Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wanna be like Singapore?

The Malay Mail Online - Dr M: Malaysia will be like Singapore if Pakatan takes power

KUALA LUMPUR, March 13 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed warned today that Malaysia could become like Singapore if the Chinese community here continues to support DAP’s alleged dream of complete political and economic dominance in Malaysia.

The former prime minister claimed that nothing good will come of Chinese dominance in politics or the economy — as has happened in neighbouring Singapore — as Malaysia is a multi-cultural society mostly made up of the Malays.

Aha, those dreaded 23+%*, to wit, the Chinese Malaysians! Karn-neen-nare ler!

* 2010 statistics indicated only 22.9% but it seems Chinese must have been "working hard" (wakakaka) in the last few years to now assume some 23+% of the population. The 2010 stats also indicated Malays at 60.3% and Indians at 7.1%

However, Dr M is correct in asserting that there's Chinese dominance in Singapore politics and economy, though alas he didn't provide the reason, but which I will, wakakaka.

The status quo in Singapore, namely, Chinese dominance in politics and economy, is because Singapore's ethnic breakdown shows Chinese at 74.3% (down from 77% in 1970), Malays at 13.3% (down from 14.8% in 1970), Indians at 9.1% (up from 7% in 1970 - aiseh Aneh koot lart mu-oit** ler - rajin kerja kuat wakakaka) with Others at 3.3%.

** the Chinese colloquialism 'mu-oit' (pronounced as one syllable) means 'make' but also has a more cheeky-naughty insinuation, wakakaka

74.3% is likely to dominate in almost everything, but 23+%? C'mon lah, Tun, aren't you overreaching?

And pray tell us what's the ethnic composition of the Malaysian Police, Malaysian Armed Forces, Malaysian Civil Service, Malaysian Judiciary, Malaysian educational community including university VC, school principals and students especially at university level, etc? Which ethnicity owns most of the banks and financial houses? Then what about the GLCs?

Even a Pakatan-led government in Selangor would not support a Chinese to be permanently the professional head in charge of PKNS, what more elsewhere!

However, I have to grudgingly admit that Chinese Malaysians indeed 'dominate' in the pirate DVD trade and also illegal 4-Ekor bookie business, wakakaka! 

Secondly, Dr M by his "warning" of the local Yellow Peril wakakaka, namely, that DAP’s alleged dream of complete political and economic dominance in Malaysia, hasn't he inadvertently admitted by the word 'dream ' that in reality Chinese Malaysians are NOT dominating Malaysian politics and economy, something we have been relentlessly, repeatedly and regularly informed by him and some of his UMNO cohorts?

After warning us of the dreaded DAP and its sinister Illuminati-ish intent to control Malaysian politics and economy, he said:

“Forget the idea of dominating all fields, of dominating both politics and economics. Go back to the idea of sharing. It will not be forever. It will be only for the duration when the Malays through their numbers dominate politics and the Chinese through their business acumen and money dominate the economy."

“Once the Malays and other indigenous people gain a fair share of the economic wealth of this country, they will lose their fear of Chinese domination. At that stage the Chinese share of political power would be enhanced.

“It may take years but that is as much as we can expect for as long as we insist on being identified by our racial origins.”

So really, UMNO and even Malays in general shouldn't worry about Chinese dominance in politics, because as Dr M has just admitted, the Malays are still jolly dominating politics, which we all know.

Even DAP knows none of its current Chinese or Indian leaders should be so arrogant as to brazenly propose or promote him/herself as PM-designate in Pakatan.

Addendum: for example, in Lim Kit Siang's campaign to build support for a new political coalition from both sides of the current political divide, so as to oust and replace the BN as the federal government, he has suggested 6 bumiputera names (and not anyone from DAP) as the proposed coalition's designated PM, as follows:

From Sabah: Anifah Musa (MP for Kimanis); Rosnah Rashid Shirlin (Papar) and Abdul Ghapur Salleh (Kalabakan), and

From Sarawak: Fadihlah Yusuf (MP for Petra Jaya), Nancy Shukri (Batang Sadong) and Rohani Abdul Karim (Batang Lupar) - see FMT for more.

ooops, sorry, wrong sweetie Nancy

sweetie Nancy Shukri

But if Dr M and his UMNO cohorts were to have their ways, then it'll be in the year 2,000,015 before we can ever be all Malaysians and thus be equal.

