Monday, June 02, 2014

Did Jakim really botch up on the Cadbury porcine DNA saga?

Ridhuan Tee, our nation's foremost Malay (constitutionally, that is), was reported by the Malay Mail Online as calling for the Shutdown [of] Cadbury factory as lesson to the ‘ultra kiasu’ because of Jakim's finding that there were porcine DNA in Cadbury's chocolate almond bars.

I wonder whether I could impose on Jakim to also test another batch of 'DNA', wakakaka.

With squared jaw and steely eyes, the Pahlawan Melayu stated courageously: “I have always said, do not trust the ultra kiasu, I refer to those who oppose Islam and always want to win."

I wonder who's the ultra kiasu he's referring to. Wait, there's only one ultra kiasu he refers to regularly, so please consider my question as rhetorical (where I know the answer oledy, wakakaka).

But wait again! Maybe my guess of the ultra kiasu might be wrong. For a person who's not confident of his claimed 'belongings', whose subconscious keeps telling him that his 'DNA' is not what the Constitution says otherwise, surely he has to be the ultimate ultra kiasu.

By the by, in earlier days he and Miss Muffet were mutually antagonistic to each other, with him describing Miss Muffet as ultra kiasu. I wonder whether they have made up (kissy kissy, cium, cium) since they are now on the same side of the longkang? wakakaka.

Kiasu-speak: “We have to be firm, no more compromise. No need to burn down the factory as some extremists proposed. Revoke the licence. Close down the chocolate factory. This is a particularly important lesson to other companies.”

Did he say 'as some extremists proposed .....'? wakakaka.

Continuing: “I worry that in the future we would be consuming pork even though not in the form of a real pig. My reminders to Muslims; First, do not get too excited about the food produced by the ultra kiasu."

I am puzzled as to why Muslims get so enthused as to go to ultra kiasu shops although they don’t have halal certification from Jakim, yong tau foo shops, coffee shops, bakeries with alcohol in their products and more."

I must ask Dr Mahathir whether his bakery The Loaf might fall under Ridhuan Tee's consideration? wakakaka.

By the way, should I remind Ridhuan Tee about Empat Ekor shops, someone going on an all expense paid Haj (not his own money, wakakaka), gang rape, statutory rapes, casino patrons and the recent sinister sleazy and sickening politicized pariah-ish Pinoy-ization of Dyana Sofya, and the corruption and the abuses by various government authorities that he someone misses all through these years.

He said (I believe rather pompously):“No one is rejecting peace and unity, but those who have ill-intentions, must be taught a lesson.”

'No one is rejecting peace and unity'? wakakaka.

'Ill-intentions'? Don't tell me Cadbury, a world class producer/manufacturer would resort to such sinister designs.

Cadbury's 2011 advertisement (left side only)

But Naomi Campbell (right side) was so pissed off at 

what she saw as a racist allusion to her dark skin.

even though the ad did not mention her name in full, 

the mention of diva' appeared to associate the 'Naomi' with her.

Cadbury pulled out the ad after she indicated she would sue

Dearie me oh dear!

But wait, Jakim has now gostarn (belakang pusing)!

The Malay Mail Online reported in Now, Jakim says Cadbury chocolates never contained pig DNA:

Dr Jamil Khir Baharom, the minister in charge of Islamic religious affairs, said 11 samples of the confectionary giant’s Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut and the Cadbury Dairy Milk Roast Almond were sent straight from the factory to a special accredited laboratory for testing.

“Pig DNA was not found in the samples,” he told reporters here.

Cadbury’s Malaysian outfit had scrambled to recall two batches of chocolate products found tainted with porcine DNA by the Health Ministry last Saturday.

But Jamil Khir said today that the tests conducted by the Health Ministry could have been flawed as the samples were not brought in directly from Cadbury’s factory.

There was a possibility that the previous sample testing could have been “contaminated”, resulting in porcine DNA being detected, he added.

I have to admit I thought what a bloody coincidence that the moment the Teluk Intan by-election result was known, there's a second piece of good news for the government who must have been worried about pious Malays considering even blood transfusion.

