Thursday, March 19, 2015

Congratulations galore

We Malaysians have always told ourselves, boastfully if I may add, we are not a mean people but rather generous, charitable and of good will. With this in mind, I believe recent happenings and recollections call for a round of congratulations. So here we go:

1. Congratulations to PAS in their hudud victory, and now now I don't want detractors to be mean and say things like "Et tu Bastards". Let us join in their rejoicing, knowing that Kelantan henceforth will be immune from floods, injustice and misogyny, among other virtues and blessings.

However, I have to admit I'm not sure about incest between fathers and their little girls as this was not mentioned, though I have been aware that our esteemed parliament had in 2006 reduced the punishments for incest - see my 2009 post Lawmakers too easy on incest!

while I still have my thumbs


Additionally, we have been blessed by the PAS recent hudud legislation that from now on, as reported by FMT, sex between women, sex with corpses, and sex with animals are no longer crimes under the amended Syariah Criminal Code II (1993) bill tabled in the Kelantan Assembly yesterday.

Don't worry about sex between women for that is not new, but I believe those repelled criminal acts of necrophilia (sex with a corpse) and zoophilia or bestiality (sex with animals) will have immense tourism values where we can expect an influx of wannabe-Periander, he who was said to have baked his bread in a cold oven 2600 years ago, and animal lovers or more correctly, "lovers" of animals, wakakaka.

Compare PAS' enlightening hudud legislations with those dark eras of Judaism where in Leviticus 18:23, we are told:

Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion.

Aiyoyo, those Israelites were such spoilsports, considering they themselves were screwing everyone else since the days of Moses till today when we have racist Netanyahu.

2. Congratulations to UMNO for being pandai in 'chong-ing' (not 'poloma'-ing, wakakaka) PAS ... yadda yadda ... I wonder whether today's UMNO will one day share the same dilemma as Dr M's UMNO when he made his 929 Declaration in 2001.

3. Congratulations to former air force Major Zaidi Ahmad for his heroic brilliance in revealing to us, as reported by Malaysiakini, that "... had the government spent on an Awacs plane instead of another executive jet, the tragic disappearance of MAS Flight MH370 could have been averted."

However, Zaidi didn't explain in detail how such an AWACS plane would be able to avert the disappearance of MH370? We love to hear from him on the how's and wherefore's.

Would such an AWACS be scrambled or one already loitering in Malaysian airspace 24/7? If to be scrambled, why not scrambled the fighters instead?

Congrats also to him for being a hero in chewing Hishamuddin up for not having fighter aircraft in a ready to scramble alert status. Zaidi proclaimed that 'heads must roll'. Wonderful.

However, Zaidi should tell us during his umpteen years as the former OC of the F5E squadron whether he had put forward any policy proposals to do what he has accused Hishamuddin of not doing? Please tell us, thanks.

Strangely, Zaidi reminds me of a former minister who kept silent for 16 years while in the establishment of power but became vocal on being expelled. But I'm sure Zaidi, being already proclaimed a hero by many, would be better as I am most confident he would have written several policy proposals to do what Hishamuddin's head should roll for not doing same.

To know more on the wondrous hindsight of so many brilliant people, please read my post RMAF and Zhang Ziyi on MH370.

Oh Zaidi, tell me more about that sexy Awacs

4. Oh, didn't we mention Dr M earlier? I believe a rather belated congratulation may be in order for him.

What that compliment would be for, we first need to look at Singapore.

As we have just learnt, former Sing PM, Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) is suffering from severe pneumonia and currently in the Intensive Care Unit of the Singapore general Hospital. He has been reported as also suffering complication from infection.

Sadly, when LKY eventually leaves us, not necessarily because of the pneumonia but rather of age, indeed as we all will too one day, Dr M will become the sole surviving member of that older generation of Asian leaders, people like Tunku, Razak, Deng Xiaoping, Soekarno, Marcos, Sihanouk, all Asian political giants in their own ways.

No no, the congratulation is not for that, in remaining as the final survivor, wakakaka.

Let's first talk about a truly Asian giant, Lee Kuan Yew. Strangely for a political giant from such a small little red dot of a nation, and despite his global towering standing, LKY has a rather silly habit of wanting to show (and show off) he’s both tough and intellectual, a sort of brainy Schwarneggar. I wonder whether deep down in his subconscious he had not been as confident as he seems or has been reputed to be.

