Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DAP 'amputating' PAS gone wrong!

I'm rather disappointed with what we see as the DAP recent tactic vis-a-vis PAS and its hudud. I feel DAP has mangled (f**kup) its handling of the sorry situation. But before I come to that, let's quickly recap what I remember of DAP, the political party that I have shown my support for, though not as a card carrying member. Please advise where I am incorrect in my history of DAP's political aspirations.

Years ago the DAP standing by its lonesome self and performing bloody well to public expectations and satisfaction had modest and reasonable aim, eg. of winning majority rule in Penang. Timing was the problem. Thus bad timing then for the DAP saw their Project Tanjung went kaput.

That's because in those earlier days, Penangites by their conservative nature (disparagingly described as the kedukut mentality) were and presumably still are very cautious about changes, as (the late) Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP were to discover in those early days of Malaysia.

LKY on seeing the massive Penang crowd attending his election rallies on the island would have been encouraged into fantasizing that the then Chinese-dominated state would run straight into the open arms of papa, but alas for him, Chinese Penangites saw LKY as what they had previously viewed Anwar Ibrahim, a political curiosity to listen to for the night's entertainment at the City Hall padang, to be followed by a late night repast at the Esplanade's hawkers corner, probably of jiu-hoo-eng-chai (blanched cuttlefish and kangkung laden with chillie & hoisin sauce and grilled sesame seeds), satay (wakakaka), lor-bah (haram stuff, wakakaka), koay-teow-t'ng (koay teow noodle soup with fishballs and meat) and rojak, .....

..... but not someone to vote for ..... after all he was a Sing in Penang, wakakaka.

Yes sir, timing was everything because the "original" Gerakan Party hit the right spot at the right time in May 1969, winning by a landslide. Penangites by then had had enough of Wong Pow Nee and his Perikatan. Yes, beautiful timing for Lim Chong Eu and gang.

Gerakan ruled for 40 years. Despite their incrementally changing character from the great Gerakan of 1969 into an UMNO underling, made worse by the UMNO 'divide & rule' (inherited from the Brit master) of Chinese-based parties by pressuring Gerakan to give up several of their seats to their mortal enemy MCA, so that the two Chinese* mortal foes in their divided political existence could never combine to confront Penang UMNO.

* Gerakan has been mainly Chinese, and for simplicity sake, will be described here as a Chinese-based political party. It's also useful to remind ourselves that when Lim Keng Yaik joined Gerakan in the early 70's he and his so-called young turk reformers were all hardcore MCA people who didn't get along with Tan Siew Sin, thus Gerakan became even more Chinese.

Despite all above, BN-UMNO, wakakaka, continued to rule Penang for four decades. That was because, as mentioned, Chinese Penangites had been very very conservative especially in politics and didn't want to change their political preference ...

... until 2008!

DAP then had a reasonable aim, namely, to deny BN-UMNO their 2/3 majority. The GE-12 results exceeded the DAP's expectation for they in collaboration with their Pakatan allies, not only denied BN-UMNO its 2/3 majority but majority rule in Penang as well ..... indeed to their own enormous surprise as they admitted they weren't quite prepared to rule. Jeff Ooi with just a MBA became top honcho (Chief of Staff) to Lim GE.

Personally I was rapt because Lim KS had finally realized both his political objectives. I had feared he might not have seen what he wanted achieved prior to his political retirement. He deserved realizing his dreams.

I was informed that in more than one way, Pakatan achieved their dazzling results because of Dr M, yes, none other, wakakaka.

One was his serial undermining of AAB, while another was as said, that in his hey days as PM he wanted federal constituencies to have the Malay:Chinese/Indian ratio of around (rough round figures) 60:40, as he assessed the nons in general would be his strongest supporters. He was proven right in 1999 and his successor AAB also benefited from his legacy in 2004.

But those constituencies were to subsequently become probably his major regret since 2008, resulting in that infamous racist insults Apa lagi Cina mahu and Najib's Chinese tsunami. Incidentally I riposted to the former with my letter to Malaysiakini titled Apa lagi UMNO mahu? wakakaka.

Dr M hadn't considered the possibility of PAS and DAP ever joining up in what he must have considered as The Unholy Trio, wakakaka, thanks to his erstwhile protege, Anwar Ibrahim. Those 60 Malay to 40 Non constituencies, so effective previously in stalling DAP and PAS individually in their political aspirations, have become precariously dodgy for BN against the new Unholy Trio, what with a moribund MCA and MIC.

