Friday, November 26, 2021

How I love crispy pancake from Thailand 👍😁😂😅👍


Thailand police warn sexy crispy pancake vendor to wear a bra, maintain social distance from customers

Police summoned the sexy vendor for dressing inappropriately. — Screenshot via Facebook/Guru Guru Chiangmai

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 26 — A 23-year-old crispy pancake seller who appears in an extremely sexy outfit was summoned by police yesterday for her creative method of attracting customers.

Aranya Apaiso, whose stall is located on Chiang Mai’s Jed Yod-Chiang Kiang Road, has been selling crispy pancakes with only a single-buttoned sweater exposing her sideboob and exposing some skin, reported Coconuts.

Apaiso, who is also known as Olive, said she was told to maintain a social distance from her customers queueing for her delicious crepes and to dress more discreetly.

She added that a local cultural official instructed her to wear a bra.

Her making-money strategy gained recognition after her exceptional business acumen was highlighted in news articles for her eye-catching attire.

Apaiso stated that her purpose was not to show off in order to sell her items, but she enjoys dressing up in that manner, reported Pattaya Mail.

She explained that she used to sell adolescent fashion items but she had more luck selling eye candy and delicious pancakes.

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