Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Peng Shuai case - Lovers' spat?


Squeaky-clean Zhang Gaoli accused of drawing Peng Shuai into ‘toxic’ relationship

Austere former vice premier allegedly forced Chinese athlete into sex after tennis match while wife ‘stood guard outside’

Despite former vice premier Zhang Gaoli (pictured right in 2015) boasting a relatively clean record, the 75-year-old politician has been accused of sexual misconduct by tennis champion Peng Zhuai (pictured left in 2017), who once wrote in a text message to the Chinese official: ‘You were always afraid that I would hide a tape recorder… You will certainly deny it, or else, you will go so far as to attack me.’ – AFP pic, November 23, 2021

BEIJING − With his clean record and the austere air of a Chinese Communist Party cadre, nothing seemed to indicate Zhang Gaoli would − at the age of 75 − find himself embroiled in a sex scandal with global repercussions.

The former vice premier (2013-18) has been accused by tennis champion Peng Shuai − in a message promptly censored on Chinese social networks − of forcing her to have sex during a long-term on-off relationship.

The tennis world has expressed concern about the fate of the player, who was not seen in public for three weeks after making the allegations in early November.

Zhang has not appeared in public view and has not responded to the claims.

Born in 1946 in Jinjiang, in the south-eastern province of Fujian, Zhang rose through the party ranks to finally serve for five years on the Politburo Standing Committee, which counts President Xi Jinping among its seven members at the apex of Chinese power.

As the lowest-ranking member of the ruling circle − considered number seven in the country − Zhang oversaw major infrastructure projects but kept a low profile.

“He remained quite colourless” during these five years, said political analyst Willy Lam of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

“He hasn’t distinguished himself in any particular aspect and he isn’t associated with any particular achievement.”

Before he stepped down in 2018, Zhang was head of a working group on preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics, which open next February.

In this capacity, he received International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach in June 2016.

It was Thomas who spoke with Peng on Sunday, in a video call in which she said she was fine.

Zhang was considered close to premier Li Keqiang and, in particular, former president Jiang Zemin (1993-2003), who − despite being 95 years old − retains some influence in the corridors of power at the head of the so-called Shanghai faction.

“(Zhang) was able to climb up the hierarchy because of the patronage of powerful leaders,” Willy told AFP.

Zhang has been discreet about his successes and has not been implicated in corruption scandals − unlike many Chinese officials with links to large companies.

“His record is relatively clean,” Willy said.

An economics graduate, Zhang spent much of his career in a state firm in the oil sector in the wealthy southern province of Guangdong.

It was there that his political ascent began − first as deputy governor of the province (1988), then as party chief in the boom town of Shenzhen, on the border with Hong Kong (1997).

He went on to become governor of the eastern province of Shandong and then served as party secretary for the northern municipality of Tianjin.

It was there that he first had an intimate relationship with Peng − 40 years his junior − around 2011, according to a message attributed to the tennis star.

Then three years ago − after she had played in a tennis match − Peng alleges Zhang forced her into sex at his home and that his wife knew about it and “stood guard outside”.

In her message, Peng acknowledged her feelings for Zhang, saying their “personalities match up” and reproached him for drawing her into a toxic, secret relationship.

“You were always afraid that I would hide a tape recorder,” she wrote. “You will certainly deny it, or else, you will go so far as to attack me.”

They remained lovers until an argument a few days before Peng posted her allegations on the Twitter-like Weibo, according to her message. – AFP, November 23, 2021


  1. Perverts exist in every society ; however, the absolute power inherent in an authoritarian regime is a superb breeding ground for perverts and abusers of power.

    1. Wakakakakaka…

      Right words, wrong definition!

      Benevolent socialism vis-a-via elitist capitalism - which one breed true bloodsucking authoritarianism?

      To a genuflecting mfer, everything is wrong with socialism while capitalism has been put onto the altar to be worship no end!

      Can u rephrase yr f*cked line of

      "Perverts exist in every society ; however, the absolute power inherent in an authoritarian regime is a superb breeding ground for perverts and abusers of power."

      by emphasizing yr twisted understanding of a superb breeding ground?

  2. I agree with the commenter monsterball above, its like the Epstein case with a bunch of young girls harem serving the politically powerful in a fair democracy state(we know how he end up) or the Mongolian lady who got bomb nearer to our home isnt it.

