Saturday, September 30, 2023

Ukraine War is a catalyst in changing the world. How should we be prepared?

 From 'Murmurs of the Heart' blog:

The Ukraine War will be remembered as a key event that is changing the world's order. 

Looking back, the Western civilization has been the center of world's power for thousands of years since the collapse of Islamic empire.

The world benefited immensely with principles of separation of power, rule of law, freedom of speech and etc. Wealth and standard of living increased greatly. 

This has also helped to spread Western influence deep, far and wide throughout the world, in almost all aspects of life like economy, trade education, media and etc.

Unfortunately, over time, greed takes control. There is now blatant abuse of power. Those who do not conform to the ruling elites are punished, be it, individuals, companies and other countries.

Many are disgruntled but chose to stay mostly silent as they do not want to bear the brunt of being punished. Yet deep inside, many harbour the desire to be more independent.  

The Ukraine War is changing this.

Russia is putting a strong resistance against Ukraine and the collective Western power. They seem to be gaining the upper hand as war drags on. The overwhelming power of the collective West which has until now been undisputed, seems at least vulnerable at some point.  

The war is coming into the second year, while it was assumed at the start that Russia would crumble in two weeks and Putin would be ousted internally. 

The strength and influence of the collective West is waning. Many countries that condemned Russia initially are now openly defying the demands of the collective West to punish Russia. They are choosing a more independent path.

The Ukraine War is a catalyst that is changing the world order. The collective West is getting weaker, Russia stronger and other countries more independent in charting their own paths. 

How should we be prepared for what is coming?


  1. It's also a direction where the Yank is exercising tactics in weakening his rivals via proxies - blurred, chained or paid.

    No more wasting Yankee life's in foreign military endeavours as in the Korean war, Vietnam war, Afghanistan invasion etc etc.

  2. "it was assumed at the start that Russia would crumble in two weeks and Putin would be ousted internally. "
    What a lot of KTEMOC crap.
    He's hoping his readers Mudah Lupa, but I haven't.
    Remember the 100 km-long Russian convoy that was going to crush Kyiv ?
    Ktemoc was celebrating it in one of his early posts.
    In fact , much of the World, including the West assumed Ukraine would collapse in matter of weeks , even possibly days.
    American aid for Ukraine has always been too little, too late. Whether it is anti-tank missiles (most only delivered After Russkis started invading), Manpads, SAM, tanks.
    The only event the Bidin team fears more than a Ukrainian defeat is a Russian humiliated defeat.
    The wargamers who run through the simulations have concluded a humiliating Russian military collapse in Ukraine would likely lead to a collapse of the Russian State.
    We would have decades of Russian Warlord wars, aka Libyan or 1910-1930s China, but armed with Hydrogen bombs.

    1. Mmmmm… that Russian convoy readily to march into Kyiv!

      Mfer, how about a perspective that u have chosen to ignore.

      Putin had mentioned many a time that he nested no intention to conquer Ukraine as a whole. Thus crashing Kyiv was never in the agenda of the special military operation.

      That was a Yankee/NATO propaganda lie used to inveigle the Europe transient fear of a marauding Russia.

      That convoy stopped short of advancing into Kyiv while waiting for further commands from Moscow.

      Putin made an altruistic Slavic fraternal mistake of allowing a 'second chance for Kyiv to reconsider those offending mistakes (joining NATO, maintaining Donbass autonomous etc etc). If one looks deeper into Russia/Ukraine history, one would find many similar compassion for the Slavic Ukraine by the Russia!

      The 2nd chance was the 1st & 2nd bilateral negotiations in Turkey. In fact a signed deal was structured such that Putin ordered the convoy to return to their respective bases.

      Yet with the last minute intervention of the pommie Boris, that blurred comedian was conned into believong that US/NATO would FULLY back the military struggles of Ukraine against Russia.

      One of the key Ukrainian negotiator was assassinated & black mouthed as traitor to Ukrainian sovereignt by FISU.

      Ooop… I'm not here to educate a blurred know nothing fart who likes to read/quote fart chamber materials!

      "We would have decades of Russian Warlord wars, aka Libyan or 1910-1930s China, but armed with Hydrogen bombs"

      Mfer, haven't u realised by now that yr idol, USofA, fits perfectly that war raging warlord?

      Perhaps, everything master did fit it f*cking thinking!