Monday, January 26, 2015

Hadi Awang's PAS - be afraid of divine wrath!

FMT - All of PAS against local polls, says Haron (extracts only):

KUALA LUMPUR: The entire PAS membership is against local government elections, the party’s Deputy Spiritual Leader, Haron Din, has claimed, according to Utusan Malaysia.

Utusan, in a report published today, did not say whether Haron cited any resolution taken at any PAS convention.

It quotes Haron as saying that PAS’ ulama leadership believes there is some basis to party president Abdul Hadi Awang’s worry that local elections could cause a repeat of the May 1969 race riots.

Well, that's patently NOT correct at all. If I want to be kind to Haron Din, I would just say, alamak, Utusan has not been known for the accuracy of its news.

But if I want to be unkind, then I would urge Haron Din to take note that DAP's Lim Guan Eng has already criticized PAS party president for dishonest interpretation of what had transpired within Pakatan with regards to DAP's proposal to hold local council elections.

FMT reported Lim saying: “I am shocked that both leaders [Hadi Awang and PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali] have failed to mention this, which I think is dishonest.”

The report said that according to Lim ... the PAS leaders had told him it was unlikely the Barisan Nasional-led federal government would agree but Penang could go ahead and try.

Lim continued: “So they did not object. None of the PAS leaders objected when (we were) filing in court. None of them objected in the press. Do they dare to say this is not true? Or are they going to continue their dishonest interpretation of facts?”

Dishonest! Ouch, what will Allah swt say!

Now read the following TMI news report to understand why I questioned Haron Din's or Utusan's claim that 'The entire PAS membership is against local government elections'.

TMI - Sorry Hadi, I beg to differ – Mohamed Hanipa Maidin (extracts only - note: Hanipa is PAS MP for Sepang)

[...] As long as Malaysians elect any Malaysian in any local government election, we should not be unduly worry. Let such unwarranted fear be reserved to Perkasa, Isma or Utusan.

If Chinese were not worried to elect PAS candidates in the last general election, why would Malays be worried if they are represented by Chinese, Indian or Malay councillors?

What Malaysians should fear is inefficient, corrupt and irresponsible councillors whatever races they represent.

Honestly, I hope PAS leaders would be the last to succumb to racial lines in promoting any idea to any issue cropping up in this country.

It is just not right and goes against the very notion of "PAS For All" which it seeks to promote.

After all, May 13 is not PAS's political baggage. PAS should be proud and stand tall in that when May 13 took place, Kelantan, governed by PAS at that time, was completely free of racial insurgency.

not in PAS' Kelantan but in UMNO's Selangor

Why would the PAS president, all of sudden, use that baggage to undermine a noble idea to bring back local elections?

May 13 would have not happened if BN graciously conceded defeat in the general election of 1969, and respected the people's choice of other political parties.

It's an excellent article by Mohamed Hanipa Maidin so read it in full to hear his views - Sorry Hadi, I beg to differ – Mohamed Hanipa Maidin.

For more of Mohamed Hanipa Maidin read my last year's post PAS - what could have been! to see the 2 sides of PAS, and as I blogged, what could have been if not for a narrow minded village ustaz who can't see beyond his own ethnicity.

In conclusion I would like to echo Mohamed Hanipa Maidin's query to Pak Haji Hadi Awang: Why would the PAS president, all of sudden, use that (UMNO) baggage (of May 13) to undermine a noble idea to bring back local elections?


  1. What if Lim Guan Eng is not telling the truth ?

    Just taking a questioning line, since the assumption here seems to be that PAS leaders are being untruthful...

    1. Fuck you la! Use your cibai brain la! How could it be LGE not telling the truth? By the way, kindly dont claim to have online with Allah

      Allah would zap you just like what happen to that fella who touches the ark of covenant

    2. LGE is telling the truth? Cibai you lah, looes74 the loser! RPK has exposed LGE has given RM1.5 million flood relief money to PasMA to overthrow Tuan Guru Haji Hadi. Tell me if LGE is a man of principal? Songlap dana meant for flood victims to achieve his immoral agenda. Stupid looes74!

