Sunday, January 27, 2008

Look out for missing Sharlinie

As thousands of police and soldiers are currently looking for Sharlinie, I feel I would let this post take its place with the rest of my posts from today, Sunday 27 January 2008. My prayers continue to be for her safe return.


  1. everytime a picture like this goes on cyberspace on some "humane caring" blog I feel ashamed and aghast at the pretensions of mankind...the adage of what one only see and hear...and fresh news

    How abou the pictures of all unsolved unknown unbothered missing persons young or old for once ? is one life more precious than the other as to be accorded special exposure.

    maybe ignorance is bliss really

    real humankind

  2. we don't claim to be able to do everything or for everyone, but we try to do the little that we can

  3. I think it should be better than doing nothing, I saw in other blogged where all the people only know cursing and blaming the criminal and using bad words. Honestly, I'm not sure if they keep doing that, are they still have the rational and can find a better way to help finding for the missing person, we not forgeting the past that's why we keep on helping anyone to prevent past history repeated.. By the way, there actually a lot of website or organisation that you only find them if you search for it, not waiting to be told so and just realise that it exist, Anyway, to the profile owner, keep up good work :)