Saturday, January 10, 2015

Zahid the new police target?

TMI - Zahid tarnished our reputation, cops say over letter on gambling kingpin

bloody police, wish I was still in Defence

Disbelief has turned to anger among members of the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) who feel the force's reputation has been tarnished by Home Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi with his letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) vouching for a Malaysian gambling kingpin charged with illegal betting in the US.

Police are upset that Zahid's letter contradicted intelligence work on Paul Phua Wei Seng, whom police have found to be involved in triad activity, and who is now facing illegal sports betting charges in Las Vegas, Nevada, after being arrested during the FIFA World Cup 2014.

Zahid had also failed to follow procedure in issuing the letter to the FBI unilaterally, as well as not checking facts on Phua before sending it, they said.

A senior police officer told The Malaysian Insider that as the home minister, Zahid should have sought legal advice before penning the letter.

Before we start to syiok sendiri-ishly wank ourselves (wakakaka) regarding this bloody damning revelation about Zahid, we need to note the revelation has been by an un-named police officer. I prefer to see the IGP or a named senior police officer put his dhoby mark on the above statement ..... so that Zahid can't squirm out of it.

And I'll come to the significance of an un-named police source shortly, wakakaka. 

name him correctly and win a date with Dyana Sofya [to be confirmed, with Shahrizat Ah Goo (wakakaka) in lieu if Dyana has a prior engagement] plus a candlelight dinner for two (sorry, no champagne)


just to motivate you into participating in my above competition
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But mind you, regarding the allegation about a 14K connection with Phua Wei Seng, TMI reported that the IGP ... Khalid had appeared to be defending police findings concerning Phua.

While he said that the 14K triad did not exist in Malaysia, he told news portal Malaysiakini that "there are Malaysians abroad who are known to be members of the triad."

"How people wish to interpret this statement (above) is up to them,” Khalid had said, according to Malaysiakini.

Aiyah, still not enough to say, "Aha! Gotcha" to Zahid, wakakaka.

But given such a damning revelation about Zahid, no doubt by an un-named police source, wouldn't it be proper parliamentary procedure for Zahid to stand aside until the allegations can be ascertained one way or the other?

Will Najib take action against someone, one apparently from his 'camp'? 

We now return to the un-named police source, wakakaka.

Being a conspiracy theorist wakakaka, when I read about a police reporting adversely against an UMNO minister, let alone the Home Minister by an un-named police source (wakakaka again) I always suspect (remember I am a conspiracy theorist, wakakaka) it's more about the current internal 'war' within UMNO, where the real target of one side of the 'war' (wakakaka) is Najib but in this case the shooting starts off at his henchman Zahid.

Okay, Ibu Rosmah can take a break ... but only for a while, wakakaka.

This is not to say Zahid didn't jump up in full broad sight on the shooting range, asking for it, wakakaka.

My advice to a besieged Najib: Ah Jib Gor, now's the time to kill two birds with one stone - put Zahid aside, ascertain the allegations, then ask him to reign (wakakaka) or send him as Ambassador to Java (wakakaka again) ...

Pak Zahid-o

... and appoint mummy's sweet boy Muhkriz (via the Senate backdoor) as Home Minister or alternatively Defence Minister (shuffle the ministers around).

Okay Ah Jib Gor, no nid to kaamsia me, just send me a cheque, wakakaka.


  1. Zahid is always well known for his stupid gaffes.He is always caught with his pants down(fucking big mouth like big old pussies)

    Just because Malaysia has no 14k triad operating,does not mean that Malaysians cannot join or become members of the HK based organised crime family.He sent the letter to the FBI because the Umno lawyer was on the gambling kingpin's payroll.Or maybe both dapat under the table payoffs too?

  2. In the tiny red dot down South called Singapore,he would have been fucked out of his fucking job.A Singapore MP and minister was chased out of office because of having just fucked an associate.

    1. No sweat lah to these Umno-nites. This sort of things are considered 'minor infraction' saja. Curi $$$$ by the billions by those sitting in the most powerful seat or getting away with murder or threaten bloodbath pun boleh get away, what is this lah.....penning a few words to get a buddy gangsta off the hook is really small pototoes. Woah....if we do migrate, we sure would miss our local kind of apa apa-pun-boleh culture, whakakaka.

