Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Vague Kidex leads to Vizier Kickout?

Maths 101

Selangor 56 ADUNs, thus majority is 29.

PAS has 15,
DAP has 15,
PKR has 14 then 13 then 14, wakakaka

Total 44, but has recalcitrant 'Royal Vizier', wakakaka

BN has 12

Royal Vizier

New Kidex-ised Scenario 1

PAS has 15
DAP has 15
PKR has, hmmm?, 12 after Vizier de-Vizier-ized* and possibly an ADUN-aide loyally sticks with him.  

* Pakatan decides who should be Vizier while HRH accepts/rejects (with good reason) and approves Pakatan's nominee. Pakatan can withdraw support for its own Vizier candidate.

Revised total 42

BN 12 plus ??

A very significant Pakatan majority to be state government which HRH simply cannot ignore, though he may still choose to, wakakaka.

So, who shall be new Vizier?

Possible candidates would be (a) Dökkálfar Dwarf, (b) wife of God's gift to people, and (c) a PAS candidate.

DAP needn't get excited UNLESS HRH decides innovatively he wants a Chinese Vizier, but don't hold your breath, okay! Wakakaka.

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  1. The Kidex saga is a clear issue of the state administration, namely the Vizier siding with large corporate interests and ignoring the concerns of those affected.
    I can understand why sometimes it is necessary to proceed with projects in spite of objections, but that should only be done after a due consultative process.

    In the Kidex case, the Vizier seems to have decided to proceed even before any consultation, and the "consultations" organised so far have been most unacceptable. They put Kidex officials there for a marketing talk, no senior state officials were there to provide any explanation.

    I've heard more than a few mutterings that it may be necessary to vote BN next time round to Punish the increasingly arrogant Selangor Pakatan administration.

    1. why blame Pakatan when Vizier is a one-man show, unless Pakatan takes no action to now remove him, wakakaka

  2. KT,

    Now that u have another look/thought at the 'royally' MB, what say u about yr past articles denouncing Dökkálfar Dwarf in favour of this vainglorious one-man-kick MB?

    Remember all those good things u'd said about him?

    Now that his ego (make one wonder whether this is a meme trace via cultural conditioning) overwhelms his earlier nimby-ish showmanship, how does that jive with what u'd said?

    So Dökkálfar Dwarf & him r just the same - being painted through that umno-ised ink.

    Ooop....can still wakakakaing yr way out! After all, this is yr take of psychology101...sigh

    BTW, this time now, can we expect that Bugis-at-SA throws us a curve-ball, vis-a-vis the Johore minefield-style, to upset umno just to prove his jantan-ness?

    1. If you read my earlier (post March 2008) post I have never warmed towards the Vizier because (a) he showed his true colours in the Cheras Road toll fiasco where he demo he was not a rakyat-person but favoured big companies, and (b) his cowardly treatment of Eli Wong. I then accepted he was much better than the Dwarf. I would say I've have been fairly consistent.

  3. To be fair to this blogger KT, we have to be honest to admit that he is a straight shooter......not for him to quietly ban your postings ( those relevant ones, and especially those that were unflattering to him or against his point of view ) and if he has to, he did inform the reason why he had to. And we have to learn to appreciate his replies....compared to others, we are spared the blatant downright rude cursing with swear words, or the wholesale cursing of your race, the bullying ultra kiasu bearing down bristling with unwarranted anger or grudge, or that typical sneering needling which only indicate some sort of internal angst. We should count our blessings....especially when he exercised his frequently-used Wakakaka-ing to soften the edge.

    That's why I find myself coming back here again and again, besides the good analysis and the timely subject matter brought up for discussion.

    1. "we have to be honest to admit that he is a straight shooter"

      either u dun know the meaning of honest, or what is a straight shooter. the rest can more or less agree.

      angmo is commonly used among msia n spore, especially hokkien, perhaps the most racist dialect group of chinese wakaka. n perhaps again, the term angmo did connote racist in the past but i dun think it is today. thus wakaka basis to call others who use the term angmo as racist is derogatory, even though most of the comment from one anon is purely direct to one person. however when that angmo insult in an abusive n rude manner toward the entire race, wakaka excuse this as "to rile", by rationalise his view with fantastic but obscure word "psychology" no wonder lol.

      having said that, i did agree how wakaka assess himself as being fairly consistent, for example, i am fairly consistent whan the topic is dap n bn wakaka.