Mind you, blood transfusion might possibly have excited someone, wakakaka.

Any chance of Cadbury suing Jakim?

Cadbury's ad - right side only

left side: Naomi Campbell seated on a chocolate Playboy bunny, 

taken by David LaChapelle for the December 1999 Playboy

F88K, there I was, minding my own business


  1. If you are an industrialist and you employ more staff than there is work for, your employees will have to make "work" for themselves in order to look busy. Otherwise you'll see the mismatch and start sacking the excess workers.

  2. Cat Berry watch out you may soon get a mandatory offer to buy you out.


    To add to the injury, JAIS carries out a Kempetai-style raid on a Hindu temple to stop a wedding from taking place.

    First they raided the Christians - and we kept quiet because we said "Its the Christians fault for insisting on their Bahasa bibles containing "Allah".

    Then they raided the Hindus - and we keep quiet its just the Indians - serves them right.

    Then they came to raid my temple , and there was no one left to speak for me.

    1. Agree. More of such cases will appear and serve those idiots who believe BN [special ref, Gerakan] another chance right. I hope something like this happens in TI. Then see who has the last laugh.

  4. This idiot who will definitely fail a "Melayu" DNA test, goes out all the way to prove his "Malayness".

    1. Sure can detect traces of non-halal DNA, cells and tissues in him !

    2. "Ridhuan Tee is a Chinese, is a Chinese and is a Chinese! There are no two ways about it – he looks like a Chinese, he has Chinese blood in him and he has a Chinese penis…" WAKAKAKA

      Adoi.....memang steady punya lah this Steadyaku !! even after reading again....still Roflmao.....wakakakaka

  5. The choc manufacturer may have suffered severe damage to its reputation and business prospects because of the allegation that pig DNA has been found in some of its products.

    It is generally agreed that if someone spreads lies that damage your reputation, the best way to deal with it is to sue the culprit until he/she is bankrupt and is reduced to grovelling at your feet to beg for mercy.

    Things can get interesting soon ..... will the choc manufacturer go to court to seek a multi-million ringgit compensation for damage to its reputation and to its business?

    1. The 2 departments have tested samples from different sources / batches of chocolates.
      Could this be the confusion, assuming that there're no test errors.

  6. The fish body with pig head is cute. What a mutant fish or mutant pig ! Should we called it X-fish or X-pig ?

  7. You say

    "Ridhuan Tee, our nation's foremost Malay (constitutionally, that is)"

    So, "constitutionally" is one way. What is Zairill Khir Johari's way. And the Chinese baby girls given up to Malays for adoption - what is their way? And the Selangor Royal House? What way was that?

    Lu bukan colour blind lah, lu ada blind spot lah.......

    1. there is a Chinese in Penang who is by birth an indian but because he was brought up by a Chinese family he is Chinese culturally, socially, and most important of all, mentally or attitude-wise (note I didn't mention his religion because most Chinese consider religion a personal issue). I bet he dreams in Chinese.

      thus Zairil being the stepson of Khir Johari was brought up as a Malay religiously, culturally, socially and mentally (attitude-wise), as would be babies of non-Malay ethnicity brought up as Malays. again, I imagine they dream in Malay.

      There are some (originally non) Malays who weren't brought up in such Malay environment (as RTA confessed, he raised pigs etc) but who became Malays by virtue of their becoming Muslims, practising Malay customs and adopting the lifestyle (dress, language etc) and culture of the Malays. They are constitutional Malays, with some still speaking English, Tamil, Chinese, etc.

      The latter group dream of becoming/being accepted as full blooded Malays

    2. And who are you to decide that one path to Malayness can be the subject of a taunt and not the other?

      Lu siapa?

    3. So the next time you disagree with the Selangor Sultan you bring up how Malay he is? Or you are going to come up with another ad hoc distinction to hide your polemic carelessness? Plain prejudice more like it.

    4. He's a Malay Chinese and a Chinese Malay !

    5. Anon of 5:05 pm. I'm someone with the ability to discern, discuss and debate, wakakaka

    6. Nice try KT, but all you have done is assert that you can, but not show it. Ad hominem is ad hominem - no matter how many wakakas you hide behind.

