Friday, September 29, 2023

American CIA Pouring Fuel In Our Waters. They Are Already Making Fools Of Our Boys.


Friday, September 29, 2023

American CIA Pouring Fuel In Our Waters. They Are Already Making Fools Of Our Boys.


A few days ago when I first read this report by Murray Hunter I was quite shocked. Actually terkejut tergempak. For the first time ever detailed and obviously top secret and classified information about a joint CIA and Research Division covert operation were being made public. 

At first I thought Murray Hunter was going to get into hot soup for divulging classified information.  Then I read that Murray Hunter has taken the information from an Indonesian website

"According to Darilaut.ID and other sources, the Research Division of the Prime Minister’s Department, also known as the Malaysian External Intelligence Organization (MEIO) is undertaking joint operations with the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)"

Click here to read Murray Hunter's original article in full.  

Malaysia Today (click here) has also reproduced this story.

I realised straight away that the CIA is already making fools of our boys. Rest assured that it was the CIA who leaked all this information to that Indonesian website about this joint operation by the CIA/Malaysia in the South China Sea. (I dont think our Research boys leaked the information - which would be a serious offence).

CIA 1 - Research 0.

Here is the shortened version of Murray Hunter's article:




Research Division aka Malaysian External Intelligence Organization (MEIO) 
joint ops with US CIA in South China Sea adjacent to Sarawak
to maintain Malaysian sovereignty in disputed areas 

continue US operations to enforce ‘rules based order’

Chinese incursions into disputed territories 
tension between China and United States 
for Malaysia covers surveillance needs 
support from P-----s, and S'wak Coast Guard 

(OSTB : support? This means we paid for the ops. Duit kita lah. Kita bayar. CIA's covert ops but using our taxpayers money. Banyak cantik. Tell the CIA to pay for their own covert ops.)

CIA 2 - Research 0.

to track Chinese, Vietnamese and Philippine vessels
Markers set on P-----s sea platforms
markers laid by China, Vietnam removed
(OSTB : So we are in cahoots with the CIA to conduct surveillance on our ASEAN neighbours Vietnam and the Philippines as well)
defence minister said deploying more than naval forces to undertake surveillance 
Ops Hadir joint ops Research Division and CIA carrying out direct activities 
rather than maritime, military and coast guard usually responsible

(OSTB : What do you mean by "more than naval forces"? So how much more money was spent? Duit kita lah. Kita bayar. CIA's covert ops but using our taxpayers money. Tell the CIA to pay for their own covert ops. )

Research/CIA activities through third parties 
such as S'wak Forestry Dept, general aviation contractors (?)
program with US to protect Malaysian sovereignty
for US part of their containment of China  
for US important that Malaysia assisting its defence policy
Similar operations going on in Philippines with Philippines govt
(OSTB : Do you seriously believe that the Americans care about Malaysian sovereignty? You cannot be that naieve brader. The CIA has now "recruited" Malaysia to assist in American defense policy against China. So that the USA can  enforce their ‘rules based order’.  That is what they have done). 
CIA 3 - Research 0.
covert ops known to Chinese through infiltration of PM's Dept by United Front  
and their surveillance of South China Sea to confirm their HUMINT in Malaysia

OSTB :  Alamak! United Front in the PM's Department!! Really?

Folks, the United Front refers to the Communist Party of Malaya's formation of the "united front" government in Singapore with Lee Kuan Yew's PAP from 1959 to 1961. Refer  "The Open United Front: The Communist Struggle In Singapore, 1954-1966 by Lee Teng Hui".

Ini cerita lama-lah, from Singapore during the time of the Malayan Emergency from 1948 to 1960. I think some half-baked CIA analyst from the University of Texas or Louisiana State wrote that up, after a quick trip to the Malayan Emergency section at the CIA library.  There is no more "united front" in Singapore or in Putrajaya. 

This is just the CIA trying to stir up "anti-China" shit. Do not forget  almost one third of our population are also Chinese - who are loyal, hard working and taxpaying citizens. 

CIA 4 - Research 0.

small investment in Ops Hadir yielded great diplomatic results
Malaysia may not have achieved without the operation
Ops Hadir more advantageous to M'sian govt than US anticipated

(OSTB : Really? You think so? I am sure the CIA wrote up this one too)

Wa Akhirul Kalam  : To the Research people, you have a duty to protect our sovereignty and our territorial integrity. I am not going to tell you how to go about doing this.

But bear in mind that the CIA is the Great Satan. You mess with them they will really mess you up. They will mess all of us up.

They have only one interest in mind - their own interests. 

If you think that the CIA cares about our sovereignty or our territorial integrity then you must be dumber than you cannot have possibly thought.

For those of you who are interested please click on this link and read about the exact same covert ops the CIA is undertaking against China together with Philippine President Marcos Jr.

  • And rest assured the CIA is also helping the Filipinos conduct covert surveillance on Malaysia.
  • Just like the CIA is helping Malaysia conduct covert surveillance on the Philippines.

The CIA is just stirring up shit everywhere. Jangan jadi bodoh tau.


  1. A lot of Bullshit.
    Malaysia has had good security cooperation, including on intelligence matters with the USA since Merdeka in 1957.

    1. & how many times have m'sia been outplayed as a sidekick puppy?

      Ooop… guess u would never bother!