Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Face mahu juga

Sometimes some people don't know when to quit when ahead.

The restrictions on the Allah word are only for the Catholic Herald where churches can use the word in its services.  Yet the Christian sector continues to push the envelope.

Look,  Putrajaya wants some been chooi man, face saving for itself among its right wing sector.  If it feels it'll lose face water wakakaka it will opt to save itself at the expense of the Christians. .

Win at all cost or lose everything lah. Wakakaka.


  1. Subordinate courts, including High Courts and Court of Appeals are required by legal convention to be guided by Federal Court rulings.

    This is the true legal ramification of the "Allah" ruling.

    It is not Christians trying to push the envelope.
    It is all non-Muslims facing a rapidly shrinking envelope of religious freedom and non-interference in the peaceful practice of religions other than Islam.

    The statement "The restrictions on the Allah word are only for the Catholic Herald " is just talk.

    I am 100% sure the ramifications of the Federal Court ruling will surface in other areas, very soon.....
    There are 10 States in Malaysia with enactments prohibiting the usage of words, including "Allah" by non-Muslims. These are civil laws, not Syariah laws, which means non-Muslims can be charged under the laws. All were passed by BN state legislatures. At the time assurances were given these were stand-by laws, only as a deterrent to proselytization.

    The actual words in the Appeals Court ruling can be interpreted far more widely than just the "Herald" case.
    I fully expect they will very soon be used as authority to seize Bahasa Malaysia Bibles and other Christian printed prayer materials.

    BTW, I am not a Christian, but I feel very strongly about the rapidlhy shrinking envelope of religious freedom in Malaysia.
    Even more strongly than the constraints and inconveniences arising from UMNO Race-based policies. Many of us have worked out ways to succeed in spite of the NEP.
    But there are no ways around restrictions on religious practice.

    I suppose an atheist just cannot see "it", like a deaf man cannot perceive Bach.

    1. Yes, soon kaytee would have become a persona non grata by the virtue of him violating the first tenet of Rukun Negara. Kaytee is an atheist. He does not believe in God. Rukun Negara says otherwise

  2. Keep wakakaking!

    U need it for yr own 'been chooi' too, after all u r standing on a flimsy good built with yr own understanding of kalimah Allah!

    Now, that those troglodytes want a total legal ban - NOT just yr 'herald' issue.

    So, u SHOULD push this question to those tempurung ultras about apa lu mau, after the sycophantic carma judges gave their 'been chooi' to 'defense' their career & religion, by drowning out their legalistic honour!

    'Win at all cost or lose everything lah. Wakakaka.'??????

    To whom????

    Wait till the backsplashes coming out from the E M'sia, then the power that be would ONLY realise that their fixed deposits have bounded!

    & what would KT's stand, then?

    Stay put in Oz & no eyes see? No?????

  3. Must also give Rosmah some "Chooi Man".
    RM311,174,25 water bill woh....

  4. Atheists can't understand the 'problem' !

  5. Celaka DAP....
    The Christians are being so brazen largely because of political opportunistic instigation by Opposition parties, especially the DAP.

  6. Well, since the IGP seems to think police can ignore court orders when it is expedient (M Indira Gandhi case), it may be time for civil disobedience of the Federal Court ruling.

  7. Save face. That is the problem with the government. From day one, they knew the ban of the word could neither be supported nor implemented and yet they pushed ahead to create today's problems. They have now painted themselves into a corner and yet they want to save face at the expense of the Christians. They go round and round in circles with their 10 point solution and get themselves all tangled up. They say it only applies to the Herald but what about the SIB case which has been set aside using the Herald's Court of Appeal's verdict? I believe the other Jill Ireland's CD case has also been disposed off using the same verdict. The issue has far-reaching implications than you could ever imagine. Then you have another 30 plus banned words to deal with.

    As a man so well-versed with words, you should know that words cannot be banned from usage, especially those that have been used long before. I sincerely hope you could change your stance and stand on the side of natural justice and fairness. God bless.


    1. The Atheist can't understand the 'problem' !

    2. Charles Bronson2:41 pm, June 25, 2014

      The Jill Ireland case, and how the court responds in relation with the Herald ruling will be the first key test case whether the Herald ruling has wider applicability on other Christian religious material containing "Allah".