  2. There are no permanent allies...
    And No permanent foes.....

  3. In Islam, if one is a racist, then is this one still considered a Muslim ?

    1. Good and bad exist in all religions !

    2. It was generally preached that in Islam, being Muslim means, among others, not to be fact, a Muslim CANNOT be racist, otherwise, then cannot qualify to be a Muslim. It has nothing to do with having 'good' and 'bad' in all religion.

    3. One who doesn't follow all of Buddha's teaching will not be considered a Buddhist?

  4. KT, your brilliant argument would have checkmated the other side if not for the lack of one essential element --------- the numbers to convince them!

  5. So far, nobody has used religion to oppose local council elections. Does this imply that all gods including the Buddha (not a god) have no objections to the elections !

  6. Huh! Political game of DAP, noble? What noble man… if attempts to gain power can well spur civil disputes which can lead to violence and bloodshed? It is especially so when it involves changes in the degree of autonomy/leadership deemed to be helmed/owned by an ethnic group.

    Change of power is an easy cause for conflict. The restoration of local council election is capable of making a shift in power and simultaneously can cause aggressive reactions and riots.

    Today, in view of the 52%, if the local council elections were held, most of the councils, perhaps, would probably fall into the hands of the opposition. Thus, almost certainly it would be opposition elective local councils.

    As pointed out by KT, opposition dominated most of the urban elected local councils before. For example Georgetown City Council was controlled by the Socialist Front, Ipoh Municipal Council and also the Kinta District (new village) was controlled by PPP, the Socialist Front also helmed Melaka, and so was Seremban.

    Hadi/PAS is concerned on the demographic issue where the Malays reside largely in the rural areas whereas the Nons are in the urban areas. This scenario had existed due to the British policy of divide and rule during the colonization period. Thus, the differences of the development among the local authorities could only lead to further dissatisfaction and greater societal polarization.

    In addition, Hadi is also concerned that racial issues at local government will enhance racial sentiment, which could fuel ethnic crisis and service issue between the government and the civil community.

    @ Mohamed Hanipa Maidin

    Tak kisah lah trajedi 13 Mei itu siapa yang punya baggage! Bukan kah tanggung-jawab semua untuk menghindari dan menghalangnya? Nasihat saya janganlah nanti sudah terantuk baru terngadah atau sudah teperlus baru hendak menutup lubang atau sudah kecurian baru hendak menutup pintu. Wakakaka…

    @ huaren…
    It is not really about religious issue. Anyway, Islamic religion supports rakyat participation in local council decision-making process. However, as in any other religion, it is our fundamental duty to avoid any unfavourable incident, violence and bloodshed.

    If LGE deliberately wants to poke a stick into a hornet’s nest, all the bystanders would also be at risk from the enraged insects. Why then should Hadi support LGE’s action?

    OTH it is Hadi’s duty to discover error that had occurred in the past in order to prevent occurrence of public chaos. In doing so, he is also religiously enacting the earthly calling of his religion too.

    For now, the present appointment of council members as practiced is still relevant to PAS. Moreover, the reviving of local government election would not necessarily translate into an improvement of services of the local authorities. It could be the opposite.

    - hasan

    1. U r still living in the time trap of the 60s when the Nons dominated the urban scene then!

      I can understand why the orstat doesnt read current urban planning report, BUT a CB'like u, after reading KT's piece, choose only to emphasize the old but not the new, why the cherry-picking eh?

      A tongkat empowered siege-mind constitutionalised Melayu cesspool swimmer that's u!

      Always ketuanan. Always May15. Always the Melayu must lead the top post even when that Melayu is a scam & dugung!

      A MF mentality of - 'orang Melayu masuk kedalam rumah kita, meniduri anak2 perempuan kita atau pun isteri2 kita, maka kita katakan- tidak mengapa kerana dia itu Melayu.'

      As long as it's by Melayu - semua nya OK?

      What about Malaysian of calibre, for a change?

