Thursday, July 28, 2005

US plays the Indian Card

India as the world’s largest democracy and an undeclared but nevertheless nuclear-capable state has also chaffed at the unequal treatment the West, especially the USA, had doled out to her. To make matters worse, the USA has over the decades favoured rogue state Pakistan, India’s archenemy, over the democratic nation because Pakistan demonstrated her willingness to come under America’s umbrella or behave as her ally.

Now, the USA has opened up her nuclear technology to India, accepting the Asian nation as an “equal” of sorts.


Because the USA wants to use India as a counterfoil against China, whom the Americans feared. In other words, the new US friendliness to India came with a motive, to ‘deploy’ an up and coming Asian power against another. As far as the Americans are concerned, there is no such thing as a free meal.

Will India, a nation with a consistent non-aligned political doctrine since her independence, a founding member of the Bandung Conference, play ball with the Americans? Will she just take the American N-technology and say ‘thank you, but no thanks’, or will she be seduced by her new American-elevated status and gravitate towards the western camp?

Russia, India’s best friend through the latter’s difficult years of non-aligned neglect, is also watching the new American startegic development.

The Americans are at it again – for their own interests of course.

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  1. idiot American government. Always so self-centered.

    In retrospect, the British were so much more magmanimous. They colonized, but it's hard to argue that they did bring a lot of progress in law, governance and economics to all the Commonwealth countries.