Monday, July 25, 2005

Schapelle Corby Defence - One Confession Too Many

John Ford, an Australian convict flown across to Bali to testify for Schapelle Corby in her initial trial, averred in court that while in prison he heard a couple of other convicts named the man responsible for the marijuana in Corby’s boogies bag. In other words, Ford provided hearsay evidence of another piece of hearsay evidence.

He must have eventually named the villain as former prisoner Ron Vigenser.

Because now Visenger claims he has been
bashed by men who want him to give evidence in Schapelle Corby’s appeal. He was beaten with a lump of timber in Melbourne late last week, resulting in facial wounds.

Vigenser said he knows nothing about the marijuana.

He related how two men beat him up and threatened him with dire consequences if he didn’t own up to save Corby.

Vigenser told a TV programme that he had been a target for abuse since he was named as the bloke who placed the marijuana in Corby’s boogie bag. He is being ostracized by Melbourne restaurants and those members of the public who recognize him.

Meanwhile, Corby's Indonesian lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea
claimed that a Sydney drug ring member has agreed to testify via video-link to a Bali court that Corny was done in by the corrupt airport baggage handlers in Australia. But the witness wants immunity from prosecution.

So we have Vigenser of Melbourne and a mystery witness from Sydney who both were responsible for Schapelle Corby's sorry case of being caught with marijuana in Bali.

With the Corby’s story, it’s an eternal circus (not circle).


  1. Even if she's guilty, no woman should have to suffer in a Muslim jail. They suffer enough in Muslim society.

  2. Indonesia is a secular country - please understand that while the majority of the population are Muslims, the nation's constitution upholds secularity. Their national ideology, the Pancasila, does not subscribe to any specific religion, save Ketuhanan yg Maha Esa, the one and almighty God.

    If in the appeal, Corby is found guilty again, she remains in jail. If she is not, she will be set free.