      Is it not a religious issue? CB, in M'sia, everything raises by the Melayu has something to do with race & religion. This is why most of the blur-sotongs always fall back on these two themes for their final argument - nothing more nothing less!

      Look deeper & u see a group of scam trying to use Islam to justify what they wanted to do & yet fall outside the teaching of the Quran! Best still, there is Hadiths to be used as reference!

      What a CBMF hypocrite!!!!!

    2. hasan here is little better than the idiot who made the comment in the other post about the parangs he has kept well-oiled for 45 years.
      telling people to STFU , or else...the parangs come out, right ?

    3. Hasan,
      Kindly fucking cibai go back to brunei. Stay down there and dont come out from there. By the way, there is a singapore batallion conducting jungle exercise there. Perhaps, singapore should have arty practices. Then they can do what Brooke did nong nong time ago........Shell the Brunei istana

    4. These melayus are actually mamaks. Perhaps, we should have some ethnic cleansing among the melayus

    5. Hi guys... thanks very much for all the kind words and compliments indeed. wakakaka...wakakaka...

      - hasan

    6. looes74 is a cibai sing who holds pommie citizenship but loves to eb in malaysia - he is cibai f* confused wakkaka

    7. @Hasan
      "Today, in view of the 52%, if the local council elections were held, most of the councils, perhaps, would probably fall into the hands of the opposition. Thus, almost certainly it would be opposition elective local councils."
      Any harm if the opposition can deliver better service ?

      "Hadi/PAS is concerned on the demographic issue where the Malays reside largely in the rural areas whereas the Nons are in the urban areas."
      Fear of non Malays dominating local councils?
      Debunked by published demographic information which shows that Malays form majorities in most towns/cities.

      "Anyway, Islamic religion supports rakyat participation in local council decision-making process."
      In addition, Islam is a religion of peace. Then, support and make local council elections work.

    8. Yes, And I always vote for Labour just like Hisham Rais, the King of Penghasut! We will sing the Internationale till Hasan mampus

  7. We're stuck in 1969.

    Malays all live in villages , the towns and cities are all full of Chinese.
    Few people have TVs, and they are all in Black and White.
    Toyota made lousy cars and a motorbike is a status symbol.
    Phones had rotary dials.
    That weirdo who walked around talking into a big rectangular piece of plastic next to his ear was sent to Tampoi.

    Some things were better then.
    The nearby stream still had fish in it.
    Our Malay, Chinese and Indian friends came over for dinner. They didn't worry too much whether the food was Halal ( it was).
    Our government office had a broad cross section of races...
    Anyway, were stuck in a car stuck in 1st gear, it ain't going anywhere far or fast.

    1. Seriously, the nons had made a mistake not supporting sukarno ganyang Malaysia. Lets them fight among each other

    2. cibal looes as always talk cibai nonsense

    3. KT, looes and foul language.
      Are the two of you sexists ?

    4. Why not? Kaytee! Sukarno stands for anti neo imperialism. Go and ask Hisham Rais. He will smack your "pet pet"

      Wanna listen to Terang bulan

      Jangan percaya mulut ktemoc
      Berani sumpah tapi takut mati


    5. You two Ktemoc and looes are Really offensive to the 51% of the population who possess a vagina.

    6. Yeah, these two foul mouthed idiots probably suffer from Severe Lack of Access to Female Vagina Syndrome.

      Looes - long time no go Geylang kah ?
      Ktemoc - I can recommend some highly skilled operators in Oxford Street , Sydney. Guaranteed satisfaction

    7. Well, to be fair to KT, it is looes who has been using the C word and KT is just returning the favor. Like I have said before, we should just treat it as terms of endearment. Just make sure they do not put another C word in front. Cheers. Adam.

  8. One of my main objections to the existing arrangement for appointing Local government councillors is that they (almost) all end up with politicians. By right, the councillors should be local resident community leaders, those with experience in management and local government, as well as as professionals. Local government is literally about roads, sewage and longkangs.

    It was worse under BN - they were 100% politikus. Pakatan in Selangor and Penang has made moves to appoint some councillors from NGOs and civil society, but those end up all from "Pakatan-friendly" NGOs and civil organisations.

