Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Kopitiam Kok-Tok (1)

(1) Great news for MCA and Gerakan. It has been reported that UiTM does not ban masturbation.

Am only mentioning this as a public service to them because ever since Mah Siew Keong won Teluk Intan, the leaders of the two BN-affiliated parties have been wanking away over the humongous 238 voters majority which, according to them, signal a return of the Chinese to BN.

As UMNO subordinates they may qualify for entry into UiTM if they fancy improving their academic qualifications, where they can continue their joyous wanking, wakakaka.

(2) I fear someone appears to be makan gaji buta in not doing his duty. OTOH I kinda grudgingly admire him for his brilliant work strategy where he does no work yet take our (taxpayers') money! 

(3) Can someone please tell this sweetie to change her photo, 'coz her very gorgeous eyes have been haunting me and driving me nuts! Yes, I'm protesting against her cruel visual torture of me and probably zillions of other guys, wakakaka..

(4) Matthew 22:21 (KJV) tells us: Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's

But alas, someone appears to have forgotten it, considering who had said it.

(5) Surely you have heard of Chinese Ghost Marriages if not, read this wikipedia article. There's a whole lot of reasons behind such eerie marriages, and  believe me, it's still practised until today. It seems that such 'other world' marriages, or sometimes unions straddling both 'worlds' are practised also in Sudan, India and France. 

But I have to admit I've never heard of Ghost Divorces. Have you?

Jeon Ji Hyun

married to her, would you wanna divorce her when you are dead?


  1. Aiyah...Ktemoc...I'm afraid Pearl Lee is of a rather "mature" age, not suitable for you...wakakaka...
    She looks older in person than the photo, but agreed, her eyes are really delicious...

  2. The comedy drama being played out in a fictional state somewhere North of Singapore, South of Thailand is not quite a Ghost Divorce, but more a posthomous declaration that the person had uttered the "talak" or Muslim divorce , therefore the wife is considered divorced BEFORE death.

    Actually, the Muslim law nowadays disallows Casual divorce simply using "talak". For a Muslim, you have to go to court , the Syariah one, to get a divorce.

    This is to prevent serious abuse of the "talak" by some men, even using SMS and voice mail to divorce their wife.

    Apparently , the is a law for the masses, and the law for some others. Nobody is equal.
    In this case the Syariah court declared that the pre-death "talak" is legal, and declared the wife duly divorced, even though there seem to be a lack of witnesses.

    Being divorced before death, therefore the Ex-Wife no longer has the substantial rights and privileges which would normally accrue to the widow of such an August personage.

    There is also the well known issue of the late August person's Heir having a deep dislike for his Stepmother, and would love to see her deprived of the many benefits which she would get as the legal widow of the August person.

    It is also well known that the heir is a very vindictive person, who has killed a person in anger before, and would normally have been sent to a long prison sentence (probably not released yet even today) if not for the pardon given out by his father at the time......

    Now...how did such a patently Psychopathic indivdual rise to such Rarified Heights ?

    1. you show an amazing creative mind. Sure you're not JK Rowling? wakakaka

    2. Its all based on current events. Only the identity of those involved has been withheld to protect the guilty...and to avoid getting your blog into trouble of a Royal kind...

    3. I was also protecting you wakakaka

  3. ~ tea break~ Jeon Ji-hyun....this picture is at least 12 years old ! but she's still v v delectable even with the passage of time...check out her latest drama 'My Love From The Star'...after seeing her divine-ness in this very entertaining drama, no man married to her would even contemplate divorcing her even after death.

  4. KT, re your young and nubile beauties, ;-)

    Verily, St Matthew would have saith to thee,
    Beware a beauteous face for behind it may lurk a vacuous mind
    Shalt thy choice be the delight of corporeal pleasures
    Or the unfettered flight of soaring intellectual discourse

    1. Jeon Ji Hyun was a graduate of Dongguk University, like another of my faves, Park Min Young - yum yum, so they would both be brains and beauties, wakakaka

    2. "Beware a beauteous face for behind it may lurk a vacuous mind"

      St Matthew has died-ed aeons ago.....in this day and age, such 'vacuous' minds lurking behind beauteous facade are a very rare specie or almost in non existence. OTOH.....unfortunately, what had sprung up are multitudes of 'fair of face' hunky males behind which lurk low to extreme low EQ ( which definitely qualify for 'vacuous'ness) the source of much disruptions in the relationship equation between the sexes.

  5. There is absolutely no correlation between looks and intelligence or competence.

    There are extremely dumb beauties, there are beautiful geniuses.
    There are brainless hags, there are ugly experts..
    Likewise for men.

    Having said that, plenty of research shows that having an attractive face is a definite advantage in building relationships and confidence.
    Since human associations are an important part of success, having good looks can be an important booster for someone who is already gifted in mental capacity.

    In earlier days, women found it very difficult to get into male dominated professions. The few women who succeeded in breaking through the "glass ceiling" were often extremely determined, very serious individuals.
    Often they were severe, unadorned women , uninterested in common female interests like dressing up or cosmetics.
    Hence the stereotype of plain, even unattractive women with brains. But that was more a function of the social conditions of the time.

  6. hows about a bitchy come on look that instead of giving you horny ideas makes you wanna throw up, no prize for guessing that twinkling star journalist

  7. Oh, yes, thank you so very much KTemoc, Anonymous and Klingon for being the gallant gentlemen to come forward and correct the misconception that beautiful girls are empty-headed.

    I hate to admit it, but quietly just between you and me, I'm a perfect example of a drop-dead beautiful and brainy girl ... in fact, my beauty and brains leave all men fortunate enough to meet me tongue-tied and in awe.

    Love and kisses,
    Paree Shilton