Monday, March 30, 2015

He tries and tries and tries ...!

Wakakaka! But he (below) has stopped trying:

I surrender


  1. Double V signs for surrender?


    1. he's a muslim so wouldn't be able to relate to Churchill's 2-finger sign, wakakaka

    2. raise both arms r universal sign of surrender. No?

      what the signs made by the fingers of the both arms mean nothing. Yes?

      then, what do u expect a blur-sotong extra-ordinary knows about what these subtleties imply!

      perhaps, it has something to do with Freudian Slip, operating in sub-conscious level. His goose is cooked kau-kau, thus the timely silence in the recent months.

    3. That picture was taken just before he folded his index finger. Hehehe.

    4. tokio_rain....hehehe...and as he folded, with the middles in the air, he stammered 'shit shit shit'......

  2. Kaytee,nothing much can be said of the seven above.These seven always shoot their big mouths first.They think with their foot instead of using their brains.Stupid as individuals and moronic as politicians.

  3. fuck all of them..... Wakakakakakakakaka.......

  4. Umeeno's worst nightmare.6:23 am, March 31, 2015

    The circus have finally come to town with these seven clowns.

  5. Since the Kelantan assembly passed the hudud,Abrahim Ali had gone missing.Me thinks he is having lots of fun and a good time in Golok.Hehehe.

  6. Rafizi has actually been doing an excellent job, together with Tony Pua, exposing the shenanigans at 1MDB.

    Time and again they have been proven right, as the government is forced to backpedal earlier lies and denials either due to the undeniable force of events or expose's like the Sarawak Report. Their information sources are amazing.....must be at least some internal government and UMNO moles feeding them detailed information.

    a) No there is absolutely no problem with 1MDB - yes , they have missed several loan repayment deadlines
    b) No the Government only provided RM 1 Million investment in 1MDB -> the Malaysian government Only Guaranteed RM 5.8 Billion of 1MDB Debts -> Malaysian government has liability for RM 11 Billion 1MDB Debts covered by "Support Letter" (admits Deputy Finance Minister) -> Akan Datang.
    BTW International Financial Markets consider the entire RM 40 Billion under implicit Malaysian government guarantee, because 1MDB is 100% government owned.

    If ever 1MDB defaults on its debt and Kerajaan Malaysia declines to make it up, the Ringgit will sink like a brick and Malaysian sovereign debt costs will skyrocket.
    THAT is implicit guarantee as opposed to purely legal guarantee.

    c) 1MDB has repatriated all its RM 4 Billion Cayman Island funds => used it to pay debts => No the money was not used to repay the debt => No the money is in Singapore => Where is it ? Lost in Space.
    d) No Ananda Krishnan was not involved in bailing out 1MDB => Yes, he "helped arrange" a group of investors who sorted out 1MDB's immediate debt repayment .
    => What's the real story ?

    AKAN DATANG.......meanwhile the 1MDB financial disaster unfolds like an unstoppable train crash. You and I (except maybe Ktemoc in Oz) will be paying for it.

    We need more Rafizis and Tony Puas.

    Some of Rafizi's purely political activities are more controversial, he is after all a PKR politician. PKR was born as a "Street Party"

    1. The most interesting question would be why the fuck KT MOK not focusing on this. Why whitewashing Jibby and his husband Rosie? Blogger's perogative again.........This reflects who the Fuck kaytee is

    2. Its been remarked before, Ktemoc has a misplaced soft spot for PM Najib...he forgives much with Jibby.

      Something about one of his Uncles used to work with Najib.


    3. Everybody tries
      Shake the ruling elites down
      Pray hard for a change
      Let a new party begins

      The political juniors
      They want to get the stage
      They want to be heard
      The future they believe they hold

      The hounding dogs bark
      Ski masks and guns on the run
      Catching the political juniors
      Putting them in cage

      Then we hear
      A China man thinks he is a Malay
      Brewing his run, down on his own race
      He thinks he is one smart man

      He is a disgrace
      We are all Malaysians
      If he tries to be a Malay
      Don't try to bite his view

      A Gerakan youth chief
      He wants to show his feathers
      How colourful he want to be
      If only he dares to say to his Taiko

      Well...the frogs hide a while
      Maybe they are ordered to stay quiet
      Surrender of their pursuits will be the day
      Our nation doesn't need the frog dance

      Malaysia colours
      It never dulls the mind
      Everyday there is something new
      Everybody tries

    4. "A China man thinks he is a Malay"

      Isn't he a Malay now?