    2. The very fact that your this comment, including all your other past comments of such nature, got published here speak volume about the straight-shooting nature of KT.

      I for one, do not agree with the 'psychology' of RPK when he went berserk on all things Chinese nowadays. But this is a subjective opinion and has no bearing with whether one is a straight shooter; which is more than one could said about those PKR fanatic hordes who hardly let out a beep at the absolutely shameful shenanigans that's happening with that deformed party...and yet these people have the audacity to breathe fire and brimstone on who should be categorised as straight shooters or otherwise. Pordah !!

    3. helen ang never even once delete my comment, i rarely use swear word at her side though, but nature is no diff, shd u call helen a straight shooter as well, then i can agree u have a interesting way of definition and understanding.

      i would say ur comprehension skill is equally interesting, kt shoot, but selectively. just compare his treatment toward dyana denial wrt perkasa and any of those incident relate to the pkr queen n princess, i dun know one shd term this as straight or crook wakaka.

      i support pas n pkr, i am bias, i am partisan, i never once say i am objective n balance but at the same time criticize/attack dap n bn in a hostile manner. see the diff? i think i am honest. let me know if u, again, have a interesting definition of honest.

      finally, to ask us "pordah" seem to demonstrate that u might have no diff with one u accuse, my advise is, go to the nearest mirror n take a good look at urself.

    4. I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it........George Bernard Shaw

      Enough said. Pordah !

    5. Why would Mr Helen Ang wanna delete your comments? Both of you have a deep-seated hatred of DAP, so when birds of a feather gets together, they can make all sorts of birdshits, win-win mah.

    6. at helen site, i defend dap and being critical toward the powers that be, in other word, i believe dap is still much much better than umno mca n gerakan, or in ur language, even though pig cant fly, it is still much better than murderer, thief n robber. it seem ur reading n comprehension skill show not much improvement even after reading gbs, what a pity.

      n while u hv clearly been busy with a quotation book, it’s clear to me now that ur only meager capacity is to flout words of ad hominem nature when u hv nothing much to offer. i suggest u go read jk rowling, however childish n fun, it's a start n represent progress on how to engage in civil debate wakaka.

  4. Kaytee, PKR this time around is really fucked up.Maybe it is time they close shop.Their party elections is worse than Umno's.So what to do when have no way out? Tutup pintu or shutters down for good.

  5. In the Old days of various Malay Sultanates, the Rulers held absolute power in their name. In practice, the Ruler usually had neither the time nor inclination to actually rule. The actual executive in practice was the Bendahara, roughly the Prime Minister or Chief Minister.
    To all the subjects, the Bendahara was often the most powerful person in the land, since he made most of the key decisions. However, this was still an absolute monarchy, and the Bendahara served at the Ruler's pleasure.
    Sometimes they got sacked or worse, imprisoned or even hanged at the Ruler's whim.

    Our system is now a Constitutional Monarchy, with elected Parliament and State Legislature, and the Menteri Besars have to be the one with the confidence of the majority of the elected legislature.

    However, there is now a creeping tendency towards the Bendahara system in some states, with some Menteri Besars placing first priority towards being a "Royal Vizier".

    Slowly backsliding towards a Feudal system in the 21st Century

  6. I have been getting very upset over Kidex and the Grand Vizier's lack of sense of public accountability.

    Then a number of events occurred over the last week which have far more serious long term repercussions for Malaysia's governance if nothing changes

    - We have the spectre of the IGP and Polis DiRaja Malaysia refusing to act on a High Court order for the return to her mother of a child who was forcibly taken from her.
    Once Court Orders are "optional" for police to act on, Malaysia is getting into very dangerous territory.

    -Even after the normally execrable Attorney General Gunny Patel validated that the Bible Society of Malaysia's (BSM) broke no law over the Bahasa Malaysia Bibles and no grounds exist for any charges, Majlis Agama Islam Selangor has said "F*ck You - we are not returning the Bibles".
    Since no crime has been committed over the BM Bibles, MAIS has no legal standing to continue detaining the Bibles.

