Sunday, July 31, 2005

China Breaking the US Strategic Encirclement Plans

As blogged previously, a Central Asian regional organisation, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, led by Russia and China, had called for the US to withdraw its military assets from the region, namely the "-stan" nations.

This is part of the strategic struggle (oil and military encirclement) between the USA and China, the latter being supported now by a Russia worried about an American busybody right in her own backyard.

Uzbekistan has now told the US military to leave Karshi-Khanabad air base, commonly known as K2, an important staging point in Uzbekistan for American military operations in Afghanistan, and unsaid, a listening post on China and southern Russia.

What is also not said has been persistant strategic US manoeuvres and diplomatic-military alliances to encircle its perceived Nemesis, China, by forming alliances/friendships of all sorts with a number of nations like Uzbekistan, Krygyzstan, Afghanistan, maybe Pakistan, India, (hopefully but unlikely) Nepal, Vietnam, Taiwan and Japan - maybe South Korea is no longer interested in the Anerican game because of growing economic ties with China and the wretched North Korean issue?

The American media attributed the expulsion of its military by Uzbekistan to Bush questioning President Islam Karin on his slaughter of Uzbek protestors recently, but as most people recalled, Washington had been conspicuously silent and tap dancing around that human rights issue. Saying that the Americans were expelled because of a human rights stand would be putting on the best brave face.

I reckon China and Russia had exerted a combination of diplomatic pressure, aid, and unreserved support of the regime, which now sees the USA being kicked out.

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