May 2013 - wonderful news regardless of our remarkable EC which saw, just as an example, its ridiculous gerrymandering Grand Canyon-ish chasmic blasphemy in the Putrajaya vs Kapar constituencies, allowing the BN to continue to rule despite winning only 46% of the overall federal votes. And it was wonderful news because Pakatan won a shocking 52% of the votes.

What f* denial of the 2/3 majority to BN? Hey man, Pakatan has won the majority of votes! Okay, so gerrymandering might have prevented Pakatan from forming the new government, but nonetheless, that means they are sweetly poised to win in the next general election.

So with Pakatan garnering about 52% of the federal votes, there grew a new ecstatically exciting expectation, of Pakatan seizing Putrajaya by GE-14.

But alas, Pakatan is made up of three component parties, each with its own ideology and aspirations, and there's no political ideology more diverse in nature and character than PAS' Islamic theocracy and DAP's socialist secular democracy, though at times I wonder about DAP's claim secularism when a couple of its pollies would forget themselves in their halellujah-ing, wakakaka.

To cut discussions short since I am sure you all have been following the recent poisonous exchange of angry words between PAS and DAP, the honeymoon is over for these two parties. Gone are the days when PAS would praise Lim GE for his humbleness, or DAP's pollies would sprout Quranic verses (after clearing them with Tok Guru, in reality a form of manja-bodek, wakakaka), or DAP thinking of using PAS banner, and PAS offering it, for the 2013 general elections.

But DAP and PAS both want Pakatan to continue as there are mutual benefits but each has its own constituency to answer to. Invariably, with the two having totally different political ideology, there isn't going to be a win-win situation, more so when PAS under Pak Haji Hadi Awang's leadership decided to go solo on its hudud flight. So the DAP ack-ack guns had to be swung into action to shoot the hudud flight down, wakakaka

UMNO, MCA and Gerakan wait happily though anxiously in the wings like hungry grinning wolves for the two so-called Pakatan allies to go centrifugal, with the latter two jeering at DAP. Sadly there's some truth in DAP (perhaps unwittingly and indirectly) encouraging PAS in its Islamic drive, what with Lim GE referring to some great Caliph as the model for good governance and if I recall correctly, Nga from Perak dropping Quranic verses off his lips as if those were Canto sweet-nothings.

PAS on its part seems to be in a self-delusional world of its own, believing it has the support of DAP in its total Islamic ambition. It once criticized Karpal Singh as the sole obstacle to its theocratic aspiration, as if every other DAP pollies were on its side. Today, after its insistence on implementing hudud it blamed DAP as the sole obstacle while it believed other Chinese Malaysians don't mind. Its party president could even bring himself to say some Chinese still have a soft spot for the party.

But I don't agree with what DAP has done, selecting Pak Haji Hadi Awang as the man to be (politically) amputated - excuse the naughty pun - so as to save the general PAS body. The series of DAP insults and condemnations via the media against Pak Haji have virtually turned him into an Islamic hero, a martyr, and will no doubt force even the Erdogens to come to his defence.

How can DAP save the general PAS body when the wounds it has inflicted on Pak Haji has undoubtedly turned the entire PAS gangrenous to DAP's strategy?

The biadap-ish 'amputation' has been badly conceived and crudely and insensitively executed. DAP has in the process alienated the general neutral Malay by its biadap-ish aggression against a senior ulama who's still highly respected by significant segments of the Heartland.

So sadly, I have to conclude that today's DAP is seen to be too aggressive, appearing to Malays as not only ta'sopan santun but far worse, biadap. I feel that the DAP, for all its Malaysian-ness, has too much western political mentality and probably has also forgotten the value and techniques of Asian style negotiations, which take pains to confer mucho face to even the losers.

However, having said that, PAS in the person of Pak Haji and his ulama cohorts were arrogantly intransigent. Everyone could see it was hell-bent on hudud, and to hell with every other considerations including those of its ally. Did it expect DAP to commit political seppuku by supporting hudud?

PAS really didn't care whether it succeeded in its hudud drive, which if it did would of course be a bonus, as its objective was principally to score Islamic political points to stay in power - for more, see the Malay Mail Online's Three things we learned from: Kelantan’s hudud ambition.