Additionally, he conveniently forgot to mention that the one who dominates politics will be the one who decides on the economic cake, or at least how to enjoy it even at the extent of squandering all of it.

Mind, to be fair to the government, the Chinese Malaysian up to now, haven't done badly, though the worry is for the future, because the one who dominates politics will be the one who decides on the economic cake will thus be the one who will manage the baking (excuse the pun, wakakaka) - and the Chinese fear that by then, with the squandering going on for the past 30 years, there won't be enough flour for those private bakers.

There is a Chinese social-cultural belief (borne out of thousands of years of observed or bitterly-felt experience) that a family's fortune would in general be totally squandered by the 3rd generation of the family.

The 1st generation built up the fortune through hard work, perseverance, sacrifices and frugality; the 2nd generation consolidated on what was achieved by the preceding generation by exercising the same Confucian virtues, but alas, began pampering their offspring and tolerated the wee squandering by their brats. The 3rd generation, thoroughly spoilt brats with no clue as to what would be hard work, perseverance or sacrifices, and most certainly not frugality, would continue the squandering and mark the downfall of the family economic-financial standing.

By convention, a 'generation's is around 30 years (some say 25 years while others 35), so Malaysia today could be said to be in the beginning of its 3rd generation. Hmmm ........!!!

When we re-examine Singapore and its unbelievable 40-year rise as a lil' island with no natural resources other than its people, to its current immense wealth, economic power, financial reach and global prestige, with its universities among the world's top ranking, would the idea of Malaysia becoming like Singapore be all that bad?

You tell me!


  1. In Tun's latest speech at CENBET addressing "The Malaysian Dilemma", it seem that Tun is losing his edge. He talks about jus soli at Merdeka. From 80%, the Bumi ratio fell to 60% immediately where 40% were the "have's" & the rest "have not's". These figures seem "magical" except for the fact that the non-Malay's were already here and the 60:40 was already present in society.

    Therefore if Tunku had not accepted Tan Cheng Lock's proposal of "jus soli", the new independent state had two options: first to repatriate the Chinese & Indians back prior to independence using the British or like Brunei, not grant full citizenship to non-Bumiputra's but allow them to stay & contribute.

    Secondly, he believes that Malaysia's "dilemma" lies between wealth gap since the Russian revolution had nothing to do with race. Does he espouse socialism or worst still communism? Singapore is definitely a hybrid socialist model. Even in a modified socialistic model, certain obvious institutions will be removed. If Tun had another 22 years, can he bravely do what LKY did? Sadly, upon his retirement, he admittedly accepted defeat.

    But the best is his definition of "dilemma" - "damn if you do and damn if you don't" Therefore, his interpretation of dilemma is apt for his magnum opus - The Malay Dilemma.

  2. "Nasib orang-orang Melayu di Singapura" or t
    The fate of the Malays in Singapore.

    The standard UMNO bogeymen to frighten UMNO juveniles and the TV3/ Berita Harian crowd to cow them into continuing UMNO support.
    Fact is the average Singapore Malay is far better off than the average Malaysian Malay.
    Better educated, better command of English, more self-confident, more motivated, and , of course higher income and savings.

    1. Not all is rosy with the Malays in Singapore.

      They continue to lag behind other communities in educational achievement - O and A levels results, population of university graduates, especially highly sought-after degrees in Finance, IT and some fields of Engineering.
      The Malays are still under-represented in the professional and managerial levels.

      Some of this is due to the more relaxed attitudes of the Malays, even in Singapore, but there is likely to be racial discrimination going in.

      Up to the 1990's Singapore Malays filled many entry-level jobs. Those are now mainly filled by foreign workers. So the Malays feel squeezed out of middle and top positions, and at the bottom positions as well.
      There is very little unemployment in this full-employment economy, but there is no doubt many Malays feel apprehensive about their future.