Years ago, he instituted a social program to turn Singapore into a ‘rugged’ society, perhaps correctly so as he must have deemed the Sing Chinese, especially after their state had being expelled from Malaysia and thus cut from mum's apron strings, needed some spine straightening and confidence building. I was wondering whether that program might have reflected his own personal fears and traumas, and not just Singaporeans in general.

Dr M's equivalent to LKY's 'rugged society' program was the indoctrination programs by the notorious BTN which like most Malaysian institution with initially noble objectives subsequently went f* songsang.

LKY likes to play intellectual games with many, and as I see it, relishes crushing people with his wits and intellectual discourses and manoeuvres.

There’s no doubt he’s super intelligent, farsighted and has done bloody well for Singapore, but ... a big BUT ... his weakness has been his conceit which seems to be bigger than his Singapore Island, even the modern version with reclaimed land, wakakaka.

I have read his 2-volume autobiography, in  which he would make much ado about which world leaders had praised him or his speeches. It’s true that when Margaret Thatcher, then in retirement and already a baroness, was asked in a TV interview whom she admired most in the world, she answered with two names without any hesitation, namely, Deng Xiaoping and Harry - 'Harry' of course is Sir Harry Lee Kuan Yew.

Then, only after a significantly noticeable pause, Thatcher added the name of Ronald Reagan, an addition which I suspect was a diplomatic afterthought for her personal friend, US President Reagan.

Yes, many global leaders admire LKY, while they wonder at our own Dr M, more for the latter's frequent acerbic comments. Mind you, Dr M is too like LKY, super intelligent and undeniably an intellectual but he seems to be more of a Darth Vader than LKY's Han Solo, wakakaka. Yes, unfortunately as I see it, Dr M has sadly allowed the several chips on his shoulder to dominate and cloud his intellect.

Much as I lament LKY's conceit and what I suspect, sadly, to be a cultural cringe towards the British*, I respect and indeed admire him for his intellect, leadership, farsightedness and astute management of Singapore into what the Island State is today, a 1st World nation of immense wealth.

* for more on this, see my post Datukship

With our range of incredible resources we could and should have done better, many many f* times better than that lil' red dot, but alas ........

It would seem LKY has always bested Dr M in almost every which way, EXCEPT one, wakakaka, and that's why I'm giving Dr M a belated congratulation.

On 01 January 1981, Dr M, then a brand new PM, startled, shocked and shitted Malaysia and the neighbouring nations of this region, including and especially Singapore wakakaka, by moving Peninsula Malaysia's Standard Time forward by 30 minutes to GMT + 8 (instead of + 7.30), to be aligned with the standard times of Sarawak and Sabah.

No one had done this before without deep discussions with astronomical experts and after much public debate/discussions about its potential impact on the economy, financial markets etc, except the Japanese invaders in 1942 when they moved Malayan Standard Time to GMT + 9 in alignment with Tokyo Time. Banzai!

We know Dr M has been an admirer of the Japs which gave rise to his 'Look East' policy, but which I hope was not the reason he changed Peninsula Standard Time, wakakaka.

Anyway, when Malaysia under Dr M announced its intention, Singapore went into a tizzy, totally f*up kau kau. I wonder what exclamations and/or expletives must have been uttered in its cabinet, wakakaka.

But the lil' red dot had no choice except to kuai kuai tag along, and that I believe was the only and probably would be the last time Dr M bested LKY, wakakaka.

Congrats Tun ;-).


  1. Major Zaidi was fired from the RMAF for taking a matter to the public. I personally felt the punishment was excessive and unjust, though he technically violated military regulations.
    He did not touch on operational military matters, and the court should also have considered the Public Interest, because the indelible ink issue touched on the rights of every voter in the country.

    On the matter of AWACS. A military officer absolutely cannot go public on military matters, even I would not defend him, if Major Zaidi had gone public on the matter while still in the Air Force.

    He is free to comment on it now, as long as no military operational matters are divulged.
    He is still prohibited from exposing anything which was or was not discussed during his service. So , it is not possible for him to answer "during his umpteen years as the former OC of the F5E squadron whether he had put forward any policy proposals to do what he has accused Hishamuddin of not doing..."

    We should not blindly defend the Najib administration , no matter if the questions embarrass the administration and embarrass Malaysia in general.
    Wrong is wrong.

