Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Must I Come?

In my previous post Book-ish Boar, vistor Kalai, a very pro BN commentator (wakakaka), in his riposte to my remarks about the MIC circus and its clowns (wakakaka) wrote as follows:

MIC still has substantial traction in the Indian community, especially outside of the big cities. The are many rural Indian poor, and turning to MIC is often one of the few avenues of getting help. This is especially true for the poorly educated to navigate the government bureaucracy.

It is not that MIC is great, but Pakatan - DAP and PKR are neglecting the Indians when they aren't campaigning for elections.

DAP, especially, has a large stable of Indian MPs and State Assemblymen, which looks good on paper, but makes bloody little impact on the Indian community.

Substantial traction in the Indian community? Wakakaka.

Kalai, please read Malaysiakini news report Camerons MP Palanivel no help to homeless family which tells us the sad experience of C Vijayan with the great MIC.

C Vijayan is a Cameron Highlands landslide victim who lost both his house and his mechanic shed in the recent landslide. He, his wife and their four children are now not only homeless but has received zero help from Palanivel or for that matter, anyone in MIC.

MKINI report continues:

After a prolonged wait for assistance, Vijayan said, he was told to meet an MIC central working committee (CWC) member, P Palaniappan, who treated him very rudely.

"When I asked Palaniappan for some money as assistance, he asked me in return to let him know if there was any aid or money coming in. He then went on to humiliate us."

After being humiliated by a MIC bigwig, he was led on a merry-go-round at MIC HQ, but without any positive result - for more of this now-homeless man (with a wife and 4 kids) and his sad excruciating experience with the MIC, read MKINI's Camerons MP Palanivel no help to homeless family.

Tell me, should landslide victims like C Vijayan and his family suffer the abysmal lack of leadership in the MIC, especially from Palanivel, the MP for Camerons?

And does he deserve to further suffer rudeness and humiliation from the MIC high and mighty?

Can Indian victims ever expect sincere compassionate help from MIC, a party known for its caste-consciousness, as is well-known in the sad case of MG Pandithan?

If you read my earlier post Marginalization of Indians - the true story you may be able to obtain a nasty glimpse of the why's, how's and what's that has resulted in the abysmal lack of advancement of a large sector of the Indian community in the last 50-ish years, while their non-Malay companions, especially the Chinese Malaysian, have in general* managed to stay ahead of them.

* only in general because quite a few Chinese are still equally f**ked up socially and economically as well

In that post I had opined (and I still hold on to this opinion) that the Indian caste system with all its prejudices, racism and consequential oppression prevents or doesn't encourage true leadership, philanthropy or compassion for the poor and highly marginalized Indians, or disaster victims like C Vijayan and his family.

C Vijayan & family

kiniTV photo

Thus, seeking remedy from Indian-based political parties like MIC or (wakakaka) Hindraf won't be the solution.

To address their multi-millennium-old problems, the Indians need a multiracial party like the DAP, though visitor Kalai will no doubt strenuously disagree, wakakaka.

But look, if the Indians don't like the DAP, why not ask Dr Mahathir or Anwar Ibrahim for help? Afterall, Wikipedia categorizes both of them as famous Indian Malaysians, so remind them of this, wakakaka.

Dei Aneh! Yes, Tambi?



  1. I don't like MIC, but hardly any choice in my area but to vote for them.
    The alternative was PKR....mampus......

    Charlie Hebdo massacre. .....Ktemoc gets his justice. ...
    Satisfied? ??

    1. Then (and I quote my post on Charlie Hebdo) The French Foreign Minister was pissed off with the magazine's proposed publications and stated "In France, there is a principle of freedom of expression, which should not be undermined. In the present context, given this absurd video that has been aired, strong emotions have been awakened in many Muslim countries. Is it really sensible or intelligent to pour oil on the fire?"

      Charlie Hebdo's director, Stephane Charbonnier, has been a double standard hypocrite who was being provocative towards Muslims. Shouldn't France hold him responsible?

    2. Among many White Christian Europeans, there is an increasing image of Islam as a nasty, violent and brutish religion, with a surfeit of psychopathic adherents.

      This massacre will only reinforce that view.

      Indirectly these slayings also aid the Israeli propaganda machine - "see - these are brutal savages we have to deal with every day. How do you expect us to treat them in a civilised manner?"

