Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Blair: Subservient Pillion Rider to USA

Contrary to the obstinate rejection by Tony Blair that there is no link with the July 7 bombings, a highly respected British think-tank, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, concluded in a report that the war in Iraq popularised al-Qaeda, helping its recruitment, fundraising and propaganda. Worst of all for the Brits, it puts Britain in the unenviable position of being a target for suicide bombing activities.

The report is appropriately entitled "Riding Pillion for Tackling Terrorism is a High-risk Policy." Guess who is the stupid pillion rider?

The report criticised severely the British government's anti-terrorism strategy. The findings condemned Britain for being just an obedient back seat passenger to the USA in the latter's aggressions around the world, instead of insisting on being an equal decision maker.

Because of this subservience, Britain was at particular risk from the perception that it is a collaborator of the USA. Where the USA has troops occupying foreign sovereign nations like Afghanistan and Iraq, Britain would be there as well, like a good pillion rider.

Ever since Tony Blair became prime minister, Great Britain has not been so great anymore, seemingly having lost its independent voice on foreign policy. It just toes the American line faithfully.

By contrast, in the terrible Vietnam War, Britain has consistently and wisely refused to participate in that conflict, the most traumatic and far reaching lesson for America. Losing that war continues today to influence American foreign-military policies, doctrine and strategic deployment.

Needless to say, the Blair cabinet is in damage control, and has dug in deep, to chant the old mantra about the eternal fight against terrorism. But it neglected to ask who has been the terrorist.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw echoed Blair by rejecting the claim that there is a link between the London bombing and the British presence in Iraq. Maybe he believes that those terrorists hated roast beef and Yorkshire pudding? But we need to be aware that the British government can't afford now to admit it made the most stupid foreign policy decision by hitching its wagon to the American plummeting star, and for what British interest?

British Defence Secretary John Reid declared "The idea that somehow by running away from the school bully then the bully will not come after you is a thesis known to be completely untrue by every kid in the playground. And it’s refuted by every piece of historical evidence that we have.”

Yawnnn, the same old story, though of course he’s right if he only pauses for a moment to reflect who has been the global bully?

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