    If Malaysia had a properly functioning air defence system that fateful morning MH370 disappeared, many things could have been done in that crucial 1 hour or so the plane was still in Malaysian air space. The stupid rhetoric one UMNO guy asked - "Do you expect us to shoot down the plane ?' is just trying to cover up for serious inadequacies.

    There is a standard NATO SOP which was developed during the Cold War to intercept aircraft which are headed where they are not supposed to go. NATO carried out over a thousand intercepts of Soviet/ Warsaw Pact aircraft during those years, without a single plane being shot down.

    They involve
    a) Getting close (but at a safe distance) to the plane to get the pilot's attention
    b) Attempt radio communication over international distress frequencies, which all aircraft are supposed to constantly keep open.
    c) Turn on all navigation lights (especially at night)
    d) Weave across in front of the aircraft (at a safe distance)
    e) Turn on afterburner if necessary to get attention
    f) Fire warning shots across the front of the plane (this is a serious next to last step)
    g) An order to shoot down the plane would have to come from the highest level of authority, probably the President or Prime Minister depending on which country.
    Thankfully the last step was never carried out by NATO in over 30 years.

    It has been more than 1 year.....
    There is no sign that the Malaysian Government has taken any steps to ensure that such an incident cannot just slip past our air defence system....

    1. well, hasn't he pompously and openly criticized the current 'x' (time) standby as inadequate, which in itself is already a violation of military secrets, and in his eagerness to attack Hishamuddin for not doing certain things, shouldn't he tell us what he in turn has done for the number of years he was in the F5E squadron? What secret did I ask him to reveal what he had not already reveal?

      I don't think much of people who while in the establishment buat diam diam as they enjoyed the trappings and privileges but the moment they have been expelled they pandai condemned the institutions they had been in.

      And in what way have I defended the Najib administration? I am not like some people who see things as George Bush threatened, a la "either you're with us or against us", making those against Najib administration automatically heroes even though they lacked discipline as military officers and deliberately violated military instructions/orders while those who criticized people for violating military instructions as pro Najib Administration. There are people like me who support DAP but not people like Anwar or Zaidi

    2. walau ahnea, you seem to know quite a bit about f5e squadron, story la sikit. this bloke is now well qualified to join the '25 prominent club. lepas pencen or fired, baru ada lamphar buka mulut.

      below is an article by outsyed the box;

      Its About Time The Nation Paid Its Debt Of Gratitude To Yang Ariff Datuk Syed Ahmad Idid Syed Abdullah.

      if it is not accessible, you can refer wiki.

      briefly, he wrote a letter exposing what he believed to be corruption and wrong doings among some members of the judiciary. becos of that he retired (asked to retire of fired, wa pu chitao) at age of 58. (at that time judges retired at 65). this type of character earns my admiration, tabik spring.

    3. What character ? Get your facts right.
      The guy wrote an anonymous "Surat Layang" accusing various judges of misbehaviour.
      Those guys had no chance to defend themselves.
      Didn't even have the courage to put his name and face to it.

      Major Zaidi had 1000% more guts in my book, regardless that Ktemoc dislikes him intensely.

      This was a policy advocacy comprising chiefly of retired Senior US military officers. They are non-partisan , in not supporting any political party, but definitely not neutral. Frequently highly critical of US Defence policy.
      Former NATO Supreme Commander.
      One of the most sought after Defence commentators on US TV and cable.
      He has a knack for breaking down complex military issues into explanations which ordinary viewers can understand. Not necessarily neutral either.

      I suppose going by this logic, these retired officers should Shut The Fuck Up instead of being such respected and sought after opinion makers.

    5. credibility would be the key word. there are lots of differences between SENIOR retired officers, especially those known to be non-partisan, and a relatively junior DISMISSED officer who was found GUILTY of violating armed forces council instructions and who admitted in a MKINI interview he was against UMNO.

      An officer can have a political affiliation (vote the party/candidate he/she prefers) but should never openly or publicly show that political affiliation because such open partisanship would affect or even destroy discipline, morale and the apolitical nature of the military

      unless you're or had been in the military and trained correctly as a commissioned officer in a democracy you'd never understand the importance of and imperative in the apolitical characteristic of the military

    6. credibility would be the key word?

      which part the relatively junior DISMISSED officer who was found GUILTY of violating armed forces council instructions and who admitted in a MKINI interview he was against UMNO said is not credible?