  8. Wakakakaka

  9. Your favourite sweetie totally agrees with you.

  10. wakakakakaka

    No need Herald hardcopies. Nowadays, use la internet or CD. Give everyone a smartphone or cd player, lah.

    What's the problem?

  11. The most dangerous book in Malaysia.
    A Bahasa Malaysia Bible

  12. This thing about Kalimah Allah issue, I don't know who's right or wrong in this whole hostility, which seem to outweigh the possibility of a real peace. Anyway, for me, I just wish the aggressors would not harm the innocent and peaceful people, on both sides.

    It’s a world where power and domination is the rule and as well as the ruler, isn’t it? And the Nons/Christians are pointing their fingers at the Muslims. They said the Muslims are responsible for all the deaths and horrors in this world. They said Islam is what’s wrong with the world’s bigotry and hatred that cause conflicts and wars.

    So, there will be real peace only when there is no Muslims and Islam?? No, there's no racism in Europe, there's no racism in America, there's no racism in Africa, there’s no racism everywhere except in the Muslim nations?? They would say it's the fault of the Muslim clerics and the mosques because they don't have protests to denounce the Ayatollahs and Mullahs, Usama Bin Laden, Sadam Hussien, Muammar Gadaffi, etc… eh? The executions of UBL and MG and many others were no violations or abused of human rights, eh? Goddamned Islam and the Muslims eh???

    Wow, that’s amazing! Hey man, isn’t every living soul on this earth got a right to a fair trial? You would love to be the judge, the jury and the executioner eh? Just thought I would wish all you Nons/Christians luck. You guys have handled yourselves really well!!! Not like us Muslims. Wakakaka….

    BTW, dropping of bombs from a plane onto hospitals and civilian homes isn’t so different from a backpacker’s bomb. Dropping 100's of tons of radioactive bombs in urban areas is also acts of terrorism. Where the heck did invading Iraq come from? They had no weapons of mass destruction. See, what has happened to Iraq today? MIssion Accomplished?

    That’s plain ridiculous. WE are entirely of the same category, aren’t WE? The only question is who the greater monster is? It is this kafkaesque experience that has confronted me and perhaps so many other Muslims.

    - hasan

    1. Repeat your exhortation to your fellow muslims instead. Stop talking cock, Hasan. Go and settle your Sabah problem

    2. Hey you Guilford Boy... kindly tell me where is the cock, I will gladly pull it out. Wakakaka...

      - hasan

    3. "I don't know who's right or wrong in this whole hostility"

      me too. i dun understand y some christian so persistence, to most, that particular word refer to muslim god, but i oso cant understand y some muslim having the same attitute, they shd feel proud of it instead. the funny thing is even a atheist think he knows more than others. the worst is a singaporean love to lecture us how to be a malaysian.

    4. An eminently sensible statement, bro. Rhan, this song is for you...

      - hasan

  13. Please don't confuse debate and disagreement over Malaysian constitutional matters with the American-driven global war on terror.

    Totally different field here.

    Malaysian non-Muslims are only asking for the protection of their constitutional rights to practice their religion in peace without interference from the Malaysian government.
    Yes, this includes religious books written in the Malay language, as well as the name used for their deity that has been in use for centuries before Malaysia even existed.
    Unless the Malay language is for Melayu use only ?

    1. The irony is that the Malay Language does not belong to the Malays only. According to Wikipedia at "Malay historical linguists agree on the likelihood of the Malay homeland being in western Borneo". So, the East Malaysians have as much right if not more, to use the language.

      It is clear as daylight that it is wrong to ban the word from use by others. From whichever angle you look at, it does not make sense. That is why the verdict by the Court of Appeal has so many holes in it and conveniently, the 4 Federal Court judges are referring to that verdict to turn down Herald's appeal.

  14. chcek with Mais to confirm if this is now confined to Herald after this ruling.

  15. "Putrajaya wants some been chooi....., face saving for itself among its right wing sector"


    The shit stirrers Perkasa and ISMA are joined with UMNO at the hip.
    Earlier this year there was even revelation that Perkasa receives taxpayers funds.

    Putrajaya is a dishonest broker in this case. There is no "been chooi" involved