    2. Whose fault?



      Or like in bolihland, start a 'positive discrimination' NEP to help the Malay S'poreans?

      See how that lead to the crippled generation of superficial Malay professionals, drowning out a few simmering lights of the race in bolihland!

  3. Could Malaysia become more like Singapore?
    I wish........

  4. the mean machine9:11 pm, March 29, 2015

    Why not write something useful,for once.At least to those stupid fools of #kitalawan.

    The courts have spoken.The verdict is out.Guilty is guilty.

    Anwar had almost a dozen lawyers to represent him in court.His team of over hyped lawyers could not even produce a credible witness to vouch for him.He even refused to take the witness stand to speak out the truth.That he did not fucked that Saiful guy.

    And now,we have circus clowns willing to get arrested for what?Demanding the release for a convicted sodomist or felon?Do not these fools of political leaders have better things to do in life?Like working their asses off for the people who put them there?

    If these opposition political leaders cannot perform their duties to their constituents,then they should go to the back alleys and shiok sendiri among themselves.That should be more satisfaction then getting arrested and spending a night in lockup, peeing in a toilet with eagle eyes watchiing that small mini carrot of theirs.

    1. I'm going to tolerate this out of thread only once. Anwar is not the topic in this post, and as to whether you deem my writing useful or not I couldn't care two fucks.

  5. For the Malaysian Malay who has been brought up on a lifetime diet of NEP, BTN , Ketuanan-ism, and expects to be "entitled" to get special treatment simply based on his race, Singapore's Survive or Sink culture can be a frightening, repulsive and alien place.
    So Mahathir's warning, directed at the Malays, that a Pakatan win would turn the country into a Singapore-like place still has plenty of impact to frighten his audience.
    Ah, and as far as religion is concerned, Singapore Malays are free to practice Islam just like in Malaysia, however, they are also free to convert from Islam to another religion. There is considerable stigma still attached to that , and few Singapore Muslims have gone "murtad", though there are many non-practicing Muslims.

  6. Matey,it is I couldn't care two hoots,not two fucks.Hehehe.

    1. ... or two figs, or two shits, wakakaka

      but it's downright annoying when someone tries to instruct you on how or what to blog as if the blog belongs to them or their opinions override everyone else's including the blog owner's - why can't they f* start their own blog which is easily done in "two shakes" wakakaka

    2. minta laluan kt, comes april, all malaysians are subjected to hudud. this is worse than allah's capital punishment. one of the govt's enforcement agencies is 'total national black-out (tnb)'. the gst of 6% will levied on utilization exceeding 300 units per month. e.g. the utilized units of 301, the 6% will be slapped on the whole 301 instead of the excess of 1 unit. i got this info from their staff this morning.

      the more you use the more you will have to pay as the tariff is calculated on a graduated scale. it is just like a father telling his son to be thrifty, berjimat cermat. if the family is big, how much can they save for electricity has already become a necessity.

      ahjibgor is beyond repair. i said it before and i want to say it again that malaysia is a monopoly-capitalist state.

    3. most nations around the world are going for GST. There is sadly an incorrect belief that GST is piled on top of other taxes. That's not true. GST replaces all taxes on goods and services which are already in place. I have been subjected to 10% GST in Australia for several years

    4. Please don't compare.
      Australia has an excellent government service structure and social safety net. Government expenditure is fairly open and accountable, though it could be better. Australians get largely a good return from the GST and other taxes that they pay.

      In Malaysia, a large percentage of Government expenditure, especially the Development Budget "evaporates" into thin air, or rather into crony's pockets via project expenditure. That on top of the indifferent to downright poor Civil Service performance.

      So it is adding insult to injury that consumers have to pay more to subsidise the cronies.

      Where do you think the additional RM 23 Billion that the Government expects to collect after GST "replaces" all taxes on goods and services which are already in place, comes from ?
      The net is being spread much wider than previously, into many more categories.
      Previously books, stationery, most medicines, most ordinary foods (not costly imported luxury foods) were not subject to Sales and Service tax. They will be now.
      So in a real sense (not just academic sense) GST is a New Tax in many, many cases.

