Monday, July 11, 2005

Prince of Darkness Revealed!

It’s confirmed. Washington’s Prince of Darkness, Karl Rove was the source that revealed the identity of a covert CIA agent to the US media.

Newsweek magazine said Robert Luskin, who is Rove’s lawyer, confirmed that Rove told Time magazine about former ambassador Joseph Wilson and his wife, CIA agent Valerie Plame.

As we all are aware, the Bush camp was pissed off with Wilson because he refuted Bush’s lies about Saddam buying uranium cake from Niger.

Wilson wrote in the New York Times he was sent by the CIA in 2002 to investigate the Administration's claim that Iraq was trying to buy uranium from Niger, a claim which Bush used to justify going to war in Iraq. Wilson said he found no evidence to support the claim.

So, they decided to fix Wilson by dobbing on his wife’s identity, and f**k America and the CIA – no one buggers the Bush Administration.

The act of revealing a covert CIA operative’s name is a federal offence in the USA, but with the President right beside him, Rove is virtually untouchable.

God better bless America.

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