Perhaps, in its silly wishful belief, PAS reckons that DAP will eventually capitulate because of DAP's ultra keenness on Pakatan to overthrow BN in GE-14.

But I must assert that DAP in its silly gambit in (politically) amputating Pak Haji from the PAS body has done more harm for itself. It must realize that if it is equally silly enough to still ally itself with PAS, there's a possibility that it will probably suffer its same fate of 1999.

I bet the majority of non-Muslim voters have by now written off PAS, so by continuing association with the party which wants hudud, the DAP may be viewed as a disgusting underling of PAS - don't worry, MCA and Gerakan will be working like mad to press home this perception.

The DAP would have been better off by having a clean breakoff with PAS, minus all those unpleasant ravings and rantings about Pak Haji. Let the Erdogens themselves take appropriate actions on how they would want to continue with DAP in Pakatan. Besides, by vilifying the old man, how would offended Malay voters consider the DAP, especially its Malay candidates like Ariff Sabri, Dyana Sofya and more?

But even if the voters were to forgive DAP for its obsession with allying itself with PAS to take Putrajaya, there is still a very important unanswered question, namely, where is the shadow cabinet?

How will Pakatan deal with that, which thus far, it has cowardly evaded the issue, such a pressing one. It's an issue that's better dealt with now, or sadly, NEVER!

Indeed, how can we expect a stable Pakatan government following GE-14 if it can't even have an agreed shadow cabinet at this stage?

Consider the MB shambles in Selangor following the idiotic Kajang Satay manoeuvre, and now picture the utter chaos of a Pakatan government deciding on the cabinet only after winning GE-14. If Pakatan can't deal with the shadow cabinet NOW, forget about being a coalition. 


  1. kt, a belated advice, i think yr writing all this while demonstrate that this is what u want from dap, in a inexplicit manner. i still believe the best strategy is to nominate hadi as opposition leader. read laozi sunzi la, u read too much bible.

  2. Well,it is what one would say "having your balls caught between a rock and a hard place".Do Kaytee know how painful it is to have one's balls caught or squeezed between the legs of a sawhorse.Serves these stupid politicians right for having foul mouths of parrots.

  3. What has Hudud got to do with any non-Moslem citizen or party?

    It applies only to Moslems. As far as non-Moslems are concerned, if ever Hudud replaced the Civil Laws by amending the Constitution by force or on the sly, it will mean the breakup of Malaysia. Investments will flee the country cos like it or not, non-Moslems will always see Hudud laws as biasness towards Moslems favor since it is meant only for Moslems. Worst case it may lead to a civil war as what happened in Lebanon.

    A big question Pas should ask themselves is "What to choose first, something like choosing between which comes first as a Malaysian or Malay? Is it Malaysian first and Moslem second or Moslem first and Malaysian second?" No second guessing since most PAS members would likely opt for Moslem first.

    As far as for UMNO, it has always been a flip flop answer. One minute it is "Malay first, next minute it is Malaysian first and now it is Moslem first."

    For ordinary Moslems who are labelled liberal, moderates etc and Moslem politicians caught between not be seen as blasphemous or playing politics, in order to get out of this quandary, the likely answer to this is likely "It's PAS Hudud laws, so I don't need to support it"

    It's just pure hypocrisy by everyone debating this cos the end result is actually to choose between country or party.

    Who actually are patriotic towards the country? Moslems or non-Moslems? Bumis or Non-Bumis? Malays or non-Malays?

    The final outcome in years to come May just be an Act to ban religion from all spheres of political, education, public administration etc.

    And see the final demise of PAS as a political party.

    PAS has just began digging it's own grave for the future.

  4. DAP has a "ji le" (chicken rib)
    Tasteless but wasteful to discard !


    1. Wrong quote!

      曹操之鸡肋,食之无味,弃之可惜 has nothing to do with the circumstances facing DAP now.

      Instead DAP should take the bull by the horn & sever the link with PAS, without any second thought.

      The lingering & tempting possibility of gaining Melayu support via PAS's linkage is a fallacy in the same proportion as LKY's initial thought of joining Malaya to form a greater good for ALL Malaysian.

      Nothing, but sentimental thinking on the part of LKY for the majority of the Chinese M'sians that he was forced to left behind.

