Saturday, September 30, 2023

Sikit-Sikit Ada Baik, Ramai-Ramai Kurang Baik


Saturday, September 30, 2023

Sikit-Sikit Ada Baik, Ramai-Ramai Kurang Baik


 Please read my comments.



My Comments :

Bangla jadi Perdana Menteri? Too late. Kerala sudah first. 

Well Bangla Bhai, di mana bumi dipijak di sana langit di junjung. 

In Bangla, Google translate says :

যেখানে পৃথিবী পদদলিত হয় সেখানে আকাশ সমুন্নত থাকে

The solution to his anger is simple just go back and cut grass in Bangladesh. Go back and sweep the drains in Bangladesh. Go back and work in the factories in Bangladesh. Why aggravate yourself bhai?

The same thing I say to all those "Mozlems" who run away from their shithole countries and escape with their lives (literally) to Europe and other western countries. Once they arrive in the West they start cursing and complaining because they cannot fit into modern society (I refrain from using western society).

Then they start demanding for things like sharia law which they never ever had even in their own countries back home. Very confused.

But lets talk a bit more not only about the Banglas but also Arabs, Pakistanis and other migrants who are here now. Lets compare to the other immigrant communities we have in our country the Chinese and Indians. What is the difference?

The difference is history, communications and putting down roots.

Unlike the Banglas, Arabs, Pakistanis etc the Chinese and Indians have a very long history in these regions. Chinese and Indians, especially Tamils have been populating South East Asia for a very long time in history.

The oldest and still functioning Chinese temple in the country is 378 years old. 
The oldest and still functioning Hindu temple in the country is 242 years old. 
The oldest and still functioning Tamil Muslim mosque is 275 years old. 
The oldest Christian church in Malaysia is 502 years old.
An entire Hindu civilisation existed in Kedah dating back more than 2,500 years.

So there is a very long history.

However due to distances, poor communications, wars, difficulties, out of their own choice etc the immigrant Chinese and Indians laid down roots in South East Asia. In Thailand and the Philippines you almost cannot differentiate the Chinese from the local peoples.  

Many Indians in Malaya, especially Muslims, married into the local populations and can still be differentiated by their mixed DNA. You can say they really put their roots down.

For a vast majority of them migration was a one way ticket. Otherwise we will not have the tens of millions of Chinese throughout South East Asia or the millions of Indians in Malaysia (exact numbers not known because the Census does not count things right).

Today it is entirely different. Today the Bangla, Pakistan, Arab fellows are on WhatApp video call with their families back home on a daily basis. Free of charge. My Bangla grass cutter can tell me exactly how much cow's milk his father sells on a daily basis. Then there is Fly By Night airlines which can take the Banglas home for a holiday for less than a month's grass cutting salary.   

So they are not here on a one way ticket. The links with home are intact and very strong. The constant communication with their own people, their own society and their home country neutralises the pull factor to stay here.

There is also something else going on. Economic prospects in Malaysia are deteriorating vis a vis their own countries. Many Indonesians have gone home never to return. They can make a living in Indonesia. Same with Bangladesh. Manufacturing is taking off in Bangladesh - although it is only one industry, textiles. But opportunities are growing and Bangladesh's per capita GDP now exceeds that of Pakistan. So there are strong pull factors back home that negate staying here in Malaysia permanently. 

There is no quick solution to the huge immigrant workforce in Malaysia. Locals do not want to work. Some university girls came to do housecleaning (with a housemaid company). Very enterprising I thought. But they quit after two visits. Too much tension? Penat? The part time Indon maid does a wonderful job - for over two years now. 

Yesterday I was watching a young fellow loading a delivery lorry. He closed only one door at the back of the lorry and left the other door swinging open. And they took off down the road. Of course they had to pull over again and fix the swinging door. They did not kill any motorcyclists. The Banglas dont make such mistakes.

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