Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim complained Royal Commission controlled by unseen hands

Once again we are blessed by the wisdom of Anwar Ibrahim. Malaysiakini reported Anwar telling us of 'Unseen hand' manipulating inquiry. He was referring to the Royal Commission on judicial issues relating to the Lingam videotape.

In Malaysia, what Anwar has revealed does not constitute a shocking revelation at all, so excuse me while I yawnnnnnnnn.

But anyway, why was he grumbling about something that’s not newsworthy, and which no doubt would have sent everyone into stifling a yawn too?

OK, so he complained that the Lingam tape inquiry’s decision not to include him as a witness was the manipulation of an ‘unseen hand’.

In fact, in a previous post I had asked How may Anwar Ibrahim shed light on Lingam tape affair?

I stated: But other than Anwar being the person ‘used’ by the informer to reveal the existence of the various segments of the videotape, what would be his role in the affair of alleged dodgy judicial appointments and alleged corruption of judges?

How may he contribute, or as he had claimed, ‘shed some light’ on the alleged scandal. Surely the videotape is self evident?

Thus I read rather greedily at what Anwar might reveal when he restated that he can provide evidence of judicial corruption if called as a witness.

He said: “I am certain that the evidence that I can give will be a significant assistance to the Haidar Commission to get the truth behind this dark patch in Malaysian judicial history.”

“Instead ... the commissioners (in particular Haidar) have chosen to fetter themselves with procedural legalities and restrictive interpretations as to what they can do and what they cannot do.”

I see! Aiyoh, those judges are terrible for following the legalities of procedures instead of taking the word of the World’s Greatest in Everything. Tsk tsk tsk, how dare they!

Reading on excitedly, I discovered the Great Man saying his ‘evidence’ was a integral part of the video as several prominent court cases, including his own, was mentioned by Lingam.

;-) well, that’s Anwar, isn’t he! (no question mark here as it’s a rhetorical question).

As for ‘unseen hands’ manipulating whatever, it’s a bit rich for him to raise such an issue when he … (to know more, read my following posts):

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  1. Dei, Anwar, what unseen hands? Even a week-old baby can see the hands!

  2. KTEMOC, you must be one of the running dogs of UMNO. Or even paid by UMNO. So I am not surprised by your remarks and comments. You guys are like parasites. Traitor to this country.

  3. unseen hands mah, like magician. now you see the rabbit, now you don't. acradacabra! kazoom!

    give him a break, he is trying to clean up the judiciary. perhaps he is also motivated by selfish reasons, at least there is some greater good here.

  4. are you afraid like the RCI of anwar's "revelations" if any.

    "Anyone can come forward" according to Haidar..that was when the RCI was formed. So if he wants to speak let him speak. And if his revelations is irrelevant ..expunge it.

  5. What is the purpose of fixing judicial appointments if the ultimate aim is not to fix judicial verdict? I hope the BN or Abdullah government will not make Malaysians the laughing stock of the world. If this RCI is not handled professionally, our credit rating will be even lower than that of Zimbabwe, Congo and the likes. Mahathir has no moral ground to be critical of the current administration as his administration is the main source of the current problems inherited by Abdullah administration. This RCI should be the platform to expose all the ills during Mathathir administration. I think Mahathir's tactic now is to threaten Abdullah so that this case and all other scandals created by Mahathir will not be pursued or exposed. This is the main reason of the renewed attack on Abdullah recently. If Abdullah will to go full force and without fear and favor in exposing the shit left behind by Mahathir, he and BN will command greater mandate from the people in the next election.