  7. Ridhuan Tee looks really handsome !

  8. In his younger days, Harry Lee was also a big-mouthed street stirrer, agitator and demagogue.
    It the Harry himself put it years later, as the majority of Singapore voters at the time had limited education and mostly understood only Chinese dialect such as Hokkien or Teochew.

    To his credit , and great advantage to Singapore's future, once elected, he got down to serious government.

    1. 'Harry Lee ALSO a big-mouthed street stirrer...',,,etc etc.. The word ALSO....are you hinting to compare him to someone, who's in the Bamboo River Hotel ? Get this right....Mr Lee Kuan Yew ada brain punya lah...the real stuff, whether young or old, he's one with the goods and can deliver.

      Many people have come away after some serious talk with Anwar Ibrahim and they came to the conclusion that he's one hell of an orator who can even willed a bird down from a tree, but his brain cells are not the kind that can methodically and brilliantly build a state or a country and meticulously, painstakingly, doggedly follow through even to the minutest details to see to its desired fruition. Too tedious and too too much effort required for the likes of him....that's why he needs an Azmin Ali and an Rafizi to follow through and clean up after him.

      Harry Lee is a totally different kettle of class punya lah...that's why all the accolades piled on him immediately after his demise seem fitting and somehow not cringe inducing because he did really really deserved them. RIP, we salute you Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

  9. Hisham Rais is right.....

    Don't be a Fucking imbecile like kaytee


  10. Ibrahim Ali hasn't been seen or heard in public for over 3 months !
    What's happened to him ?

    1. Perkasa is quiet now because, after all their 'us Malays vs them pendatangs' diatribe, the 1MDB saga exposed the syndicate at the highest levels involving the fatty Chinese boy and an Indian saviour, it's a muhibbah crowd up there (plus some Arabs, Americans...). Once in a while, to mask their antics, the powers-that-be will throw a red herring to the common folks about Malays oppressed by pendatangs and draw attention away from this.

      As a 19th century philosopher wrote about class divide (bourgeoisie vs proletariat) he also said that the state or ruling class is in cahoots with the capitalist class, and that it cuts across ethnic / nationalistic lines. This make the "many Chinese billionaires" assertion sound hollow, as these people are a different (crony) class from the working class. Do Robert Kuok & gang share his billions with ordinary working Chinese? Ditto for the Syed Mokhtar & Malays, Ananda & Indians...

    2. The money has stopped lah, he and his gang are just paid rabble-rousers. Man gotta eat mah, no money no talk lor

    3. With AI put away, the enemy can take a break!


  11. Wow...itu RPK, bukan main lagi that con man !.....when he was with PKR then, he tried so hard to pull wool over the Chinese crowd....." what is there worry...PAS, even if it won all the seats, will never have number to change the Constitution and turn this country into an Islamic state....if any call for blood for the pendatangs were to happen, all the PAS members and I will form a baricade...we will put our bodies between their parangs and guns and you all.." see him change tack....urging PAS to stay fast to their hudud schemes.....asking aloud what's so wrong with chopping of heads and hands, and whipping, and young girls marrying at tender age to old men......and would you believe, there are some deluded lame brains applauding his every writes and exhorting him to come back and be the PM of this country ! Alamak....real cibai lah this type of that, no wonder our country will very soon be of developed status in 5 years' time, hahahaha...2020 here we come...RM 1 Trillion in debt

  12. Its April Fools Day.....and Malaysia is full of Fools, I suppose.
    Its also GST Day......go out shopping , and do your National Duty ! , contribute to the Nation (and Rosmah)

    GST is Good for You ....
    (to the tune of Guinness Stout is Good for You - I always remember the Tamil version ...)

  13. He tries and tries and tries ...!10:27 am, April 02, 2015

    Try, try, and try is a very good advice to anyone who wants to get something in life, regardless of one's current situation.

    Determination and Effort is a critical X-factor to bridge between basic talent/ mental ability to achieve life advice on Ktemoc's blog....wakakaka...

  14. Who dropped Da Bomb ?6:02 pm, April 02, 2015

    Mahathir: Who ordered killing of Altantuya?

    Wow ! Has Mahathir now joined GAN ?