    7. when he preposterously claimed that an AWACS could have averted the disappearance of MH370 - what bullshit has that been? if you have some inkling of aviation issues you'd have cringed at that far-fetched claim

      another issue that I dislike is the politicization of disasters, milking for example the sensitive matter of MH370 and over 200 dead/missing (let's be frank - they are all dead) - I once posted my disappointment with Lim KS for delaying my comment to correct a sensational posting about MH370 on his website. In fact I was annoyed at Lim KS for posting that unnecessary but very painful-to-relatives media speculation about MH370 crashing in an inverted position, when it's all speculations to the n-th ridiculous degree and of no value to the search or consolation to relatives, and in my opinion, other than to horrify, rile and anger the public

      it's bad enough for the relatives of the missing to have lost their loved ones and not for them to further suffer (emotionally and mentally) further preposterous speculations on how an AWACS plane could have "saved" MH370

    8. and HY, don't ever forget how a democratically elected PM Yingluck has been deposed by a military junta, made up of officers who strated off by ignoring their constitutionally sanctioned military instructions and rules to buat suka sendiri about their political preference/affiliations

      because power comes from the barrel of a gun, we must ensure those whom we authorize to hold a gun must be disciplined if they don't comply with rules and instructions

  2. Cibai Kaytee......while you itchy backside screwing Zaidi.......

    Hahahahaha......You are indeed a cibai, kaytee!

    Next move by Najib.........Hahahahaha.....This time truly gangnam DAP

    This is what happen when you refuse to whack najib. Just as Chamberlain appease cibai hitler........Hahahaha

    Read Micheal Foot's guilty men

  3. Riposte to Leviticus...

    When there is no Sheila around the next three hundred miles, a Sheep will do...

    Old Aussie bush saying.....

  4. It is not possible for a person to claim to be a good Muslim, and oppose Hudud.
    Hudud is a mandated by Islam.

    1. how many Islamic nations have implemented hudud? how many haven't?

    2. It's possible, too, for a person/group to claim to be a good Muslim by carrying out evil deeds haram in Islam!

      IS comes straight to mind!

      Good/bad Muslim is an open field interpretation & IT should remain a domain of god-&-person ONLY.

      Mis-interpretation of the Kalimah hududillah IS so clear cut & yet there r people who dare to claim ascendency in Islamic piety by following a set of hearsay Quranic interpretation, long lost in translation & time passage!

      These people SHOULD burn in neraka!!!!!

    3. Seriously, it seems that after years of biblical studies, kaytee has failed to understand that the conclusions from OT is......

      1) All men especially that cibai called kaytee fall short of God's glory
      2) Only by God's grace, you can be saved........

      See simple message, difficult to accept. Ego? Pride? Inferior complex mentality? Hahahahaha!

      When I read kaytee's remark on Zaidi's credibility and kaytee's reasoning on how Zaidi should react........reminds me of.........

      You know why I say that kaytee is a pontificating, pretentious BASTARD, a belligerent cibai fart, full of steaming COW DUNG.

      Mark 3:1-6New International Version (NIV)

      "Jesus Heals on the Sabbath
      3 Another time Jesus went into the synagogue, and a man with a shriveled hand was there. 2 Some of them were looking for a reason to accuse Jesus, so they watched him closely to see if he would heal him on the Sabbath. 3 Jesus said to the man with the shriveled hand, “Stand up in front of everyone.”

      4 Then Jesus asked them, “Which is lawful on the Sabbath: to do good or to do evil, to save life or to kill?” But they remained silent.

      5 He looked around at them in anger and, deeply distressed at their stubborn hearts, said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” He stretched it out, and his hand was completely restored. 6 Then the Pharisees went out and began to plot with the Herodians how they might kill Jesus."

      No wonder why few Athenians accept christ, think too much became permanent head damage

    4. so don't think, just place your extracted tooth beneath your pillow, wakakaka, and you'll be rewarded by the tooth fairy, wakakaka again

      now read this:

      The superior man does what is proper to the station in which he is; he does not desire to go beyond this. In a position of wealth and honor, he does what is proper to a position of wealth and honor. In a poor and low position, he does what is proper to a poor and low position. Situated among barbarous tribes, he does what is proper to a situation among barbarous tribes. In a position of sorrow and difficulty, he does what is proper to a position of sorrow and difficulty. The superior man can find himself in no situation in which he is not himself. - Confucius

    5. a man approached buddha asking him where should he go to find peace & happiness. buddha said - it's the spot where you are sitting now.