    7. KT says

      "note I didn't mention his religion because most Chinese consider religion a personal issue"

      Waaahhh...what tempurung are you living under?

      What happens to a Cina when he converts to Islam? You don't know the meaning of "ejek" until you see what happens to a Cina when he does that!

      Wakatak Wakatak Wakatak!

    8. there have been a number of Chinese and Indian covertees who subsequently resumed their pre-Muslim status without any harassment (maybe they buat diam diam, wakakaka)- I know one who became "Chinese" again wakakaka after he fell out of love - he's not a good Chinese and we sure don;t want him back, wakakaka

    9. KT tadi waka-kata,

      "maybe they buat diam diam, wakakaka"

      Aiiyaa...many buat diam diam when they converted to Islam too! Takut kena ejek.....

  8. All this verbosity to hide the fact that you don't know what an ad hominem attack is. His opinion is one thing. His choice of community is another.

    Bone up on the basics of argumentation first lah....

    1. one of his frequently stated assertions has been "kita Melayu" so the discussion was on that assertion fo his, wakakaka

    2. An assertion that you have not disputed. A Melayu is a Melayu. Instead of disputing it, you have merely taunted him. You can't seem to tell the difference between valid arguments and taunts.

    3. Alamak, saying "kita Melayu" is exactly a way of expressing his choice of community. You have basically agreed that you made an ad hominem attack laaarrrr......

      Your wakaka gives you away lah lah lah! Like a bad poker players tic....

    4. Let's pronounce him Malay !

    5. Regardless, the reality, by ethnic origin, indisputable fact is he is a Malay only via Constitutional provision, thus a constitutional Malay

    6. He has morphed himself from a Chinese into a constitutional Malay.
      In time, his children will morph into Malay !

    7. People consider a former PM as a constitutional Malay.
      But not his children.

    8. The truth is the Malays now are a potpourri of races due to the constitutional definition and aided by many inter-racial marriages. Other races are having the same situation but far less pronounced.

  9. Riduan "lost identi" Tee!

  10. Who/What is a Malay ?

  11. The Cadbury/Halal fiasco is simply another case of Malaysia being able to buy 1st World hardware, but incapable of managing the process at a software (processes and manpower) level.

    The Halal compliance unit has Multi-Million Ringgit equipment which can test for porcine DNA at molecular-level. We are talking about nano-gram level, billionths-of-a-gram.

    At that minute level of concentration, the sampling procedure, the sample packaging and sealing, proper flushing of the equipment after the previous test , avoiding contamination, training of personnel, strict adherence to procedure all have critical impact on producing meaningful conclusions from the tests.

    Otherwise the test result, whatever it is is useless, worse than useless.

    It looks likely now there is no actual pork contamination of the chocolate.
    Somewhere, the samples or the equipment used or the way it was handled ended up with minute traces of pork DNA showing up, but there is no actual pork in the chocolate itself.

    Black eye, more on the Government departments involved, not Cadbury.

    PS. In my time I've been involved in such similar tests, more related to medical testing, not "Halal" food but the principles and protocosl are the same.

    If you recall recent history, this isn't the first high-profile case where DNA sampling and testing has been handled in a negligent manner in Malaysia.

    In the other case, a man may go to jail for years based on a sample handling process which should have been rejected. A supposedly crime-related DNA sample kept in an unrefrigerated office filing cabinet.

    Yes, this is Malaysia.

    1. This is one of the best comment I've come across about how pork DNA can be found in some bars of Cadbury choc....and all the hysterical hulabaloo from this. Only in Malaysia lah

    2. Yes, the lab must also be squeaky clean too as porcine elements in the air may contaminate the samples too.

  12. KayTee tadi waka-kata

    "Regardless, the reality, by ethnic origin, indisputable fact is he is a Malay only via Constitutional provision, thus a constitutional Malay"

    Alamak KT, before the formation of Malaysia, before the 1957 constitution, he would still be considered a Malay. "Masuk Melayu" predates the constitution.

