Monday, June 23, 2014

Selangor - A necessary amputation!

If Pakatan dismisses the current royal vizier through a show of no confidence there is a real danger of either HRH or PAS pulling the rug from under the coalition's feet by bringing about the dissolution of the DUN.  OTOH without such a move Pakatan will allow him to continue his pro big business actions and policies which will turn the rakyat against Pakatan.

PAS is quite happy to leave him where he is. RPK has written about it and now Iskandar Samad has voiced his support as well.

To me the choice is bloody clear.

Amputation though painful and dangerous can save life, Pakatan's.


  1. Pakatan is nobody's to save. 1957, we had the good, followed by more good. Late 60's the half good and the first show of evil. Then the bad & the good in between with some bouts of good. Prior GE12, its was all evil some say. After GE13, the lesser of two evils. Today, even ABU is silent.

    We can see what PAS has accomplished in Kelantan, Kedah and Terengganu. How can one have divine rule when even in Kedah the ulamas are fighting each other. Isn't that part of human fallen nature let alone talk on divine sovereignty?

    Is Penang & LGE the true model of Malaysia's future? You must be dreaming!

    Who chose Khalid? UMNO? Is he worst than Toyol or M son of M? Or Sharizat and Sharizat Jr? AI & Khalid and the Dwarf are cut from the same cloth.

    Don't be bias. We can see that the Dwarf can even resort to silencing his opponents. Whatever the outcome, with or without Khalid, its a screwed up universe.

    1. Okie, g.....find a rope and hang yourself

  2. wakakakakakaka

    Ktemoc giving advise to save PR and Anwar?

  3. yes, if need be we gotta take the chance and kick him out.
    after his iSLAM BANK SETTLEMET, you smell the difference?
    latest is Gapurna settlement.
    what's next with UMNO cronies?

    1. Yup, Khalid Ibrahim was a "changed man" after the Bank Islam settlement.
      He refused to discuss the matter saying it is "strictly personal".
      I bet a major part of the settlement involved his acquiescence in various "BN friendly" or "Corporate friendly" transactions.

      He is now BN's best agent in the Selangor administration.

  4. I agree you should get rid of Khalid Ibrahim....
    But I don't care much for Pakatan either...all should go in the next GE.

    Come to think of it, maybe Khalid shouldn't go.
    He's an "asset".....

  5. Like so many of the serious problems facing Malaysia, it has its roots in Anwar Ibrahim and his dysfunctional maneuverings.

    Even the "Allah" issue is an outcome of the dogmatic Islamization of the country, of which Anwar Ibrahim was the prime architect.

    1. AI is the architect, Mahathir is the imbecile who made it possible for all this to happen. As though not enough, these 2 actors are still active stirring the shit pot decades on !

  6. My job often requires me to analyse and explain current developments in Malaysia to foreigners and foreign organisations who have a vested interest - namely investors nd potential investors, both direct and funds investors. Malaysia is not well known in many countries, but there is a solid community of foreign organisations who keep continuous tabs on developments in the country.

    I have had a tough time fielding the queries regarding two recent events related to religious rights and religious tolerance in Malaysia. I'm afraid the events have done untold damage to Malaysia's image overseas.

    First the seizure of Bahasa Malaysia language Bibles from the premises of a CHRISTIAN organisation by a State ISLAMIC authority (my capitals, but I added it to make clear how it looks like to foreigners , many of whom are Christians, ranging from non-practicing to deeply devout. To top it, the Islamic authority's refusal to return the property even though the Prosecuting authority has verified that there are no charges to answer.

    Second, Malaysia's highest court has upheld the ban on the usage of "Allah" in a Christian religious publication - which will likely be used as a precedent by subordinate courts for a broad ban in all Christian publications.

    This in spite of the fact that the publication is an in-house Church newsletter which is not sold or distributed to the public.
    90% of Muslims around the world have no objection to Allah being used by Christians - ranging from a whole range of Arab nations, where Islam was born, to Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim country.

    In their quest for ethnic-based (that's the fact of it) exceptionalism, the Malaysian Malay Muslims are really slapping their own face.

    I guess the authorities are making a bet that the Allah issue has no impact on Malaysia overseas, especially the crucial Investor community, but believe me, it does.
    Not in a direct way, because most investment decisions are clothed on hard data on ROI and ROC. But anyone who deals with investments will understand hard data is not the end of the story.
    Believe me, this issue will come back and bite Malaysia in the long run.

  7. It is called political trickery and conniving. They can neither disown the vizier nor digest him. Wakakaka...

    - hasan

  8. Wah Lau Wei....Ktemoc supporting a Hudud-style amputation !!!
    Yes, chop the Bugger off !!

    1. Wait a minute! His sifu says otherwise lei

      "Chop li a si lang tao la"

  9. For years, the Pakistan government adopted a "feed the extremists" policy - for two main reasons - the Pakistan regime thought they could thus control and use the extremists for their own political agenda, secondly , some elements actually supported the extremist ideology.

    The monster they have created is totally out of control now.

    UMNO has similarly adopted a "feed and protect the extremists" policy, not quite in that violent league, but still ugly. Like Pakistan , Malaysia will eventually get bitten back by the monster.

    1. Especially when they try to let loose the "lupuses" in Kashmir and Jammu. Causing havoc towards Yindia. Like Soviet Union, Yindia nearly press the button.

  10. The Eagles have landed. Too late - the Allah issue is a small matter.

    The ISIS or Levant have landed, coming home soon. The moderates will have to rely on the NONS to have the number to counter.