  5. Can a Buddhist deny the 8 Precepts ?
    Can a Christian deny the Gospel According to John ?

    Don't ask a Muslim to deny Hudud.

    1. 5 precepts daily, 8 precepts only once a week - but the precepts are about disciplining oneself, not about punishing others - PUNISHING OTHERS - worse, the punishments would be dealt out by an unquestionable unanswerable unaccountable priesthood caste who will become dictators as in the case of the Zouk monsters and the case of the Gombak pervert who blackmailed a woman into sucking his dick

    2. i think a buddhist can deny the 8 precepts. in fact no one give a damn. n i believe most never ask muslim to deny hudud. yr rpk sort of twisted logic sound pretty amateurish, blitish mali ka?

  6. Congrats to the Taliban Republic of Kelantan. One down, twelfe to go......

  7. I don't care much for Hudud.
    I worry more about the rising cost of living, GST, misallocation of government expenditure, corruption, "leakages", abuse of power....none of which Hudud addresses.

    And...yes....the folks still living in tents and no running water in parts of the Kelantan interior.

    However, I will criticise the DAP for its In-Your-Face confrontation with PAS. That is a sure recipe for PAS intransigence.

    DAP needs to learn the art of managing conflict with PAS and Malays in general.

    Malays do quarrel and criticise as much as anyone else, but it is usually done in an indirect and low key manner. It only gets ugly when things get completely out of hand.
    I thought the old time Chinese were also masters at the art of diplomacy.
    Maybe not the DAP Chinese.

    The way DAP is going about this reinforces the stereotype of the Ugly and Arrogant Chinese. Helps UMNO in the end....

    1. I do agree with you that today's DAP is seen to be too aggressive, appearing to Malays as not only ta'sopan santun but far worse, biadap. The DAP has too much western mentality and probably has forgotten the value and techniques of Asian style negotiations, which take pains to confer mucho face to even the losers

      However, having said that, PAS was equally intransigent. Everyone could see it was hell-bent on hudud. It really didn't care whether it succeeded but that it did was a bonus, as its objective was principally to out-Islam UMNO.

      see the Malay Mail Online for more discussions on PAS' aim

      in its silly belief, PAS reckons that DAP will eventually capitulate because of DAP's ultra keenness on Pakatan to overthrow BN in GE-14. But DAP must realize that if it is equally silly enough to still ally itself with PAS, it'll suffer its fate in 1999

    2. U put the blame on the Chinese about losing the mastery at the old time art of diplomacy.


      But, then the thinking of the modern M'sians across all section, nowadays, tends toward outward display of 'jantan-ness'. Yes????

      Nobody care, or want shadowy political play anymore.

      More so the Melayus, who used to uphold sopan santun & avoid biadapness in settling scores. No more, the ongoing policy NOW is attack is the best defense. & U want yr enermy knows u r attacking by openly declaring & confronting the issues at hand. No even umno, as indicated by the current display of mamak-vs-flom confrontation. No???

      So, why blame the Chinese M'sians, especially the Dapters?

      Another trace of ketuanan mentality - I can do what I object to, nobody else can!

    3. Ask that cibai kaytee how he is fuckingly biadap to the christians by dictaing them what name to use for God in bahasa melayu

      Fuck kaytee la

    4. Tuhan?


      then what about Elohim? Yahweh? Jehovah? El Shaddai? etc etc

      What about Aten?

    5. what about KT?????

    6. hahaha, kena pakai ketayap (skullcap) wor!, jadi tok kuning, tok hitam, tok hijau etc

      nowadays all the datok2 are promoted to tan sri already, don't give angkong ji anymore, kasi share tips.

  8. Why all the fuss about hudud.The bill will fail in parliament anyway.Pas knows it.It is Pas way to ploy for the heartland Malay votes.And Umno is tagging along for the ride,because it cannot afford to lose the Malay votes.Let the two try to outdo each other,and in the process screw each other's asses.

    1. bruno

      Agree with you that "the bill will fail in parliament anyway".
      But can non-Muslims sit back and not make "all the fuss" ?

      Before this, PAS had accepted the 'advice' by the then PM not to move forward with the introduction of the laws.