      & it took umno's hand to force LKY to get out of the federation & chart the new chapter for S'pore. & S'pore never looks back since!

      The new Melayus have awaken in M'sia - no thanks to years of umno cronyism & corruption. Islam is still binding BUT liberal & modern interpretation of the Quran have combined to create a new understanding in Islamic enlightenment among a growing number of Melayus.

      Thus, if DAP would to go on his own, thing might turn out right. Though the initial period could be tough!

      At least, the Huduh baggages r gone & there is a chance for M'sians, especially the East M'sians, to see what DAP can do, without all those compromises.

      BN is done with, as umno has sink deeper into his self-dug hole. This is the time!!!!

    2. Anon 3.27

      Thank you for pointing out the inaccuracy.


    3. That mamak has the same thought as u, except whose the 鸡肋!

      Deep down he still suck at the thought that he is NO MATCH for Lau Lee.

    4. I assume Anon 3.27 & 10.34 are the same person.

      I don't share the same thought as the old medicine man.

      DAP wants to throw away all the Hadi(s) but keep the Mat Sabu(s). That's not an easy task.

      While you're suggesting that "DAP should take the bull by the horn & sever the link with PAS". This would be a difficult decision to make. DAP has yet to arrive at this drastic step. But whatever move DAP decides to take, let's continue to support the party.


  5. If PR will to name its PM and cabinet ministers, BN will start attacking these people just like they did to Anwar. Is it wise?

    Najib still had not made his stand about hudud whether he is for or against.

    This nation seems to be leaderless when Najib is so silent on important issues.

    Hadi Awang hardly attend PR meetings and is uncooperative. What you expect DAP to do? There are good members in PAS who are cooperative. Can DAP sever ties with all of them? It will be even more unwise. DAP also have to be answerable to their voters who voted for them. And they had to do something. I think at the moment that is what is best. Wait and see what happened next. Whatever DAP decides, MCA and Gerakan will still criticize them, so let it be. No need to lose sleep over it.

    1. We should demand an answer from kaytee on how that cibai kaytee is so silent when it comes to najib.

      Why? Is it because Rosie's big boobies would suffocate him especially hers are pressed upon cibai kaytee that kaytee is frightened of her

      Just like what Jezebel did to Elijah. Hahahahaha!

  6. 1. no shadow cabinet, only wayang kulit (shadow play). comes pru14 umno/bn will still be in control. this is the reality, whether we like it or not. there are 56 parliamentary seats in east malaysia (in pru13 pakat-an only managed 9) out of 222 meaning they control 25% with only 15% of electorate. bila bn boleh kalah?

    2. we have to admit that for now, umno (baru) is still the grand sifu in politics. they
    played along with pas in the ‘recent event’ only to be halted at the council of rulers (as I understand). now umno (baru) can tell the whole world that they are not against hudud. pas still never learn from their mistake (in fact they are many), e.g. in the last elections they lost 7? seats due to allah word. among major casualties are mat sabu & dr dzulkefly ahmad.

    3. umno(baru) works on survival (to be in control forever), pas is very emotional, eager to punish people and dap must learn about sopan santun. this is malaysia for now.

  7. Meanwhile......

    Hahahahaha! Is this what cibai kaytee want?