      In a confusing about turn, the Finance Ministry suddenly announced yesterday that printed books (but not magazines) will be Zero Rated.

      This is after months saying "No exceptions" in spite of protest from parents that taxing books goes against encouraging the reading habit.

      For the case highlighted, electricity bills, GST is definitely piled on.
      When the Government originally introduced the Service Tax, Tenaga Nasional as an "essential sevice" was not subject to the 5% (now 6%) Service Tax - but Telephone Bills are.
      Now 6% will be applied to the entire electricity bill if more than 300 units.

    5. Besides, who's that idiot that said since MOST of the countries on Earth have some form of GST, so bolihland must not lose out by not adapting it.

      GST is a fair taxing scheme - ONLY if u have what's mentioned by KitaLawan, as applies in Oz.

      Moreover, GST is not he cure all & magic billet for the ills of the govt fiscal management. There r better solution, which requires out of box thinking.

      Guess bolihland has no such economist & the gut to fall out of the line.

      Know what - a govt tax ONLY help development iff the majority of the tax money goes to national development of the future. Instead, as admitted by the blur minister, GST would help to pay for the short falls in civil remuneration, pension, which r not income generating. It's also compounded by a super-bloated gaji buta civil services.

      The Joe M'sians will pay for it - dearly!

    6. one more thing, is australia a cashless or cash-less society? do 100% consumers pay their utility bills on-line? most kampong folks pay their dues thru pos malaysia formerly known as pejabat pos and any other govt outfits.

      i was told the service provider will also whack 6% based on the bill amount. unlike malaysian electronic payment system (meps) where e.g. a customer of x bank withdraws money from y bank via an atm is charged rm1 per transaction which attracts the 6% is tax. that's fine & fair.

      until tomorrow, pos malaysia does it for free. why do they not collect something for the service rendered just like meps? it is becos they have been borrowing money from say tnb interest-free where the money collected nationwide can be put as an overnight placement in financial institutions, thus the profit is more than sufficient to cover their cost of service.

      may his ancestors curse on his soul.

    7. you're arguing about 2 separate things (i) the tax and (ii) how it is to be used.

      It doesn't matter whether the tax is collected by way of a gst or abc or xyz, because how it is to be used is far more important. currently tax money are already used in what you have identified - collecting it by way of xyz or abc won't stop those payment for remuneration, pension etc.

      so the issues are separate - (i) tax collection method and (ii) using it, wither for operating costs or development or ideally both, but you can't run away from operating costs

    8. Reduced operating cost will translate into profit. Don't tell me that they are blur about that. They're indeed bloody idiots!

    9. for financial efficiency every business (including governing) has twin aims, namely, reduce costs and increase profits. there is of course the real danger in over reducing costs - take as an example, a company's bean counter wants to reduce cost so he cuts down on advertisement and the sales department, and the company ends up selling less = less profits or maybe even no profit - another example, the navy wants to reduce costs so the commander orders all or most of his ships to stay anchored in the harbour - in the meanwhile the pirates or enemies are sailing up and down, so what bloody use to the public (profit in security-defence service) is such a navy?

    10. reduce cost is justified on two counts, (i) improving efficiency BUT without reducing effectiveness, and (ii) curtailing or eliminating WASTAGE

    11. ok, maybe i didn't qualify my statement earlier. cost can be divided into two main groups i.e. 1. must have & 2. nice to have. i think at least 20% of the budget is from the second group. trust we are on same page. cheers!

    12. Let me give you a real life Malaysian government example from a few years ago, of cost vs efficiency vs effectiveness.

      The Government plan was to equip every State General Hospital with at least one , in some cases two , Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machines (MRI). Very laudable project - they are very useful for diagnosis of brain injuries, internal organ injuries and early stage cancers which don't show up clearly in X-Rays.
      A 3 Tesla advanced model costs nearly RM 10 Million Each. There are 3 highly recommended manufacturers internationally - the American General Electric, Japanese Toshiba and German Siemens.
      The Malaysian Government did NOT invite tenders from GE, Toshiba or Siemens. Instead , only registered tenderers can apply. All were UMNOPutra cronies connected to some VVIP or another.These cronies then approached one of the manufacturing companies or another to submit the bid.

