Saturday, July 23, 2005

US Military in Iraq: We're OK, But We're Screwed!

Amazing. As the media put it, the US military department has given itself a pat on its back.

According to the Pentagon, it’s a case of ‘eight bells and all’s well’ in the land of the 2 rivers. It told US Congress that progress toward establishing democracy in Iraq is all honky dory despite the insurgent wolves at the doorsteps.

Only snag is it refuses to provide an estimate to Congress as to when the US could withdraw its 130,000 plus troops from the self-created hell in the Middle East.

The Pentagon’s director of strategic plans for the Joint Chiefs of Staff stated that specific measuring tools are useful in gauging the combat capabilities of Iraqi forces. From those tools, the Pentagon would be able to estimate when the Iraqis can stand on its own, and accordingly plan its withdrawl. However, it refuses to publicly disclose specific data, even to Congress. It claimed that "The enemy's knowledge of such details would put both Iraqi and coalition forces at increased risk."

Essentially, it has admitted so much already to the infuriated Democrat Congressmen that they (both Americans and Iraqis, especially the latter) are so screwed the true details cannot be disclosed.

Iraq’s Phantom Army vs Insurgents

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