    3. In your last paragraph, you hit the nail (reason for the delibearte provocations) smack right on its head - thanks

    4. A VERY twisted logic of thinking, hiding behind a 'politically correct' cookaroo of these cartoonists deserved it!

      Someone mentioned why those Islamists r so intolerant of criticism of whatsoever natures, be it about Prophet Muhammad, Quran, Hadiths etc etc? Why cant they learn to take a joke, peacefully, just like ALL the other religious indoctrinations?

      Either these people r troglodytes worst than the extincted Neanderthal &/or something MUST not be RIGHT about what they r believing in!

      Making fun of any other religions happens all the time, all over the CIVILIZED world.

      The followers of the faith, that's been paroled on either just ignore the trick &/or just curse the perpetrators to kingdom (hell) comes. Nobody reacts so violently as these Islamists in such a scale!

      This is the BIG question that needs quick answer from ALL the Mohammadans.

      No declaration of the quote that Islam is a peaceful religion CAN do the trick anymore than paying lip services to the deceased..

      This is going beyond MORE than the claim of an-eye-for-an-eye of the Abrahamic faiths. If we to follow that 'teaching', then at most do a similar joke on these religious fun-pokers, by coming out with yr version of the jokes/cartoons.

      Why must u killed?

      Is Allah really need these morons to defense His honour, despite the claimed of omnipotency?

      Thus, the base of the answer could lie within the realm of that teaching, despite the fact that these people r living in a MODERN AGE of humanity awareness!

      Same go with KT's thought??????

    5. I have already condemned the violence by the Muslim perpetrators but you have avoided the issue of Charlie Hebdo's unwarranted provocation and more importantly, double standards hypocrisy

    6. There is a culture among the intellectual left, especially , for blaming the West for terrorist violence, and acting as apologists for Islamo-Fascism.
      The Americans were to blame for 9/11. In fact the attack on the Pentagon was almost a legitimate act of self-defence.
      The British were to blame for the 7/11 London bombings.
      Now, Charlie Hebdo is to blame for "forcing" the attackers to act.

      There is similar mentality at work when some Neanderthal types blame the rape victim for "wearing revealing clothes" or "acting in a provocative manner" , hence inviting rape.

    7. We are far away from these events, but Malaysian Chinese are also often unsympathetic toward Middle Eastern Islamists.

      This kind of violent attack will also add to the attitude that they are full of "Mad Dogs" , underserving of our sympathy or support.

      Emotionally, there is also this extension of Malaysian domestic politics, where most Chinese are very unhappy and suspicious towards local Malay and Islamist policies.

    8. isn't it so convenient to (in turn) blame the intellectual Left?

      while 9/11 was undeniably a horrendous act of unmitigated terrorism, are you saying those terorists attacked twin towers just for the heck of it? likewise 7/11? were those Yanks and Brits lily-white blameless in their interferences in Middle Eastern politics and sovereignty?

      was Charlie Hebdo not insensitively and deliberately provocative to a religious group known to be ultra sensitive about their religion, while not daring to even make comments about contemporary Jews?

      your analogy of the case of rape victims is unworthy of an intellectual discussion

    9. Penistian, I wrote "Malaysians Split over Palestine & Lebanon" some 8 years ago - have a read to see whether I have answered your point -

  3. MIC isn't alone!
    A car plate number booking had made another party's boss look foolish.
    Whereas the coalition head has yet to put to rest the Mongolian dead!

    1. so huaren, what can you tell us about the Mongolian dead and the coalition head?

    2. A fictitious character who kept his eye private might help.

  4. Your photo at the top above reminds me of the "Black and White Minstrel Show" which was actually a popular TV program back in the 1960's.

    It became politically unacceptable by the 1970's , being regarded as offensive and condescending, and the show was axed.

    1. well it's not from a western "Black & White Minstrel" show. It's from an Indian newspaper, The Hindu. See

  5. The caste problem among "Indians" is perpetuated by both the bully and the victim. For a long time, the Dalits were effectively barred from contributing towards MIC's progress so they went on to form their own "party". It is similar to the Talibanic idea that women should not be educated. The women belonging to the Taliban are strong supporters of that lie.

    The "Indians" should embrace their original identity (Tamil, Telugu, etc) and accept that nobody is better than them nor are they better than anybody else. They are part of Malaysia and need to interact with other Malaysians rather being pushed into the ghetto that is the MIC. There is no free lunch except for the "leaders" in BN parties.

    Look at the Ceylon Tamils. They have thrived by maintaining their identity and keeping away from MIC.