      The Malaysian taxpayer finally paid for the tender award 60% more than the actual cost of the project. The UMNOPutra made a 60% premium ( over 100 Million Ringgit) for doing nothing - what the Fuck does the UMNOPutra idiot know about MRI ? No doubt various people got their cut from the 100 Million profit.

      Rafizi and Tony Puah are right - the government can and must save Ringgit Billions per year just by changing the way it operates, before it comes to squeeze the Public for GST.

    13. Another Penang lang called anil netto has his say on GST. Hahahaha! He is a catholic. Hahahaha!

      What is tobin tax?

  7. not mean machine9:51 am, March 30, 2015

    Many of your regular kakis come here to be entertained and edified by your excellent articles ripping into Anwar Ibrahim and his lackeys.

    Its just not the same anymore after Anwar's exit from the stage....wakakakakakaka....

  8. Majullah Singapura11:16 am, March 30, 2015

    Your first photograph is actually a big eye opener, because many people, even in Singapore do not realise it.
    Keppel has over a period of many years build itself up into the world's largest manufacturer of Offshore oil rigs. Conventional Standing rigs , floating rigs, semi-floating name it...
    This is a higher margin business than conventional ship-building, which was Keppel's original core business. Oil rigs are demanding , high-tech products, often 1-off unique designs.

    This is normally considered a business which requires a great deal of land space, but Singapore managed to succeed building it in a tightly managed space, mostly around Keppel Harbour.

  9. One interesting aspect of Lee Kuan Yew's funeral yesterday.
    Singapore and Singaporeans gave him all the honours befitting the man who truly created modern Singapore.
    However, the entire occasion was totally devoid of any religious ceremony, as is normal with a funeral.
    Lee was an agnostic to the very end, including his funeral.
    No Christian, Buddhist or Taoist prayers. He also wasn't a Muslim or Hindu, obviously.
    His parents were idenfitied as Taoists, though not really religious.

    1. That's how I too would want to have my funeral too....I mean devoid of any religious ceremony. Way to go, LKY, RIP !

  10. Yes, we will be a first world nation like Singapore on 1 Jan 2020.


  11. Malaysia's personal income tax rate for 2015 have actually been reduced across the board. I calculate that a family with 2 school kids having a monthly income of about RM5,000 will enjoy a discount of RM350 in annual income tax. If the monthly pay is RM10,000 the reduction is RM1,950. For the super-rich with income RM30,000 per month, the reduction is RM6,300 and so on...

    Also, in 2014 those with less than RM4,030/month does not pay income tax and in 2015 this threshold moves up to RM4,420/month.

    So now the government is getting less revenue from income tax, and additional revenue from GST will help offset this shortfall, and it is going to come from every person purchasing goods/services subjected to GST, irregardless of whether he is paying income tax or not, retired, on welfare, jobless.... The rate is a flat 6% for taxable goods and services, in contrast to the increasing or progressive rates for income tax.

    In the land of Oz, the income tax rate is much higher on the rich :
    37% for taxable income exceeding A$80,000 (=RM226,000 taxed at 24% in Malaysia)
    45% for taxable income exceeding A$180,000 (=RM510,000 taxed at 25% in Malaysia)

    and at the lower end:
    0% for taxable income below A$18,200 (=RM51,000 taxed at 16% in Malaysia)

  12. For the ordinary person, the issue of tax collection, the fairness or otherwise is inextricably bound to the fairness and integrity with which tax money is spent.
    Unless you are pursuing a purely academic subject on tax collection methods.

    The American Colonists in 1776 did not start off agitating for Independence.
    It started off as opposition to England's imposition of additional taxes on the Colonies to pay for costly wars which England was fighting elsewhere. That was seen as unjust taxation.
    As time went by and it became obvious the English government was not interested in dialogue, the movement developed into demands for secession..

    Now....I'm not advocating anything so seditious (wakakakakaka....) but in the context of GST, there is deep unhappiness among many over paying out more in taxes, when there is clearly much which is wrong in terms of waste and dishonest dealings in the way the Malaysian government spends money.