      But the present effort will bring to light all the possible obstacles, whether human or legal aspects, for hudud laws to be implemented in Kelantan. This will trigger the next series of actions for the proponents of the laws to find ways to remove those stumbling blocks. Wouldn't this represent a significant big step forward for the implementation of the laws ?


    2. The real thing would happen would be DAP mampus

      Gerakan and MCA are so damn shiok

      It is all kaytee's fault

  9. After winning in Kelantan, PAS intents to march to parliament.
    Not to prevail in general elections but to pass hudud laws !

    Voted for the moon party in the last GE, because I wanted PR to triumph.
    Learned my lesson. PAS, not again !


    1. Meanwhile MCA is extremely happy to see the death of DAP......

      And this cibai kaytee is still screwing Zaidi

      Big cibai

    2. when I think of sweetie Yingluck I have to reveal Zaidi's true nature

    3. looes 1.32

      These MCA people are happily and shamelessly belittling another group of their own kind as though the hudud laws don't concern them.

      The Taiwanese Fujian drama aptly describes them as

      "The 15 of July(lunar calender) duck doesn't know that death is imminent" !


  10. PAS walks the talk

    1. i think some pas fella wank the cock when it suit them, memang munafig.

  11. In Pakistan's case, the penalty prescribed by Hudood is so severe compared to the crime, e.g. robbery , courts have been loath to actually pass such sentences. Offenders end up receiving lighter sentences, negating the original intent of Hudood.

    Steps to take away judges' discretion in sentencing have met with much opposition, even though the majority of the heavily Muslim population supports Hudood.
    Clearly 1 size fits all penalty is dubious and even unjust, because crimes come in many forms and the severity of wrong-doing in each case varies, and should be taken into consideration in sentencing. Chopping off hands or legs irreversible.

    1. @ Hudood,
      Yours is a truly sensible, compassionate and humanistic way of looking at the matter. Good of you to share your thoughts.

      It's puzzling why the leading lights in PAS don't see things in this way even while they appear to be staunch muslims and ought to know that Islam enjoins its adherents to show compassion at all times.


  12. Anonymous10:46 pm, March 19, 2015

    yes, surat layang has no author's name. how was he discovered then? it is a case of 'kill the messenger' approach and the message is classified as nfa.

    1. Aidid himself explained how he was caught. The letter was typewritten, unnamed, unsigned. That is a fact.
      In those physical typewriter days, old typewriters developed their own unique imperfections.
      If you analysed the typewritten page, and had a suspected machine to compare to, you could do a very accurate match, like the way they match bullets to guns.
      They must have suspected him anyway, raided his house and seized the typewrriter.
      He didn't have the stomach to face a trial, so he agreed to resign quietly.

    2. the surat layang was the enabler that he chose to deliver his message (only he knows why he took the path). we damn well know who was the maharaja then. yes, i agree to a certain extent regarding his choice.


    this fella kept quiet for more than 70 years.

    1. apples and oranges. Jiang's case was about imminent threat to public health on which he had a direct role. what role has a military officer to speak INDEPENDENTLY to the press on indelible ink?

      there has grown an incorrect view that he was punished for reporting to teh police against the indelible ink - no, he was NOT!.and neither was his wife. he was court martialled for speaking out to the press without authorization, a role which went beyond his responsibilities as an UNIFORMED member of the public

    2. china = msia = one party sys - only u insist msia a 'true' democratic
      both jiang / zaidi r in the military, albeit diff role, both divulge something relate to public.
      jiang keep mum abt tiananmen, read his view y not easy 1 live under a authoritarian state to tell truth. he talked what he saw in 6.4 only after he become a 'hero', at least in the eye of commoners n the west.

      i never state who is right or wrong, those who support the communist chinese like umno /bn would definitely deem jiang a traitor, it is a apple vs apple in my view, perhaps a green vs a red one, a dictatorial vs a fake democracy.

      u shd know thailand history more than me, yingluck is not unique, just another episode not dissimilar to the past. yrs comparisoan is apple vs watermelon.

      the reality is most military n police never hide their political inclination toward umno/bn (freewill or no i dun know), but u pick on zaidi.

    3. China is as you mentioned a communist country and thus not a democracy. Malaysia is a democracy perhaps not a good one - if not a democracy how could Pakatan have won Kelantan, Penang, Selangor and in 2008 Perak and Kedah as well?

