Friday, January 16, 2015

Empire strikes back?

TMI - Daim: I know those behind media spotlight on me

still sure, Tun?

Tun Daim Zainuddin has revealed he knows those behind a sudden spotlight on his business empire as Malaysia's anti-graft officials investigate the former finance minister's banking business abroad.

Daim, in a statement today, said he was surprised that Umno-controlled Media Prima Bhd would provide coverage for opposition party PKR.

“While I understand the motivation of these PKR politicians as they know not much other than politics and making baseless allegations, I am quite surprised with the attention given to them by the government-friendly media.

“TV3 which would not give 2 minutes of air time to Pakatan, has aired the PKR press conference no less than 3 times. The NST and Utusan have also carried this news."

Daim's half 'revelation' had been preceded by a Zam warning to the people in Najib's camp, a veiled threat that such UMNO guerrilla warfare will also hurt Najib. Zam nastily hinted at scandalous tales on the PM.

51 dalil ...?

It seems the Mahathir versus Najib, or to be more diplomatic, the Mahathir faction versus Najib faction internecine war is definitely on. As we know in our politics, sometimes Bodek-ites run away with the game without the principals even knowing what's going on, wakakaka, though I doubt this would be the case in the former camp, wakakaka.

Seperti orang tua ajar, bila gajah sama gajah berlawan, pelanduk mati ditengah-tengah.

where's that bloody pelandok non?

seems the croc got him first, bloody overgrown lizard


OTOH, there is a more optimistic version that tells us, bila gajah sama gajah berlawan, pelanduk ditengah-tengah yang untung, wakakaka.

we pelandoks will inherit the world, well, according to Yehoshua anyway

We can only hope ... ah ... for one to win convincingly and completely so that there'll be ... er ... stability, wakakaka - I'm speaking from the viewpoint of one of the potential pelanduk mati ditengah-tengah otherwise known as 'collateral damage', wakakaka.

been a while since you said something Ridhuan my boy
time to don your spots and return to your 'duties'


Anyway, guess the Empire has decided to strike back at the Mahathir camp's for the latter's constant sniping at Najib and undermining of his policies (has the IGP seeming discrediting of Home Minister Zahid Hamidi, a Najib sidekick, been part of the Mahathir camp's campaign? No worries, all kow-tim liao under OSA, wakakaka).

However, I'm not sure whether the man himself has given the green light for the current 'Empire strikes back' campaign. But Ah Jib Gor is known for his amazing survival instinct, and which might have convinced him that a fightback is now more necessary, nay, vital than ever if he wants to remain as head of UMNO and PM of Malaysia.

Aiyoyo, who will win lah?

hmmm, who could he be?

Taai-Ee-Saang or Ah Jib Gor?



  1. Will I be charged for seditious act, if I say idiot and stupid.

  2. One thing is sure: time is with the medicine man !

    1. Correction.
      left out 'not' .

  3. Anwar will win....unless he is put in Bamboo River Hotel.

  4. Zahid Hamidi is theoretically in Najib's camp, but he also known to be ambitious, aiming for the top job ( eventually, but that can mean tomorrow. ...) , and a known history of disloyalty and treachery.

  5. it should be a duel between bapak penswastaan and nyonya mansor the empress.

  6. haha .. croc(.M) the bloody overgrown lizard maybe old but all his teeth is still intact
    and is still going strong. It's getting hotter by the day ,and with this overgrown croc M,
    sitting in the pool with him monitor lizard by this side there is no way ah jib kor and his stupid gajah Z , won't even dare to go near just to have a drink in that pool.

    Time is runing out ,past 2 days without rain and it's hot . and that is the only pool with water in Malaysia. and that old croc and his lizards is there each with a kris in their hands sniping at ah jib kor ,now and then.

    ah jib kor and his gajah Z onthe other hand thinking of a way to break thu' those lizards to get the old croc .

    gajah Z was saying this to ah jib kor the other day .....
    ' We better think of something cannot fight head on with that old croc and his lizards ,they're all arm with kris lah ....I...OOooo ah jib kor you only arm with a ros ,
    how to fight ?

    Yah lor ... dun fight stay out here without water also die fight also die mmmmm..... , gajah Z ,you take my ros and fight him first I'll think of a way ok ?
    ok lah .die die lah ... guess what 2 days olide,mmmm..... gajah Z still not back yet .

    Bloody hell yesterday those lizards BBQ gajah Z for lunch olide . .....

    coming soon.."How ah jib kor counter attack killing those lizards with his ros"

  7. want to share this link ...for everyone .. muslims or non muslims

  8. "hmmm, who could he be?"

    Could be a she? Hor Kor Poh ? Wakakaka...

    - hasan

  9. If I had to choose between Ah Jib Gor and Manmanlai,I would have no other choices but to choose Ah Jib Gor.It is a no brainer.Manmanlai,no way Jose.If Manmanlai was of PM material he would have been PM instead of Badawi.Instead he spent his time enjoying free board and lodging on Bamboo River.Have a nice and wonderful weekend boys and gals.

  10. Mahathir and Najib can go fuck each other for all I care.

  11. Ah Jib Korea got Big Long Parang (Sedition Act). Small Keris where can win? Can only do pin prick on his backside. It's only a matter of time before ex-politicians are also labelled terrorists.

    And don't forget, hippo can kill with it's weight and sharp teeth.