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Kelantan used to be a center of prostitution until it was called the 'Paris of Malaya' in the 1950s

Kelantan used to be a center of prostitution until it was called the 'Paris of Malaya' in the 1950s

Asyiqin Razak
Asia’s Innovative Writer Award 20/21.

Paris of Malaya which means the city of prostitutes in Kelantan. Source of image:

Who would have guessed that Kelantan, often known as the State of Serambi Mecca, was previously Malaya's greatest prostitute hotspot?

There is no doubt that religious studies and cottage schools flourished at the time, but prostitution was also prevalent, so much so that Kelantan was dubbed the "Paris of Malaya." So, what gives it that name?

According to, it was alleged in the early 1950s that prostitution facilities were very common in Kelantan and that some of these prostitutes were trained as young as 12 years old. These people are from the Malay Peninsula, not just Kelantan. You're probably wondering how these prostitutes emerge. This symptom appears because adolescent marriage leads to divorce at a young age, pushing them into the valley of prostitution.

Named the Paris of Malaya because Paris was also renowned as the metropolis of prostitutes at the time, but Parisians were furious when contrasted to Kelantan. They claim Paris is still a culturally rich city, but if you want to talk about the city of prostitutes, London is much better.

Nik Mohamed Ali, a committee member, has reported the pervasive problem of prostitution since youngsters get caught up in it. He proposed that the government (Majlis Agama Islam Kelantan) instead of punishing prostitutes, provide them with alternative employment possibilities.

When the PAS took control of Kelantan on October 21, 1990, Islam flourished much more. Many initiatives were executed during Tok Guru Nik Aziz's leadership of Kelantan, earning the state the moniker "The Government Leading Change." He has closed gaming establishments and movie theatres in Kelantan, and hotels and businesses are not permitted to sell or serve alcohol in public places because it will lead us to the Valley of Immorality.

As a result, the 1998 State Entertainment Control Enactment was enacted in order to incorporate Islamic values into all performances while also avoiding superstitious and superstitious behaviours such as wayang kulit entertainment, makyong, princess play, and so on.

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