Saturday, September 30, 2023

Kacang lupa kulit

Guardian (extracts):

Kacang lupa kulit

‘In Washington DC, Suella Braverman railed against migration and multiculturalism.’ Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

... the most toxic departure from what should be unshakeable conservative values came in a speech delivered in Washington DC on Tuesday by Suella Braverman. The home secretary railed against migration and multiculturalism, describing the first as “an existential challenge” and the second as a failure. Naturally, liberals deplored it. But a genuine conservative would have been just as shocked.

Because Braverman had in her sights not just asylum seekers, but the European convention on human rights and the United Nations refugee convention of 1951. (She especially dislikes the way those documents protect gay people and women who fear discrimination.) These are binding agreements, treaty obligations entered into by the UK – and yet, when asked if the government would consider breaking from them if it did not get its way, Braverman refused to say that Britain would honour its commitments. Instead, she said the government would do “whatever is required”.

That violates what should be another core conservative principle: the rule of law. Talk to today’s disenchanted or former Tories and they’ll insist that even when Margaret Thatcher was at her least conservative, radically tearing up the postwar settlement, she had an unbending respect for the law.

She would hardly recognise this government, in which the likes of Braverman – like Thatcher, a lawyer herself – are ready to break commitments enshrined in law, domestic or international. Recall the unlawful prorogation of parliament or Brandon Lewis’s cheerful admission to the house that the internal market bill would “break international law in a very specific and limited way”. It’s tempting to think these were excesses of the Boris Johnson era, now passed. But Braverman’s speech – and Sunak’s indulgence of it – are proof that that sorry chapter has not ended.

Indeed, Sunak’s failure to defend the Commons, by refusing to cast a vote of censure against Johnson’s lies to the house, points to one more torching of conservative principle. Conservatives are meant to protect the sovereignty of parliament. Instead, they have made a mockery of it.


kt comments:

Suella Braverman's parents are Indian migrants (Dad from Goa and a Christian whilst Mum was from Kenya and a Hindu). Suella is currently the Home Secretary for Britain and is very very very much right-wing.

Amazingly, for a child of migrants to Britain, she rails against migrants, migration and multiculturalism. She was quoted as taking a hardline approach to immigration.

Memang kacang lupa kulit, and talking about kulit, well ... wakakaka she is not unlike our RTA, Amin!


  1. For this orang putih palsu terlampau putih, it's a given that she bears such an attitude on topics related to eugenics!

    I forward a guess - these ex-Indians ( not only in country of origin but also in ethnicity) alway have that caste hierarchy imbedded within their subconsciousness.

    The higher ups r always looking down on the lower downs.

    This subliminal Dark Psychological behaviour has evolved within these indians into a voluntary mind action when dealing with people they consider not of their par. It has passed the original caste indentation of blood related opportunities!

  2. In the Woke Left-Wing Wanker environment today, the migrant proponents usually refuse to differentiate between Legal migrants who go through proper channels, and illrgal migrants who are swarming over throug in boats or in the case of the USA, through the river.
    There is no kacang lupakan kulit for Suella Braverman, whose parents were legal migrants, and the illegals swarming over the borders, overwhelming the British social structure.
    It is also hypocritical for China lovers to criticise Britain, which has done much, much more than its fair share on refugees, compared to SUPER RICH CHINA, which contributes practically ZILCH to mitigating the world refugee crisis.

  3. Wow…

    "RICH CHINA, which contributes practically ZILCH to mitigating the world refugee crisis"

    Mfer, who created the situations for the refugees to flee their homeland, especially those illegal one?

    China has done it's BEST to distinguish the source of the refugee cause. & it's the ONLY way to not to create refugees allover the globe!

    In yr f*cking mind, yr refugees r voluntary illegal migrants!

    Perhaps that's how u have learnt from those orang putih palsu terlampau putih, such as Suella Braverman bitch.

    Ooop… deep down u too r that orang putih wannabe!