    1. So, what kind of political administrative systems rule in yr mentioned case?

      "fair democracy state(we know how he end up)"

      Within that outfit once u r caught, u have to face the eventual punishment if yr kabels ain't powerful enough. Otherwise, the long established superficial core of that "fair democracy state" will lost its public faith!

      Bolihland is an abdominal where the well connected r so intertwined that layers upon layers of intra-protections have to be reinforced irregardless of the crash of that superficial "fair democracy state"! It's part of the hypocritical theme of that bastardized zombieic/racial thinking?

      So, AGAIN, what's yr definition of authoritarianism? The sole product of socialism?

  3. The Curious Case of the Peng Shuai Sexual Assault...hehehe

    NYT headlined this a few days ago : " China's Peng Shuai Makes #MeeToo Claim Against Zhang Gaoli "

    Washington Post : " Chinese tennis star accuses Zhang Gaoli of sexual assault...."

    If you read her original posting, Peng Shuai certainly aired dirty laundry. She claims it started as assault with his wife guarding the door. And after that it was consensual according to her. Over a 15 year period of time ! Getting curiouser and curiouser....

    Firstly, assault doesn’t lead to fifteen year long consensual affairs. I don’t care what they say about it, I’m not buying it. That’s not a victim, that’s a mistress. And having a mistress doesn’t make him a sexual criminal.

    Secondly, they dated nearly fifteen years according to her but she has no proof ( if we go by her original posting ). They were together longer than some marriages, but she has no texts, pictures, voicemails, letters, love notes, call logs, no anything? No CCTV footage in what some call the biggest surveillance state in the world? hahaha

    Thirdly, it is incredibly astonishing that she has the audacity to complain about his wife whom she called "Auntie". She talks about his wife being rude to her, complaining like a whiney child. What does she expect from the woman if she’s having a fifteen year long affair with the woman’s husband, and according to Peng Shuai, with her knowledge! What woman wouldn’t be angry?

    And then this :

    The Straits Times : " ...Mr Zhang then pressured Ms Peng to have sex, it said.

    " That afternoon, I didn't agree at first, and kept crying ", the post said. Ms Peng eventually agreed to an affair with Mr Zhang but said in her post that she was Angered About His Insistence On The Relationship Being Kept Secret " ( Capitalized emphasis all mine )

    That's the crux of the matter, isn't it ? Very telling of the above last sentence. She wanted more than he would give. According to her, he told her that he couldn’t divorce in his position but had they met before his career took off it would’ve been possible. He wasn’t willing to risk his career and reputation by leaving his wife and going public with Peng Shuai.

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned ? He wouldn’t go public and she was angry and decided she would force it to be public. But coming out as a mistress would look bad for her, so she claims to be his victim.


  4. She didn’t get a reputation for being manipulative and dramatic for no reason. ( read up on her antics on the tennis court and her other behaviour elsewhere ). This must be her biggest “production” to date. Except this isn’t a Chinese TV drama or romance novel. Her lies have real life consequences.

    By the way, I’m not saying he’s blameless of everything. Did he have an affair? Maybe. It wouldn’t be the first time a young woman fell for an older, well respected man. In China that can get him into criminal trouble because of his position. But that doesn’t make him a sexual predator. That would need to be proven in court. She claims it can’t be proven, which is BS.

    I’ve also heard the possibility that someone looking to attack the CCP may have hacked her Weibo and made the claims. Who knows? The US did recently announce 300 million extra dollars a year for the next several years earmarked for anti-China propaganda:

    South China Morning Post : " US to offer millions in new funds to take on China"

    When the Chinese do it, it is propaganda. When Washington does it, it is " investing in our values " .

    A final parting remark - Peng Shuai is 5'10" tall, very muscular and fit as a fiddle as she keeps a daily routine of at least 2 hours of exercise. Zhang Gaoli is now 75 years old, 40 years her senior, (she is 35 ) and when he stands next to his mistress, she towers over him by a head. He is a small-bone thin guy, with a pasty complexion, cloistered mostly in office having endless meetings. So when the Western media went on overdrive claiming RAPE, methinks he's the one being raped, lolololol