    If we have local government elections, we would most likely end up with 100% politicians again, and that is not a recipe for efficiency and accountability - in local government.

    That is my basic doubt surrounding Local government elections.

    To those who dredge up the spectre of violence and race riots - I say - Fuck Off.

    1. Subang,
      I strongly suggest you should watch Yes Prime Minister episode (Power to the People). Come to think of it.......The fictitious professor democracy plan seems to be more democratic. Hand real power back to the people.

  9. Ethnic violence will not be the same as in 1969. It will leads to regional conflict.

    pikir baik pikir sedalam dalam

    Malaya will be pecah Utara di ambil negara lain , selatan di makan oleh jiran bahkan Sarawak akan selamat autonomy , Sabah pecah jadi dua .

    My opinion lah cuba cuba saja

  10. I don't like my local councillors elected by the ruling State/Federal Govt. They are corrupted, useless, non-performers year in and year out.

    Why cannot have local elections to elect the councillors who I feel are more rakyat serving?

    Otherwise, no pay cukai pintu and cukai tanah since they are non-performing.



    What is PAS doing now promoting the interests of a convicted murderer ?

    1. wait, they may yet turn him into a folklore "hero"

  12. The best Religion is the one that gets you closest to your God"
    That makes you a better person - responsible ,principled and ethical .

    Not conniving - treacherous or sinister minded..constantly scheming unscrupulously underhanded nefarious political tactics or insinuating suggestions of violence along ethnicities in a bid to unsettle mindsets. Or perhaps a veiled threat ?.
    Sometimes using religious conformity as a tool . -just to ensure or maintain a secure political perch.

    " Thereby , whatever Religion that makes you,a more sensible, more humble, more responsible and more Ethical with unwavering principles.
    Whatever Religion that will do that for you is the Best religion.

    1. we can therefore rule out the Abrahamic religions, which does NOT necessarily approve Hinduism (Hindus killed Muslims and Christians), Buddhism (Myammar Buddhists killed Rohingyas and vice versa, Ceylonese Buddhists warred with Tamil Hindus), Shinto Japs killed everyone, etc

    2. @Bryan Wong

      "Only one religion is right but I won't say which one because I want you to figure it out by hating and killing each other while I watch."
      From TheTweetOfGod


    3. @HuaRen..The parable of the elephant in the dark room and 5 men who have never seen elephant before ,goes in 1 at a time , feel a section of the creature and each one comes out to describe what they think the creature looks like.. Each felt different part. 1.Trunk 2..Ears 3.Body 4. Legs 5 Tail -
      And each stubbornly insist their description is accurate and the other 4 got it all wrong.
      In heat of the argument that built up to blind fury ,ego and pride kicks in and they go at each other violently. ,with whatever weapons that came in handy and in the ensuing bloodbath orgy,they mortally wounded each other and all 5 eventually died from their injuries.
      They managed to kill each other all in the name of the "truth"..or their respective part of it..of what an elephant looks like..
      If only the fools compared the differing accounts and piece it all together,then they can get the absolute "Truth" of what the creature truly looks like..
      And meantime ,as they managed to kill themselves mutually , the "whole" elephant will still retain its real shape and form.. ( metaphorically referring to religious Truth)
      Each of them so convinced they possess the absolute Truth because they "touched" it..
      Maybe only one religion is right ,yet that "right" religion may very well be a summation of all the parts put together ,but quarrelsome humans with a propensity to hate and kill just because others do not agree with their view,may have a tough time to figure it out.

    4. @Bryan Wong

      Maybe there's yet another possibility.

      "Imagine there's no heaven
      It's easy if you try
      No hell below us
      Above us only sky"
      Imagine by John Lennon


  13. i notice & observe most malaysians are unquestionably obsessed with race & religion which has become a way of life. (ini sendiri bikin as a political tool & bukan tuhan kasi). they exist in all political parties. take a road accident case for example - the first question normally asked by the 'spectators' at the scene is 'melayu, cina?' or 'huanna, th'ng lang?' never 'bhai, aneyney or lain2'. btw kt, what's the real meaning of th'ng lang (kern tang lang), it cannot be chinese right? cheers!

