Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Does Lim KHAT want to date Najib, or is there a secret more sinister KHAT-ish design?

Here are the (supposedly) analytical views of two DAP leaders on the Melaka state elections:


No 1:

Ramasamy: Melaka polls merely a setback for PH, not end of coalition

THE recent Melaka polls might have been a setback for the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition but it is certainly not the end of the coalition, said a deputy chief minister.

Penang deputy chief minister P Ramasamy said that UMNO/Barisan Nasional making a comeback in the Melaka does not mean that the future is bright for the coalition.

“The point that has to be taken seriously is the fact that PH has been seriously battered in the last few years,” he pointed out.

“Once a proud coalition that had captured national power, PH was reduced to nothing, having trusted the arch-racist Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

“If only the coalition had put pressure on Dr Mahathir to relinquish the prime minister post in favour of [PH chairman and PKR president] Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, it would have been a different story.”

The Perai assemblyman further claimed that for having trusted Dr Mahathir, PH had to pay a costly price; hardly 22 months in power, the Sheraton Move had deposed the legitimate PH government.

“All the popularity and painful build-up to victory in the last general election (GE14) were all lost within a short period, and it was back to the wilderness as the racist and extremist religious forces reared their heads,” he remarked.


No 2:

BN’s victory in Melaka state election marks possible return of Najib as 10th PM?

A DAP lawmaker has expressed his fears that Barisan Nasional’s (BN) landslide victory during the Melaka state election may mark the possible return of Datuk Seri Najib Razak to his former post as the country’s prime minister.

“The most ominous implication of the Melaka state election is that Najib may become the 10th Prime Minister of Malaysia after the 15th general election (GE15),” Iskandar Puteri MP Lim Kit Siang said.

“Is this what Malaysians deserve, to get rid of the man who made Malaysia infamous as a ‘kleptocracy at its worst’ only to take him back four years later as a saviour of the nation, free of all corruption charges and to install a model kleptocracy for the world?”

Lim’s statement comes after BN’s landslide victory at the Melaka state election last weekend in which BN officially won the state assembly with a two-thirds majority.


kt comments:

Prof Ramasamy commented on the likely cause of the DAP's poor showing in contrast to its 2018 performance. Whether you agree or not in his analysis, it could be said to be a decent commendable effort which can help the DAP better itself for GE15. 

But instead of being helpful to the DAP prepare for GE15, KHAT was more interested in badmouthing Najib who was not even a candidate in the Melaka election. It's little wonder Najib asked humorously whether KHAT wanted to date him.

That's the vast difference in the two DAP leadership post-election analyses of why the DAP flopped in Melaka. One was helpful and constructive, the other was just highly toxic, bloody-minded and destructive.

KHAT was notorious for his almost-daily criticism of Najib when PH was in government. We know he was doing Atuk's work, an old man who really hates Najib and wanted an underling, sycophant or Macai to eff Najib on a daily basis - such was his highly venomous hatred for a man who as PM had refused to help Boi-Boi ascend into the important UMNO VP trio, a prerequisite top be PM.

Such was KHAT's bodek-ing of Atuk that his strenuous unceasing efforts at deprecating Najib was so noticeable he was labelled as Menteri Hal Ehwal Najib or MENHEN.

Criticising Najib would be fair game in politics but there must be time and place for such a less-than-noble political game, but KHAT has been so obsessed in the past in fulfilling Atuk's requirement that we now wonder whether he wants to re-embrace re-recruit and re-appoint Atuk as his Boss once again.

What horrors Lim KHAT Sial - really, you should resign (as you had pledged anyway) before you re-succeed in bringing back Atuk as Pakatan's Boss (now that you are preparing to abandon Anwar), and re-destroy DAP, Pakatan and Malaysia.


His previous criticism of Atuk but now totally forgotten (or suffers in silence) as he indulges that Old Man by criticising-condemning Najib. And he has even abandon his promise to seek justice for Teoh Beng Hock in his subsequent support for those who had caused Teoh to die on the eve of Teoh's wedding, just to protect the MACC in their hunt for the alleged crimes of Najib 

What a difference between Prof Ramasamy and the cesspool-toxic KHAT Sial.



Chu'oi Soo Ong - Raja Gadoh


WTF is smug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug Lim Kit Siang up to?
Why the fCk would MCA, Gerakan, MIC etc claim the money found in Najib's house? It's an UMNO business so why is LKS dragging MCA, Gerakan, MIC into it?

The 14th Election is already over and please note GE15 is still 5 years away, yet this Chu'oi Soo Ong atau Raja Gadoh masih terus cari pasal. He even cucuk for re-election in Perlis when another party had won 10 out of 15 state seats.

A born vitriolic banshee and professional agitator, LKS just has to cucuk and cucuk to prevent sleeping dogs lying peacefully.

If he is so free and full of toxic energy please resume his pre-Pakatan Harapan rants against Mahathir lah, that is, if he has the balls.

I was born a trouble-maker, one par excellence
Life would be meaningless without shit-stirring
In my career there is no such thing as balance
I fling poo around regardless if that's deserving

I close one eye to "M"atey's humongous follies
To lull gullible guppies that all is bloody well
Now, tok kok most time is among my hobbies
Masking sonny's f*up to say his work is swell

I am restless because there's less stuff to bull
So I'm gonna make de bloody UMNO apologise
Then shooting off to KK where it is damn cool
To ask folks there if they'd like to circumcise

I am known as a bloody trouble-making assh@le
It's in my DNA so what I do is grin at other's woes
Though I have lived long in reality I have no soul
Other than to find faults and poke others' noses

I'm D'informal Pakatan Minister Plenipotentiary
I can give orders, fCk people up & make policies
Thus I'm warning "resign or be fCk' to Apandi Ali
And promises to find justice for TBH are fallacies

 Lim Kit Siang with MACC strategic communications director Rohaizad Yaakob (centre) and other opposition leaders at the MACC Office in Putrajaya, August 6, 2015. — Picture by Yusof Mat Isa

what a fCking hypocrite and traitor to Teoh Beng hock's family and his memory

and just one lousy year after his pathetic pompous speech vowing:

Beng Hock’s death would be “in vain” if firstly, his killers remain free and unpunished; and secondly, the MACC is not held responsible and liable for his death and instead allowed to “go to great lengths” to participate in a “cover-up” of the actual causes and circumstances of Beng Hock’s death at the TBH RCI, with MACC officers telling “lies after lies” at the RCI.

I call on Malaysians to stand for justice and to make a commitment that they will not rest until the “cover-up” of Teoh Beng Hock’s criminal and senseless murder is exposed and the killers, including MACC, are brought to justice. 


  1. poor kt, don't take it so personally, we know your love for bossku is intense but didn't realise it's obsessively so frightening and obvious, mr menhen has been picking on everyone all his political life, you can't expect him to leave your love interest alone just like that, he will go crazy, that's the thing you see, let people judge for themselves whether his criticism or opinion is fair or otherwise

  2. KT gets soo upset because Lim Kit Siang cucuk his beloved Najib.
    Of course, we know KT has Zero outrage over 1MDB , except when it is alleged people other than Najib or MCA may have benefited from 1MDB funds.

    Let's call a Spade a Spade.
    There is definitely a concerted project to sanitise Najib's name , to pave Najib's return to Top power.

    Be very., very afraid..