a true fact that the malays voters still reluctant to vote for DAP. DAP will not succeed in wining the malay votes due to their political objectives and vision.

    In fact to PKR and PAS, DAP is a liability in Malay dominant seats.

    I dont think DAP will ever succeed in gaining control of Penang.

    If they want to dream, let them DAP dream of getting Penang.UMNO and BN will play their card be telling the Malay voters that with voting DAP (with assistance from PKR) will sell Malay souls to the Chinese and all those craps.

    Will you ever think DAP will win? Forget it, the most they will get 20 seats all around Malaysia, and probably get 3-4 seats in DUN Penang.

    We can write 1,000 pages of good thing about the oppositions in the internet, but how many voters do really read political blogs?

  3. Kaytee, good comments!

    From my observations, I realized that DAP has done more for all Malaysians in all walk of life irrespective of whether they are Malay, Chinese or Indian. DAP always strive for a progressive and just Malaysia, with no political motive in helping and serving all rakyat with equal treatment for the rich and poor, the young and old, male and female, black and white.

    On the other hand, I can't help but feel that PKR and PAS always have some political agenda in serving the rakyat. Are the PKR and PAS leaders truly sincere in wanting to help and serve all rakyat with equal treatment irrespective of status, age, gender, race and religion?

    People should go for the party with the elected representatives striving for the wellbeing of the rakyat and the nations.

    Strength Honor and Justice for Malaysia

  4. Really good post, KT. The sad reality is that many believe the propaganda spewed out by the MSM and forget how quickly the coffers are being emptied as evidenced by the many scandals that have been exposed. I dare say,in any other country, these scoundrels would have been behind bars or failing which, would have been voted out pronto.

    To make matters worse, you have so called ‘brilliant strategists / tacticians’ muddying the waters further just because the people he now supports do not get their way in seat allocations.

    Do the rakyat have to listen to such spin doctors. Do the people here, to borrow a phrase from your other post, have hides as thick as a Centurion tank?

    After getting screwed left, right and centre they still they ask for more from the same bunch.


  5. kt,

    this is one of your better and more-critically thought out post. Well done.

    Indeed, RPK plays to the tune of the majority of "his constituents" - which are PAS/PKR members. In reality, who is to say which is a better opposition party?

    As an opposition, DAP has managed to stay above the racial line for most of the time, and play to the policies. This of course won't work well with majority of the pious voters out there, who believe after-life well being is more important than their children education future.

    As for PKR, they stand a very good chance to be the unifying factor amongst the opposition group. However, to be honest, their track records at the election are as poor as parti kerbau (hardly being elected). PKR is made up partly by ex-umno members who are just as bad (DSAI for example). Most importantly, apart from being "anti-government" , PKR never offer any concrete policies or governing options, unlike PAS & DAP.

    PAS, PAS is actually pretty similiar to DAP, in which it plays to only one segment of Malaysians. It has shown so far that it can govern (albeit a state with homogeneous population). PAS cannot however rule malaysia, for the same reason why DAP will fail to capture Penang or Selangor by itself.

    What's hold for the opposition? I wonder. Perhaps some devine interventions that would bring DAP & PAS policies together?