    1. t'ng lang = tang ren = people of Tang (Tang as in Tang Dynasty).

      The Tang Dynasty was the acme of Chinese civilization where art and literature flourished. Unlike the earlier Han Dynasty which focussed on Confucianism ad Legalism (the latter was a harsh application of absolute laws, inherited from the earlier Qin Dynasty and predecessor dynasties), Tang Dynasty was more accommodating to all religions/philosophies, Confucianism, Legalism, Taoism and (coming from India during Tang) Buddhism.

      Though people in China call themselves the Han people, most Chinese in SE Asia especially the southern Chinese immigrants, call themselves Tang People - don't ask me why,w akakaka

    2. The reason is bcoz Hokkien was the official lingua franca of the Tang dynasty.

      & most of the Hokkien, thus call themselves t'ng lang = tang ren = people of Tang.

      Since most of the earlier immigrants in SEA r from Hokkien, the term stuck.

      The Nothern part of China never has such a term been used.

    3. thanks, coincidentally someone just informed me of that but nonetheless thanks for a valuable piece of info

      Tang Dynasty was the cultural model for Japan and Korea, which has been why (as I had been informed) the Japs and Koreans still eat or entertain sitting on the floor with low tables a la Tang, while post Tang the Chinese move on to chairs and high tables

    4. much obliged guys. since most of the earlier immigrants were hokkien speaking people whose descendants can be found today in port towns such as penang, kuala muda in kedah, kelang in selangor, perak?, singapore, sabah & sarawak, philippines, indonesia especially in jakarta, semarang, surabaya, medan etc, why is mandarin is made an official language and not hokkien? thanks again.

    5. To add on a bit more trivial,think the reference may have something to do with the fact that the Chinese diaspora beginning from the 19th century,that saw waves upon waves of emigrants -scattered throughout many parts of the world - as coolies or traders ,mostly originated from southern China, unknown thousands sailed away to foreign lands from ports in Guangdong province.- during the Manchu reign- "Ching dynasty".

      Southern Chinese -mainly " Cantonese ,Hokkiens ,Hakkas ,Teochews etc- see themselves as more Chinese than the diluted gene pool of the northern and central cousins ,aka Han Ren.(people of Han) plus Tibetans Mongols ,Manchus.

      Southerners prefer to associate with the "Tang-ren" label as opposed to the Han-ren, of which the latter term is used by the Manchu rulers to refer to all Chinese in general.The Manchus -despite ruling the middle kingdom for centuries and adopting many of the Han people's culture becoming quite assimilated into the psyche of the Han themselves ,were still seen by many Chinese as foreign invaders

      The Tang dynasty was at a zenith of the golden age of Chinese civilization.with great achievements in arts ,literature ,economics ,foreign trade and power projection ..A source of immense pride for pure blooded Chinese to be associated with.,and known as people of Tang.

      Although Han-ren or Tang-ren essentially means the same but since the Chinese that were mostly dispersed throughout the world were Southern Chinese ,who favoured Tang over Han , it explains why Chinatowns the world over are always known as Tong Yun Gai (cantonese for street of Tang people ) or mandarin Tang Ren Jia with the Hakka/Hokkien equivalent -never Hon yun Gai / Han-ren Jia .

      From US to European to SE Asian to Australian cities- Chinatowns are Tong -yan kai . Chnese are either Tang-ren / Tong-yan /Teng-lang /Tong-ngin. as in Malaysia.- although the popular term of Hua Ren is gaining more usage.

    6. more than 70% of Mainland Chinese are native Mandarin speakers thus 70% beat 30% wakakaka. The "original" Chinese who were "pushed" or driven to the south by northern and north-western newbie-invaders were Hokkiens, Teochew, Canto. These three languages (not dialects as incorrectly posited) Hokkien Teochew and Canto contain many ancient Chinese words and (especially for Teochew) tones in their pronunciations that do not exist in Mandarin

    7. kampong lad,

      The same question can be asked why used Bahasa Melayu as the representative language of Melayu – it’s purely historical.

