Sunday, November 28, 2021

Atukism-driven(?) DAP fears Najib as PM again, but OK with PM4 Mahathir as PM7

“Najib as PM again? If the law permits, why not?”

By Narinder Pal Singh

DAP leaders seem to have a “fatal attraction ” towards former prime minister Najib Razak. Almost every day, they have kept themselves busy with his affairs that makes it look like the party was solely dedicated for the purpose of berating him.

Well, there seem to be a fear that Najib may make a comeback as the prime minister if the law permits.

Let’s face the reality.

When Najib was the prime minister, there was more harmony among the different races. The economy was not too bad and the wellbeing of the rakyat was also relatively well taken cared of.

Unfortunately, all the prime ministers that came after the last general election just had no dedication and expertise in uniting the people.

Today, race divide has worsened and not much to shout about the economy. The political climate is in turmoil and extremely worrying due to the uncertainty and instability of the Government.

On the hand the Opposition coalition, Pakatan Harapan has no concrete plans to offer to the suffering ordinary citizen.

They are fixated to the 1MDB issue so much that everything else is secondary.

Let the legal process continue as it should in relation to the 1MDB fiasco, but until all is not exhausted, Najib, as any other ordinary citizen has the right to contest in any future elections.

And if the majority of the people want him back as the prime minister and at that point of time the law allows so, then no one can stop him. Pakatan blew its chance.

In any case, Malaysia desperately needs a stable and directed Government, not the one that houses “frogs” and dependent on a meaningless and brittle memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Let us be reminded that DAP and PKR leaders were willing to embrace Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad unashamedly before the 14th General Election.

And this is the very man that for decades they had hated, denounced and accused of many wrong doings in the past. Yet magically, all was forgiven and forgotten the moment a common enemy in Najib was seen.

So, what is the big deal if the majority of the voters decide that it is okay to give Najib another chance, provided it conforms to the requirements of the Federal Constitution.

DAP and PKR should instead go back to the drawing board and not sound like some sore losers. They were given a chance by Malaysians but flopped miserably and yet have not learned any lesson. – Nov 27, 2021.


  1. Wakakakaka…

    How about looking it this way:

    - the existence of mamak manoeuvres within the ketuanan circle would reinforce the quicken cleaving of the ketuanan narrative due to the infighting of the warlords within.

    - with pinklips, his cash-is-king sharing amongst these warlords would prolong the lifespans of the ketuanan narratives as all the warlords r getting their share of entitlement! Their end would only come when those blurred B40 have finally crumpled under the weight of the incessant greeds.

    So which one u preferred?

    A quick demise or a slow & long suffering dead!

  2. There is a real danger of political interference in the Judicial system to ensure Najib gets away scot-free from receiving justice for his role in 1MDB.

    There is nothing wrong with DAP reminding people of the real danger, as well as reminding people 1MDB siphoned off multi Billions of Ringgit from the future of Malaysians, especially the low income earners.
    1MDB is a continuing problem , stretching to 2039, not some past problem that can be safely forgotten.

  3. Let us remind ourselves that PH interfered with the judiciary by appointing TT who dropped numerous cases that involved PH individuals.

    LGE bungalow case was dropped and let's remind TT that there was a high chance of success for the prosecution (contrary to what he claims)
    There was a precedence in khir toyo's case who let me remind you was jailed when BN was in government. Case was not dropped.

    So can you tell me whether there was more judicial independence during PH's time or BN?

    1. Let's be very clear - so far, ALL governments in Malaysia have used the judiciary for political purposes.

      To pretend that the judiciary is independent is really like saying pigs can fly.

      And Mahathir is the worst of the lot - he was the only PM who managed to emasculate the judiciary.

  4. Big big Big mistake to not keep reminding the rakyat about the 1mdb heist and the devastating effects it will have on our country for years to come, thank goodness just like how kt has taken over the job of lks in his determination to keep reminding us about maddy's destructive past...
    the sycophants, macais have been unleashed to paint najib as a victim of political conspiracies but let's not be fooled