  8. Hudud is part of Islam. It is the the law given to Muslim by Allah. It does not apply to non muslim. I dont understand why the non muslims are against the hudud and they said that it is barbaric.By saying that the non muslim have actually offended the Muslims. Frankly I think the non muslim should not have this kind of thought. Non muslim should really understand the law first before making any comments. I say this because some muslim too do not fully understand it. Oh yes they (muslim and non muslim alike) do understand that if you steal /rob someone your hand will be chop off. But it is not that simple. Even though if you are found guilty of stealing or robbing somebody hudud might not applies. There are certain conditions that are to be justify. This is because hudud is meant not for punishment but to educate people. If you think you are a good citizen and a good human being and never do any wrong (the kind mention in the hudud) why afraid of it. Some said that it is not fair. If a muslim and a non muslim gang up together and commits a robbery, the muslim hand will be chop off but the non muslim's will not. This is why, they said it is unfair. Like I said hudud is for the muslims and muslims know the penalty for such crime.So where is the unfairness when one knows exactly what he or she is up against. If you know the penalty of speeding is RM300 but you still speed. Is it unfair if you were to be fine RM300? You have been warn earlier. Likewise, by saying that it is unfair, non muslim is also implying that to be fair, the non muslim hands to must be chop off. In Islam how can that be. You are not a muslim and therefore not subject to Islamic law. It is only unfair if the non muslim is subjected to hudud. If I want to clear all my sins should I carry a kavadi like my Hindu brothers? Hindu belief they can wash all of their sins by carrying the kavadi but muslim dont. But Muslims never stop the Hindus from carrying the kavadi because muslims know that it is their religion teaching and they are doing it to fulfill their religion obligation and it does not hurt the Muslims. So why when the Muslims wants to fulfill their religion obligation, the non muslims strongly object. It is not my intention to offend the non muslim out there (my apology to the Hindus for using the kavadi as an example). It is true there is no compulsion in Islam. But one has to understand that this mean one cannot force someone else to embrace Islam.One have to embrace Islam willingly but once you are a muslim you have adhere to the teaching and laws. It just the same with any other religion. If you are a Hindu or a Christian or a Buddhist you are subjected to its teaching and law and the people from a different faith has no right to stop you from fulfilling your religion obligation. So again I ask, why the objection?. I want to understand why?

    1. Malaysia is not an Islamic Theocracy.
      Syaria law is not the Supreme Law of Malaysia. The Malaysian Constitution is. Until the day you can get the Constitutional amendment that Syaria is the Supreme law of the land (such as in Pakistan).
      Under the Constitution, Syaria laws cover Muslim personal matters such as Marriage, Divorce and Inheritance. In addition, personal offences against Islamic religion, such as Zina, Drinking Alcohol in public, eating in public during Fasting month etc.
      These are purely personal offences - they are not an offence committed against somebody else or some other organisation.
      All non-personal offences are considered offences against the State. Murder, Robbery, Rape, Theft, Syaria law (and that includes Hudud) has no authority over this.

      Many criminal cases in Malaysia involve a Muslim/ non-Muslim accused and a non-Muslim / Muslim victim or victims. Saying Hudud only involves Muslim accused is unworkable in Malaysia for this very reason.

      The push for Hudud is a disrespect of the fact that Malaysia is a multi-religious country , EVEN Kelantan.

    2. Just like shariah laws are not applicable to non-Moslems but when it comes to cases of where both Moslems and non-Moslems are involved, the civil court judges suddenly found themselves subservient to shariah courts due to religious obligations.

      For non-Moslems, they are not blind to so many cases happening around them and seeing no justice done in some cases.

      No one is blind and no need to be pretentious of such happenings.

    3. The non Muslims also want to ask why......why must they close their business for 2 hours every Friday when they don't go for the Friday prayers ? And these businesses are meant only for non Muslim customers, like in the eatery business.

      Why must their hair saloon business have to have separate premises for male and female unisex one-for-all hair saloons ? And these hair saloons cater only for the non Muslim clients only.

      Why must the school canteens be closed during puasa month and their non Muslim students have to go into hiding when having their lunch break, with some eating in toilets or near the toilets and with some eating along the drains in the school compounds....all having to bring their own food during that fasting months ? Why ???

      Why non Muslim couples going on dates and having some alone-time in parks, cars and holding hands strolling along garden paths subject to harassment from the religious khalwat police ? Why ?? After all they are non Muslims and not subject to Islamic laws ?

      Why do Jakim and some leaders in Johore announced that when hudud is implemented, the non Muslims will be equally subjected to hudud, not unlike those in Brunei now.

      The above are just some questions the non Muslims want to ask too? Also they now no longer ask why body snatchers happen, why weddings are disrupted, why children are not returned to their mothers even when the civil court awarded that rights to the mothers.......

      There are so many flaws and pitfalls with hudud if implemented in a multiracial and multi religious country like ours.....and many, including the enlightened Malays themselves, have written in to clearly state that they too oppose hudud. One link here written by a non Muslim explore some of the pitfalls and dangers

      And to claim that hudud is divine and directly from Allah.....please do read OutSyedTheBox who have listed out the number of times hudud were mentioned in the Quran which has absolutely nothing to do with the PAS's hudud, and that most of the hudud punishment like stoning are not even mentioned in the Quran.