      Within B Melayu, there r sub-branches of Kelate, Bugis, Minangkabau etc etc. Though these r dialects rather than languages like Cantonese, Hokkien & Teochew. Do remember they ALL share the same written forms.

      Since Yen dynasty (the Mongol empire), most of the official correspondences had been expressed/written in Putonhua, the language spoken by the Northern Chinese inhabitants. Partly due to official draconian rules & partly due to ease of conversational expression in trades, many of the other languages since then become only common conversational tool among the locals. Any conversational dealing with the ‘outsiders’ has to be done in Putonhua (Mandarin) in order to be understood & confirmed. Thus the official status of the Mandarin is established among the different regions.

      The Chinese Diasporas in SEA recognized Mandarin as the official language, despite the fact that they speak a different tongue, be it Cantones, Hokkien & Teochew etc, at home.

      Moreover, it’s the ONLY language that can be understood by ALL Chinese in spoken form, thus the unfaltering bondage it implies.

      The official status of the Mandarin doesn’t in any way jeopardize the usage of these ‘localised’ languages & the officials r tolerant about their proliferation among the locals. After all they have been spoken like that for thousands of years. In any way it also doesn’t form any obstacle in Chinese national unity.

      This is in totally different from the Malaysia govt’s current language standing.

    8. very interesting & informative. so, can i reasonably say that hokkiens, teochews, canto (they are both races and languages - not chinese dialects) are not chinese if not for the invaders such as qin shi huang?. cheers!

    9. One more thingy, Han-ren refers to a racial group, while Tang-ren refres to a citizenship.

      Thus Tang-ren can be Cantonese, Hokkien, Teochew, including the Manchus, Uighur, Tibetan & Mongol, while Han-ren can only be limited to the people from the Central plain of ancient China.

      However, the Southern Chinese still prefers to be known as Tang-ren rather than Han-ren, purely for historical reason as mentioned.

    10. kampong lad. I read somewhere that Chinese, apart from the northern and western invaders, may be divided into two groups, those originating respectively north and south of the Yangtze river. The Chinese Malaysians are those from the south while the northerners at least in looks if not in genes are not unlike the Mongolians, Koreans and Japs


    Ktemoc's much admired Zaid Ibrahim is asking the right questions about the doubts surrounding the Altantuya murder case. The official "Altantuya story" has holes big enough to drive a 40-foot container through.
    At least, he hasn't descended to denigrating those who have been loudest asking the questions - PKR - just because he doesn't like them politically - unlike Ahemm. a certain person.....

  15. The ethnic political conflict in Malaysia was and remains Malays - Chinese.

    The Indians are sometimes bit players, the Dayaks and lain-lain seldom figure. The Kadazans have been neutralised by the Suluks, thanks to Project IC.

  16. Endorsing local goverment elections might mean that state goverments will have slight curtailing on their arbitrary choices to appoint pre-approved and vetted candidates -be it mayors ,district officers - councillors or Ulamas and municipal level administrators.etc .Then there is always the thought of having to deal with request for autonomous administrating of municipalities or districts after the local elections.
    In PAS held Kelantan, it may mean , a loosening grip of power on the reins of state administration and affairs throughout the entire state. .Local goverment officials that are ELECTED and not appointed by the state may posed some "complications" to a state goverment like Kelantan with a shamocratic version of democracy., who are also experimenting with a religious themed style of governance. No surprise they are against the idea of local goverment elections.- dreading the implications or ramifications..
    ."The Entire PAS membership is against local goverment elections! claims Harun DIn the deputy spiritual leader.!
    An overly presumptuous and mis- representative claim to make.- to shoot down the idea of local goverment elections-probably made in anxiety that the idea may take root and appeal to the local populace.

    1. Bryan, you got it in one strike - clerics don't like democracy 'coz their dictator-bullshit, threats and control-persecution will no longer be laku, wakakaka