Thursday, July 21, 2005

London Underground Explosions - Copycat?

From the Times:

"Large parts of London were cordoned off after the bombs, including University College Hospital, near Warren Street, where armed police reportedly chased a man - thought to be a bomber - into the building."

"Soon afterwards, an internal memo was circulated among hospital staff asking them to be on the alert for a black or Asian man, 6ft 2ins in height, wearing a blue top with a hole in the back with wires protruding from it. "

"A press spokesman for the hospital confirmed that armed officers were inside. The incident is continuing."

In the news I don’t like the sound of the reference to “casualty numbers (note plural) being low. So far only 1 injured has been confirmed.

Experts believed that the minor nature of the blasts could be a copycat attempt (3 trains and a bus?), in sympathy with the earlier group, or purely to cause panic. Obviously they have succeeded in the latter objective.

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