Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Schapelle Corby Defence - Asking for a Miracle

I feel sorry for Schapelle Corby because her lawyer gives me the impression that he expects the Australian government to do all the hardyards for her defence.

First, he demands the Howard government produces witnesses from Australia who can support her story that someone put the marijuana in her luggage before she left for Bali.

Does he mean anyone willing to confess will do, regardless of whether they are the actual culprits? Maybe that’s why he also wants the Australian government to provide impunity for these witnesses.

Heck, this means anyone can just walk in from the street and says “I am the culprit. Now, free Corby” and after that, walks away free. Could this be the envisaged scenario?

He has basically asked for all the impossible.

That’s why I feel sorry for Corby. I have hesitated blogging on Corby recently because there has been no new development, other than these BS demands.

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