Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Damn! Dr Mahathir's & his dam again

How about a bit of comic relief?

smile and the world smile with you?


Just read TMI's Rethink your mega dams plan, Dr M suggests to Sarawak government which reported former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today suggested Sarawak rethink its highly controversial policy of building mega dams to harness electricity by replacing them with series of smaller dams like in Europe.

And this is from a man who gave us the multi-billion ringgit Bakum Dam, the tallest concrete faced rockfill dam in the world. Aha, another entry in the Boleh Land Book of Records, wakakaka.

I could have built it for cheaper

and I'm halal ... er ... I think


  1. Mahathir is good at and construction.

  2. Bakun Damn was included by Transparency International in its Global Corruption Report 2005 - 'Monuments of corruption'.

    You're right - Hedgehog is halal. I have eaten it.

    - hasan

    1. actually it's a dam-building beaver wakakaka

    2. Oh is it? You got me. I must change my glasses.. wakakaka. But you're still right though. It is halal to consume. Nah, I've not eaten it.

      - hasan

    3. Beaver is a rodent i.e. a cousin of mice and rats....I believe they are all considered "unclean" ?

  3. "Why can't we design smaller ones (dams) that are not damaging to the environment."

    "..... the worldwide trend is to build smaller dams."

    by Former Energy, green technology and water minister, Peter Chin in TMI (14 Nov 2014).

    Environmental well being has become priority.


  4. Bakun Dam stands as a monument to Mahathir's Megalomania as well as the dangers when megalomania is combined with dictatorial leadership.

    All of Bakun Dam's current problems were fully foreseeable back in 1993, but thanks to Mahathir's iron-fist, there was no fact-and-logic based decision making process, which by right should have shelved the project.

    a) To be economically viable, Bakun's massive electricity capacity had to be sold to the Peninsular. But the Peninsular already has a massive excess generating capacity, no thanks to the Ugly IPPs (that's another Mahathir story).
    It needed to transmit 1.6 Gigawatts of electricity over an undersea cable 670 km long - the project is very doubtful economically and technologically, and it would be impossible to maintain the cable. It has never gone beyond Request for Proposal stage, because none of the major electricity transmission contractors in the world could guarantee that it would function..

    b) Sarawak had and has a serious electricity supply problem - frequent blackouts and brownouts. Bakun Dam does not help the problem at all . The problem is mainly transmission and distribution, not pure power capacity. Ironically, Mahathir's IPP model could be very effective in Sarawak, by decentralising generation and transmission.

    Oh, the Bakun Dam is not totally without its benefits.
    - An Unrestricted logging concession was issued to ONE logging company for the entire area to be submerged - bigger than the whole of Singapore. The profit must have been humungous. Guess who.....
    - Various middlemen (!) and contractors which build the various packages of the dam earned Billions of Ringgit...

    The People of Malaysia end up holding the cost , as well as the environmental and social cost, and a small number of cronies made huge amounts of money from it......

    Yes, Mahathir the Great....


    Razak Baginda in Self-serving interview.
    Altantuya case was a simple murder case involving two rogue policemen.....

    Yeah , Azilah and Sirul bumped into Altantuya by the roadside and quickly decided to blow her up with C-4....on the spur of the moment...

    What a lot of Bullshit coming from a likely murderer who got off via Kautim from his Best Buddy Naj.

    1. The interview did him more harm than good.......

  6. Sorry, KT, off-topic.

    "Altantuya’s death ‘just a straightforward murder case", says ex-lover Razak Baginda.

    That's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth !


  7. is most unwise of Mahathir to remind us of what a monstrous failure he created...

    Ting Pek Khiing's Ekran Berhad was awarded the contract to build Bakun in 1994.
    Referring to the previous comment above, it was his logging company which was given the Sole and Unrestricted concession to log an area bigger than Singapore island. Unrestricted means he was not subject to usual rule limitations of only felling certain types and sizes of trees, minimal disturbance to the jungle.

    When Ekran Bhd. shelved work on the Bakun project in 1997, it was COMPENSATED RM 1.1 Billion by the Malaysian government.
    Normally when a contractor is unable to continue a project, the most they can ask for is to be paid for work already completed, in fact they may have to compensate the Principal for punitive damages due to their inability to complete the project.
    Ekran instead Received compensation RM 1.1 Billion from the Malaysian government. .Ekran basically walked away from the Bakun project scot-free.

    Such was the power and privilege accrued from being a Mahathir crony.
    A monument to corruption indeed...

    1. If compensated only for work completed, then how are they to share out the loot ? RM 1.1 billion will make all concerned have warm toasty feelings right in their guts....and this is how we will come to have RM 1 trillion debts by 2020 with such SOP.

  8. Growing up, I hero-worshipped Mahathir. He was the only Malaysian Prime Minister I had known throughout my formative years until I was 18.

    I thought he was the greatest - all that he had built up was around us - the North South Expressway, the Penang Bridge, Proton Cars (Proton was still a success story then), the Twin Towers, KLIA, Malaysia's industrialisation , etc, etc.

    Only later I learnt of the other even more important , if less tangible, factors that need to be built if a nation is to develop further, and more importantly, sustain its future..

    Integrity in government, Accountability of government, Transparency of government decision making, respect for the rule of law , especially by people in the government, respect for the rights of the individual, respect for the rights of the community, the need for Independent institutions which can make decisions without political interference.......

    All these Mahathir failed miserably, and in fact helped to destroy in many cases, where the country had reasonable institutions inherited during Independence....

    I no longer have that awe and respect for Mahathir that I had as a child and adolescent.

    1. @Jambu..well said ,you must be around my age then ( I 'm 1958 ) I thu' of
      him( dr. M) just like you do .
      I too hero-worshipped him in my teens , I would have given him a perfect 10 then. BUT at this very day he can't even get ( one ) from me .

      I'm saying this cos I've live to see what ever he have done from the start
      and how it all end up.
      Like the IC project ,NEP ,umno/croines , support of Perkasa etc etc etc

      Now Ican only see his as the mother of all corruptions ..... Dr. M. what a shame.
      Yes we can only blame all these on the BN government who had allowed religious extremist groups to go overboard to infect disharmony in the country. me are a confused group of Islam followers.
      on plain observation, the biggest problem of Perkasa mentality is they lack of principles.
      This r the people who actually trying to become part of the violent groups?
      This is something everyone, muslim and non-muslim, must be concerned with.

      anyway I hope dr.M since your time have pass just leave politics to yourself ,
      you've done enough trouble already.