      Yingluck's party won by a landslide which has been why the cabal (military leadewrs, big business and members of royalty) saw no chance of ever winning the elections through democratic process and set the military on its coup d'etat. the military complied because military officers form part of the cabal. these are officers who do not respect democratic institutions where part of it is an apolitical military. the malaysian military for all its warts and deficiencies is still in general an apolitical entity.

      contrary to your claim that the military is pro UMNO, a significant number of military personnel supports the opposition and voted for them (democracy, yes?), in fact, since 1969. But this does NOT mean they like what Zaidi had been doing, his very politicized grandstanding samba with the media, without due authorization. It was a display of arrogant disrespect for military rules and instructions. As a tax paying citizen I'm glad to see such military officers leave and go where it would be more appropriate for their political interests, namely, a political party

    4. in fact he would have won my admiration if he had honorably resigned prior to making those media statements. the tax payers paid him a handsome salary to conduct business as an air force officer on national defence matters, not to pontificate on election issues such as indelible ink, which as an air force oficer he was limited to only making a police report. but he wanted media publicity which he should have done ONLY when he was free of his contractual-legal obligations to the armed forces - to wit, resign from the air force first

    5. Are you sure you are a Malaysian taxpayer ?
      Somehow I doubt it.
      Australian tax for sure, Zero Malaysian Income tax

    6. this fighter-pilot had crossed the line. whether is action seen as minor or threatened the national's security, it is him who single-handedly or unconsciously opened the door (tonggek means bent down) giving the powers that be best opportunity (bola tanggung) to send a very stern warning to anti-government servants generally and uniformed personnel especially.

      agreed that they must remain apolitical, sadly, it is only on paper la. should & real worlds are two diff things.

      i have been observing the speeches & press statements made by the chief of armed forces & from there i conclude that he is not apolitical. this has been happening since late 80s in all branches of institutions. separation of powers konon, peeraah!

    7. what the fuck has the blogger's income tax has to do with the discussion above ? small minded despicable with their personal attacks when they can't debate !

    8. and are you debating coherently? wakakaka - you can't even string a proper sentence together

  14. Aiyah , Mega Millions have "evaporated" in disreputable arms purchase awards with guilty brass getting away scot free. Isn't that treason?
    In China they line them up before a firibg squad and bill the family for the bullets.

    Major Zaidi's infraction was a minor matter, the decision to severely ounish him was political vengeance; very similar in nature to JAWI's vengeful pursuit of the Borders case.

    1. yes, you have a point, a good one, but if we look at the other side of the coin, Zaidi wasn't exactly keeping quiet after he was charged, when he continued salsa-ing and mambo-ing to the press. I believe (in my very personal opinion) he was indeed punished, not so much as poklitical revenge but more for such arrogant unrepentence

    2. Korporal,
      The level of malpractice in the Armed Forces have reached stratospheric heights during the tenure of the person who was the Defence Minister and now the Crime Minister. Whether he personally had anything to do with it, you judge for yourself.

      Many honest officers who continue to serve with integrity are frustrated and angry. But they cannot do or say anything. Because so much of this malfeasance involves military operations or weapons systems, they are forbidden to go to the public on it, even after they retire.
      Most understand that Major Zaidi broke the law, but privately applaud him for having the cojones to do what is morally right. Yes, many in the military quietly regard him as a hero of sorts.
      And don't think enlisted men don't know what's happening.

      That is how Lumut , almost a Navy town, became an Opposition seat in GE13. The combination of unhappy Navy men and Lumut town Chinese votes was enough to kick BN out of a seat they have held for 57 years.

      Rear Admiral (Rtd.) Mohd. Imran , now Lumut MP, recounts how the Navy command issued verbal orders forbidding their men from attending Opposition ceramahs during the GE13 campaign. They would be severely disciplined or even kicked out of the Navy if caught. Note - OPPOSITION Ceramahs.

      The Malaysian Military senior command is no longer Apolitical.

      Nevertheless, even the Navy command cannot stop Off-duty men from going "Makan" or buying groceries, so on the nights when Pakatan held their ceramahs, an amazing number of sailors suddenly decided to go for dinner or go shopping.

    3. So, this is the one-man-up code of the military;

      'Many honest officers who continue to serve with integrity are frustrated and angry. But they cannot do or say anything. Because so much of this malfeasance involves military operations or weapons systems, they are forbidden to go to the public on it, even after they retire.'

