Thursday, September 28, 2023



Thursday, September 28, 2023



The Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is becoming well known as the bungling kid pretending to be a Prime Minister. Trudeau frequently gets into foot-in-the-mouth situations at international forums and with other world leaders.

At the UN General Assembly recently Trudeau was completely ignored by China's Xi Xinping although Trudeau was seated just beside Xinping (in alphabetical order). I believe last year Trudeau "leaked" out confidential details of a discussion he had had with Xi Xinping which embarrassed China. Xi Xinping later directly confronted Trudeau in public (at another summit meeting) and scolded Trudeau in public about his indiscretion. Trudeau replied quite stupidly that Canada believed in freedom of speech or some crap like that (implying China did not). Xi Xinping has ignored Trudeau since then.

Most recently Trudeau has also got into a fight with India and Modi.  Over the past two weeks India has almost cancelled diplomatic relations with Canada. The Indian mission in Canada has stopped processing visas for Canadians wishing to travel to India. (This is from social media).

Trudeau had publicly accused the Indian government of murdering a pro-Khalistan activist living in Canada. Trudeau had also named an Indian diplomat in Canada as being an Indian intelligence agent involved in the plot and then expelled him from Canada. 

India has denied these allegations strongly and then expelled the top Canadian diplomat from India.

Then Canada has also played host to Ukrainian president Vlodimir Zelenskiye who was invited to the Canadian Parliament.  

To "commemorate" the moment Trudeau also invited Yaroslav Hunka, a 98 year old Ukrainian veteran of the Second World War who has become a Canadian citizen since around 1945. It has now become known that Yaroslav Hunka was not only a Nazi soldier serving the German Nazis in WW2 but he was a member of the murderous and notoriously brutal Waffen SS (Death's head) 14th Galicia Division. Hunka's unit certainly did shoot, murder, rape and torture people, including Jews, during his time in the Waffen SS.

How did Yaroslav Hunka get into Canada you may ask? After the war, about 30,000 Ukrainian "refugees" were admitted into Canada. Among this group were about 2,000 Ukrainian Nazi SS soldiers.  (Some say up to 14,000 were Nazis soldiers running away from prosecution and from lynch mobs). In total over 250,000 Ukrainians fought for Nazi Germany in WW2.

Needless to say this episode has caused Justin Trudeau serious embarrassment again. Anthony Rota the Speaker of the Canadian Parliament who invited the Nazi soldier Yaroslav Hunka has resigned. Here is a short video about this bungle in Canada.



Yaroslav Hunka (Ukrainian: Ярослав Гунька; born c. 1925) is a Ukrainian-Canadian World War II veteran of the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician), a military formation of Nazi Germany.[a] Born in Urman, then part of the Second Polish Republic, Hunka volunteered for SS Galizien in 1943. He immigrated to Canada as a displaced person after the conclusion of the war, and is currently retired and lives in North Bay, Ontario.

In 2023, Hunka made international headlines after he was invited to the House of Commons of Canada by speaker Anthony Rota to be recognized and received two standing ovations from all house members, including Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and visiting Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Later, Hunka's identity as a former Waffen-SS member was revealed by the media, causing Rota to resign five days later, and Canadian government officials apologized to the worldwide Jewish community.


  1. He's not a bungler.
    It's just that Western countries like Canada are far too nice paying attention to such sensitivities.

    Russia and China, caught out in such objectionable behaviour would have just given a middle finger I DON'T GIVE A DAMN - FUCK YOU

    1. Wakakakaka…

      "far too nice paying attention to such sensitivities"

      Just likening to a fart chamber dweller never smell the real 'fragrance' that he/she breadth in!

      Must maintain that outwardly cultured face for its masterly fart!