Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Penang deserves 5 times more in budget allocations, says CM

Penang deserves 5 times more in budget allocations, says CM

Penang chief minister Chow Kon Yeow (front) leaving the state assembly during a break. (CM’s office pic)

GEORGE TOWN: Penang should be getting at least RM5 billion in funding compared to RM996 million under Budget 2022.

Chief minister Chow Kon Yeow said given the state’s gross domestic product of 6.7% to 6.9% in the past three years, Penang deserves “about RM5.2 billion” in allocations.

He said the RM996 million allocated in next year’s budget only prioritised the economic and social sectors.

Speaking in the state assembly, Chow said the state government has yet to receive the list of approved projects under the federal budget.

“We have often argued about unfair allocations to Penang. In the recent conference of menteris besar and chief ministers, I argued that we have not got our share. I have asked the international trade and industry minister to look at Penang,” he said.

He said while some states such as Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak might require more allocations, Penang should “reap what it sowed”.

Chow said that given Penang’s role in gaining surplus for the country through its extensive manufacturing industry, Putrajaya should allocate more funds for development.

He gave the example of a new Batu Kawan industrial park development being planned, which required supporting infrastructure.

“We need infrastructure for land readiness in meeting investor demand. All we ask is for a fair allocation.

“You can’t expect a horse to continue running on empty,” he said, quoting a Chinese proverb.

Chow was responding to an oral question by Satees Muniandy (PH-Bagan Dalam), who had asked about federal budget allocations to the state.

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  1. Finally, Chow Kon Yeow makes some noise.

    The current Penang Chief Minister was making a career out of avoiding disagreements and criticisms with the Federal Government, even when it was clearly against Penang's interests to remain silent.

    Vaccine availability earlier during the year, the Flood Mitigation budget, Penang Hill Railway maintenance, Penang Airport expansion all Putrajaya-related issues on which Chow was The Invisible Man.