      Think deeper, was it the same as the Nazi soldiers saying what they did were just following order - militia protocol that KT is so hard-on to defense!

      It's ok to turn the militia upside-down, just bcoz the protocol dictates that u keep yr mouth shut since it involves national security!

      CB... running down the country - via militia cronyism, corruption & pure promotion of incompetent buddies who r willing to close their eyes - r not national security.... such logical thinking!

      A REAL disgrace to ALL those who fight to defense their country, so that CB , like u COULD talk cock!!!!!

    4. wow, comparing the malaysian military with nazi soldiers - brilliant! I think you have no clue as to the apolitical nature of the military in democracies.= you're the one talking cock, wakakaka

      take one example of an uniformed service, not the military but the police who are also required to be apolitical. Today, are the police apolitical? Of course NOT, and you don't like it, but ONLY because the police is on the BN side. Imagine if the police were to be on Pakatan side, how you would have rejoiced, and how your neighbours, relatives and friends who are BN supporters would be cursing (as you're now).

      that is why the military which is damn far more dangerous than the police must be apolitical, and must be disciplined to be apolitical, as the police should be as well. that some police officer are not apolitical is something to work on.

    5. CB, r u cock sure that the militia is apolitical in any democracy, lest M'sia?

      What smoke & cock r u sucking NOW?

    6. So, for a military man concerned about corruption and malpractice....
      You're damned if you speak up,
      Damned if you don't.
      DAMN ! What a fucked up country!

  15. "PKR opposes PAS’s hudud bill" FMT

    Why not much, much, much earlier ???


  16. Correction

    It's The Malaysia Insider not FMT.


  17. The vital "Apolitical" stance of the Malaysian Armed Forces was lost quite some time ago, principally due to the active condonence and cooperation of Senior officers at the Highest levels in favour of BN/UMNO.

  18. "i think some pas fella wank the cock when it suit them, memang munafig."

    What a wanker statement. A piece of total fabrication. Hudud has been there for millenia.

    - hasan

  19. The Kelantan State Assembly showed an excellent level of mature bipartisanship, don't you think ?

    Or is your support for "Marture Politics "conditional on if the outcome is agreeable to you?

  20. Since Sharia only accepts as a reliable witness one who has recited the Shahada, i.e. a Muslim; how does a non-Muslim Kelantanese who was robbed or raped get justice if the witnesses were Non-Muslims?

  21. Kyemoc deserves to be burned and raped for his opposition to Hudud.

    1. Anon 9.35

      Are you going to burn and rape me as well ?


  22. If corruption is interpreted as a form of theft against the People, I think 70% of the Muslims in the BN Cabinet (or is it 100% ?) would lose hands and feet ubder Hudud.

    Somehow, I like the idea, barbaric as it might sound.

  23. The insistence of Hudud on multiple Muslim witnesses, will ensure that rape will become a most unreported crime, and almost impossible to convict. Circumstantial evidence e.g. injuries to the victim, semen traces are not recognised.
    DNA tests came 1,300 years after Hudud, so they are not recognised.

    By its very nature , rape is a crime which is committed behind closed doors , or in dark, secluded spots. Many rapes are committed by a person who has authority or control over the victim. An older relative, an employer, a supervisor. Where to get witnesses ?

    By the standards of Hudud, Canny Ong's rapist and murderr would have walked away a free man, since the evidence was very strong, but still circumstantial.

    As further proof of the convoluted logic of Hudud, once a female rape complainant fails to secure the required proof against the accused, she could be faced a severe punishment for a false accusation.
    The most extreme case was in Saudi Arabia 2006, where a woman became pregnant as a result of gang-rape.
    Since she couldn't proof rape - the only people present were the perpetrators - the stupid logic of Hudud concluded that the pregnancy was evidence she committed Zina - adultery, and was sentenced to 90 (!)lashes.

    Hudud has all the ingredients of an unjust law and shame on PAS for pushing it for sheer political gain.

  24. Don' t confuse Hudud PAS with Hudud Quran

    Nama saja sama

  25. PKR is wrong to deny Hudud

    Hudud punishments are mandated in the Koran.
    How can you claim to be a good Muslim if you deny Allah's law?

    "As to the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands: a punishment by way of example, from Allah, for their crime: and Allah is Exalted in power."

    — Quran 5:38

    1. Is lying a sin in Islam? Under Hudud, what is the punishment?