    MAIS is basically saying they are above the law. Very dangerous territory indeed.

    - The Home Minister gave a written answer in Parliament that a threat of physical violence uttered against a person does not break any law as long as actual violence is not committed.
    It is obvious the Honourable Datuk Seri Home Minister is taking an opportunistic stand to protect the UMNO members who made the threat against Teresa Kok, but the legal precedence the Home Ministry is setting here is very dangerous.

    Now anyone is free to threaten violence to get what they want.
    The police will take no action, even after numerous police reports are made. No law is broken, as long as you don't actually carry out the violence.

    Women, especially, are most vulnerable to this new Malaysian legal framework, because the are much less able to defend themselves against threats of violence.

    The silence from Wanita UMNO is deafening....these UMNO people have families, have daughters, don't they ?

    Welcome to Malaysia....The Law of The Jungle...

  7. The Royal Vizier is now basically an "independent officer" or "rogue operative" depending on your point of view. He doesn't consider himself accountable to PKR or other Pakatan Rakyat parties.

    Realistically, he can only be removed by a motion of No Confidence in the State Legislature, and that is a very dangerous move.

    The last time this occurred, a State of Emergency was declared, the Kelantan State Assembly was dissolved, fresh elections held, and PAS lost power for a long time.
    As the hostile reception to the "Kajang Move" shows, the public does not take kindly to forced elections.
    For elections not driven by the expiry of the mandate , death or disqualification , the public sees them as the product of blatant political maneuverings.

    Voters may very well decide to "punish" the side which forces such forced elections.

    1. Should he be left as MB to contijue on as a rogue pollie? Hard choice

  8. Off topic, but I can't help thinking about this...MH370.....missing for 100 days....

    1. The air france disaster took a year for investigators to pinpoint the crashed site and that was in the ocean between Europe and south America. MH 370 is in probably a more remote part of the Indian Ocean

    2. Or maybe MH370 is somewhere totally unexpected.
      I still think there is plenty of misiniformation and disinformation being put out by the authorities over this matter.
      Or maybe they cannot tell the truth, because the proverbial can of worms may be much , much worse.

    3. You're just being suspicious but without any evidence

    4. of Ktemoc's weaknesses is that he is far too trusting of the BN government. A large piece of his school upbringing has probably stayed with him...the government is good...the government tells the truth.

      Ktemoc shows an unceasing, intense, unforgiving, distrust of Anwar Ibrahim and his associates, which is good, but if only he had the same level of sharp criticality regarding the government...

  9. 3C - Chinese, Cha Bor, Christian12:38 pm, June 17, 2014

    One of the main arguments why the Mentri Besar of those states with a Ruler must be a Malay Muslim is the MB has the role to provide advice to the Ruler on matters relating to Islam and Malay customs, of which the Ruler is the head for each State.
    Similarly for the Deputy MB, who is delegated the MB's duties in his absence.

    A number of Rulers have made it clear they consider themselves dejure decision makers on Islamic and Malay customary matters, the MB really has not such advisory role anymore.

    So....logically there should be no legal obstacle to having a 3C Deputy MB ?

    1. Which is kinda bullshit right? While kaytee is praising NS unique and democratic way of selecting its Yam Tuan Besar, he overlooked the fact that in Perak, there's a body called Dewan Negara which is modelled after the privy council in yingerand in selecting the ruler. NS Yam Tuan is hereditary. Perak one is rotation system among 3 families traced back to 19th century. The fun thing is........there are non muslims in dewan negara

  10. I received a (unfounded) rumour via e-mail that Lim Kit Siang had passed away ?
    Can't find anything on the Internet.

  11. In Malaysia many conspiracy theories turn out to be all too true......

  12. Off topic, but I thought our readers may want to know.

    Kassim Ahmad, a courageous commentator on many issues is being hounded relentlessly by JAWI, the Federal Territory Islamic authority.
    On top of that he is facing this injustice almost alone, apart from his lawyers.
    Pakatan Rakyat , including PAS and PKR have remained silent.
    I know he has been very critical of PKR and PAS in the past, but the injustice being carried out against him should not go undefended.

  13. Why is Ktemoc so silent on the steady , daily erosion of freedom of religion in the country ?
    Getting ready to POTONG kah ?