  3. A date with Dyana and a ring too? Plus going down on all fours too.Hehehe.

    1. if u talk about a ring and going down on fours then you must be referring ti a cow wakakaka we'll give u Ah Goo then

  4. Yet another Pakatan character assassination campaign, using the Rafizi - Tony Pua tag team.
    They already hoodwinked the public with the cow condo attack, based on flimsy twisted facts. Then on to 1MDB, now attacking Zahid.

  5. original comment edited by kaytee wakakaka::

    It is quite possible that Zahid Hamidi, [deleted deleted deleted] organised crime, [deleted]. Making him Home Affairs minister was like appointing [deleted] to chair the [deleted] Police Board

  6. good advise? pak zahid should go to indonesia as ambassador and become an intern to pak jokowi. after completing internship he can come back to reign.

  7. Amazing turn of events. Just a few short moments ago Zahid Hamidi was being touted as a serious contender to be Najib 's successor, now the talk is how to protect UMNO from further damage from the allegations relating to Phua
    Yes, it may even be Najib's camp at work, after being spooked by the rumours Zahid may make his move early......

    1. Remember how rpk once boasted the non Malays are like babes lost in the woods compared to the Malays whose prowess in politics have no peers.....tikam menikam, betrayal upon betrayal, smiling from ear to ear on the surface but all the while wielding the crooked kris behind just ready to plunge right into the other's heart......lots of plotting and shadow play and pulling strings from behind...that's Malay politics for you. Woe betide those who takes the words of Malay politicians to heart, this is fair warning.

  8. the gaffe guy who know's9:12 pm, January 10, 2015

    Why would a top Umno lawyer want to represent an alleged gambling kingpin? Especially one who was caught in a sting by the FBI in Las Vegas? Let us say that for now,these are just allegations,an the man might be innocent.But I wouldn't bet one penny even if the oddss are 1k to 1.

    This man Phua was a well known jungket operator,bringing high rollers to casinos inside Macau.So why would a top Umno lawyer wants to represent such a shady operator? And also why would Zahid wants to penned such a letter to the FBI,even to the extent of saying that the gomen used to have used his services on security matters.

    1. Ada udang, huge humongous udang belakang batu lah....the type of udang that's not on the table, but served UNDER the table, wakakaka

  9. Can he get away unscathed this time?

  10. Well,this dude by the name of Zahid must actually be a real life moron or he must have his head lodged inside a camel's ass.

  11. When a Malaysian citizen runs into legal trouble overseas, the government is duty bound to provide assistance. It usually involves ensuring the person receive due legal process according to the laws of that country and any assistance the person needs to get legal representation.
    For an ordinary person, and depending on the diligence of the Consular official, such assistance can be quite perfunctory and superficial.
    It is extremely unusual for a Top official like the Home Minister to write such a intervening letter like the one for Phua, as well as a Senior UMNO lawyer to be defending the man.
    I'm very suspicions of Zahid Hamidi's relationship with Phua, but since Ktee appears very concerned not to publish anything accusing him of anything, I will leave it at that.

    1. matey, apart from not wanting to haul to court on a libellous suit, wakakaka, shouldn't we have more evidence before we plunge the figurative knife into his side? wakakaka again

      see also my post (& letter to Malaysiakini)

      and perhaps also

  12. You need to cultivate a suspicious mind, which you do when it comes to Anwar Ibrahim, wakakaka, but it needs to be more widely applied.

  13. 14K by overseas Malaysians
    Only the police will know
    Zahid now in hot water
    He can't say he is misquoted

    Najib will play half asleep
    Waiting for the bell to ring
    There is no hurry in his head
    Maybe he follows his old man

    Playing behind the scene
    Letting the fighting cockerels quarrel
    The police reputation falls
    Somebody must pay

    Changing of guards?
    Najib can't wake up as yet
    He tries to weed out his opponents
    He hasn't got time to play around

    So we see
    The fighting bulls in the ring
    All puff up and nostrils on fire
    We see only smoke

    About Zahid...
    The letter told us a story
    Why he wrote to support?
    The Taiko has to lend a hand

  14. No way he keeps bad company because the two pictures show a decent man !