      Muslims like to claim that Islam is the religion of the Federation, but actually this is a fallacy. Religion of the Federation only in the sense that Islamic laws covered only in the ceremonial, marriage, property inheritance and some light rulings with limits set for punishment in the Sharia courts. It gave no rights for Muslims to trying to push the whole country into an Islamic state with a theocratic governance, which basically is the fantasy dream of PAS and some hard liners in Umno and PKR. This is absolutely against our Federal Constitution which are basically secular in nature.

    4. Dr Asri : Hudud based on Ijtihad is not divine....

  9. I'm quite resigned to the fact that, like the olden day empires, BN will rule Malaysia until the day Malaysia collapses and either Implodes or Explodes as a country.
    Most likely this will occur due to a combination of Economic and Social/Racial / Religious collapse.
    Sabah / Sarawak in themselves, with most people thinking it is disloyal to not vote for BN, ensure perpetual BN rule. Add to that the Kampung Malays, and BN rules forever.

    The most that can be hoped for is for an effective opposition, and a shadow cabinet is essential for that. Each government Ministry has an Opposition 'Shadow' who earns his keep learning all the facts about the focus Ministry, and ensures he can be an effective oversight of the government.

  10. As untrustworthy as BN may be, one must admit that it is a more organized and structured coalition.

    I see PR as having no purpose other than removing BN from power.

    Wonder whether we're heading the direction of Egypt. Removing Hosni Mubarak only to be replaced by Muslim Brotherhood. The recipe is similar. Majority Muslim... Strong Islamist fundamentals led by PAS.

    No money to migrate. How?

    1. PR is useless, Opposition for Opposition Sake.
      I'm determined not to support them after the Kajang Move.

  11. DAP's response to PAS Hudud has been incoherent, inept and puzzling, in addition to being perceived by many Muslims as arrogant and even downright insulting.
    I suspect most of it is meant for consumption of its Chinese base support. PAS's Hudud is also meant to prop up its base.
    These two are both sopping to their respective cores but in the process, they will lose most of the swing voters they gained in GE 12 and GE 13.
    BN and Najib are meanwhile playing all their cards just right.

    BN can delay the PAS Private Members Bill almost indefinitely since historically, they get no priority compared to Government business. Najib can stay with statesman-like silence while DAP and PAS tear at each other's throats. By the time Najib goes public with his position in a few months time, DAP and PAS would have fatally wounded each other.

  12. Over the last few years DAP has often given a "nudge and wink" to PAS indicating they were comfortable with PAS's Islamist agenda.

    The video of Lim Guan Eng saying PAS has a right to pursue its Islamic agenda could have been understood as tacit agreement to proceed with Hudud........

    Like the girl who lay on the bed semi-naked with a guy, then changed her mind at the last second, its a bit too late to scream and shout now..... fuck DAP....

  13. KT,

    So so sorry for out of the subject discussed.

    BUT u SHOULD be man enough to admit yr poor/biased/hearsay research on the advancing of the clock by 1 hr, as a triumph of that mamak's ego!

    Read from the horse mouth - in Chedet by mahathir;

    'It was a friendly call and he immediately agreed to my proposal that the Malaysia and Singapore times which had always been the same should be advanced by half an hour.'

    So congrat to whom....ehhhhh....

    1. can we cross-check with LKY?

    2. Typical loser talk!

      U know where is LKY now & yet u r asking him to verify mamak's claim?

      2 things come to mind - either u never trust what the mamak had said, despite yr transient ampu-ing him, or u r going to do something drastic to meet LKY for confirmation of that clock issue!

      Judging from yr wakakaking character, it's VERY unlikely that u would do the later.

      But, then if u dont trust yr mamak idol THEN why 'quote' him & praise him in the 1st place?


      Or, indeed u r in sleep with ms muppet for whatsoever gain!

      Tell u what - know why even in his death, LKY wouldnt accept ANY condolences from that CB ex-president of Taiwan, Lee Teng-hui? Ma Ying-jeou is ok, even though the visit is quietly done so as not to annoy Taiko, China.

      Bcoz, in the eye of LKY, Lee Teng-hui is the one truly running dog of the Chinese people, ALL OVER the world, for his openly Showa-worshipping in the face of Jap atrocities done to the Chinese.

      It would be too much credit to group u with that Lee. But, then who knows - muppet & u would be keen 2ndary follower of that trace!

    3. sadly, you're another of those Bush-ites in your "either you're with us or against us" perception. If I had quoted Dr M or even praised from time to time it doesn't mean I support him or for that matter, am against him. It means I had evaluated what was worth quoting or worth praising. My advice to you is not to see Malaysian politics in just black and white. I may eb a DAP supporter but that doesn't mean I'll always support every one of their policies; au contraire I'd chew them up as I had from time to time when I believed they have been wrong.

      Both LKY and Dr M have been known to be muda lupa, wakakaka, or more precisely in the case of LKY, remember things as he saw to his credit - on this I have posted "LKY mentioned one British PM (James Callaghan?) as having praised his (LKY) speech as significant, I read that British PM’s book to verify how true LKY's assertion was, and found only a fleeting reference to LKY, certainly lots less than what Big-Head had inflated it into."

      Also read my post where he recalled and speculated possibilities to his credit

      Thus I am not prepared to accept Dr M's claim that LKY was easy going enough to accept the time change. If you have the resources and time, do investigate into Sing newspapers on what LKY said when Dr M made that Malaysian Standard Time decision

    4. so when u met yr match & locked tongue tight, u deleted the post!

      what a man!

      BTW, do u know what's a google cache...ouchx2..

      indeed, very well train under yr half anmoh sifu. Especially that part about "either you're with us or against us" perception.

      u start to show yr tail....

    5. "deleted the post"? = which one - don't just talk cock as you like

  14. There is a repute piece about the 1hr clock advance proposed by the mamak, briefly listed on yr blog yesterday night. Perhaps on 2nd thought, u bea' tahan (or out of a minute sense of shame) & deleted it subsequently.

    Apparently, a rigorous search was done on the Sing paper had been done on this subject. It turns out that u were doing cherry-picking on newspaper stories.

    The most telling one would be about LKY's suggestion about grouping in Thailand & Indonesia & the mamak hesitated & then went unilateral without further consultation.

    Also reputed was about LKY's vainglorious claim, which is TOTALLY against his character. This claim was NOT there in the 1st place as reported by u!

    Mamak has a known selective amnesia, while u r beginning to know for yr cherry-picking in story telling. In that regard, u need to spend some more time with yr half anmoh sifu before u can qualify for yr cockaroo writing!

    I would withhold that google cache, so as to REMIND u from now on. WWW has a self-watching inbuilt mechanism. BE WARNED!

    U CAN delete this piece, as my intention is JUST for u to know. The readers, out there, can judge for themselves!

    1. stop being a moron - here's the post on change fo standrd time -

      can't even find the post, wanna blame - pordah

    2. oh, I'm gonna see if you'd apologize for your stupid accusation, wakakaka

    3. Who's the moron?????

      Did u read carefully what's been written????

      & how dare u used yr own trash to justify yr claim????

      Wondering whether u dare to publish it in S'pore. Even though LKY is no longer there, I'm sure his children would carry on his legacy of suiting u till yr last dollar!

      BTW, want to see the google cache? Keep wakakaking lah, u need it for self-amusing & massaging yr ego.

      Hmmm... again, u do learn well from that half anmoh about managing bruised ego!!! That is a credit due.

    4. i.m not sure why I am tolerating a moron like you - okay, show me the google cache, but unless you do I'll close this useless conversaton for good, wakakaka

    5. and by that abusive term "half anmoh" I'm guessing you mean RPK. Why rail against him over here - I'm not his keeper. Lack the guts to have it out with him at his blog? wakakaka

    6. "half anmoh" is an abusive term?

      What about half bugis? Half Thai? Half ahnei?

      U do go bongo, big time when u dont get yr bruised ego massages. Yes????

    7. Malaysians or not malaysians - why half this half that?

    8. I am beginning to suspect kaytee is related to lim yew hock. You know what happen with yew hock especially he is frollicking with stripper called nelson at down under

  15. DAP should consider forming a coalition government with Umno and help the corrupt party change itself. Frankly there is no other way. MCA and Gerakan are dead. Negotiate if DAP must, but it cannot continue its political masturbation and expect others to achieve similar orgasms.

    1. Hahahaha! like what sp seenivasagam did. What had become of ppp? l rest my cibai case