    All that does not change the fact that you were using this as a taunt. Ad hominem is ad hominem. Zairil Khir Johari, Chinese baby girls adopted by Malays are all constitutional Malays.

    It is also indisputable that the late Karpal Singh was a bhai and Lim Kit Siang is an Ah Pek. Why did they complain when they were called that?

    Nothing like pure disingenuousness to cover up an ad hominem attack.

    1. as I replied to Warrior below, Chinese only notice his ultra kiasu-ness when he kept attacking them, a series of efforts probably to prove to and assure his claimed community he is indeed a Malay and not the ethnic Chinese he is and which he must have wish he isn't, wakakaka. The truth is his subconscious refuses to cooperate with his desire to be a Malay, and which led him to a continuous series of nonsensical ultra kiasu-ish attacks against the Chinese. I feel sorry for this man who as Wong Chun Qai remarked lost his identity (and is constantly trying to re-identify himself, alas, unsuccessfully, wakakaka)

    2. KayTee sekarang waka-kata pasal subconscious!

      So when you choose an identity different from the one expected from the community you were born in, you lose your identity? So people must obey your norms and conventions to avoid your taunts?

      So, when people have an opinion you oppose, his communal identity is fair game?

      So, in a debate, it is acceptable to speculate on your opponents subconscious as a form of attack?

      You have now gone beyond ad hominem!

      Waaahhhh.... you really really need to bone up on basic argumentation!

      Subconscious, identity, what next?

      You have revealed far more about yourself than you have about Ridhuan Tee!

    3. Alamak Kaytee!!!

      What is your opinion on calling someone Bhai or Ah Pek in Parliament if justified by the speculation on the subject's subconscious?

      It is indisputable that a Singh is a Bhai and a Lim is an Ah Pek - all that's left to be done is the subconscious then no one should complain ....

    4. Waahhhh KT,

      Constitution, identity, are really grasping at straws laaaa....the more you wakaka, the more obvious it is......

    5. Fuyoh...I quite agree with what you wrote, but ....please... don't quote Wong Chun Wai.
      Wong Chun Wai is a hypocrite... he serves the same idiots who are bankrolling and nourishing the likes of Perkasa and...Ridhuan Tee...

  13. Ridhuan Tee is a Malay Muslim.

    He is very clear of his identity.

    It is others, mostly Chinese, on-line , who keep getting confused about who he is.

    1. Chinese online or otherwise only notice his ultra kiasu-ness when he kept attacking them, a series of efforts probably to prove to and assure his claimed community he is indeed a Malay and not the ethnic Chinese he is and which he must have wish he isn't, wakakaka

    2. Google search gives his biodata as :
      Name: Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee bin Abdullah
      Chinese Name: Tee Chuan Seng
      Race: Chinese
      Religion: Islam

      Chinese Muslim ?

    3. So is Zairil Khir Johari ethnic Chinese?

      Are the Chinese baby girls given to Malays for adoption ethnic Chinese?

      Are you going to give us more ad hoc distinctions so you can call some of them ethnic Chinese and others not?

    4. I like this KTemoc Cina philosophy. When it comes to economic and educational rights and quotas, there should not be distinctions based on Melayu or Cina.

      But when Cina don't like you, Cina is Cina, Melayu is Melayu. Kalau ada Cina mahu tukar, kita ejek ejek sampai puas (which is never).

      Pandai ya....

    5. So you are not happy with
      "his ultra kiasu-ness when he kept attacking..."

      In response you say things like
      "the ethnic Chinese he is and which he must have wish he isn't,"

      How old are you?

    6. Aha, naughty of you to quote me OUT of context. I wrote (this time bolding some words for your attention, wakakaka): "Chinese online or otherwise ONLY NOTICE his ultra kiasu-ness WHEN he kept attacking them ..."

      Chinese owuld have left him alone or even don't notice him if he hadn't attacked them. So they asked: why is this ethnic Chinese (yes, a Musklim but nonetheless a Chinese) keep attacking them?

      They came up with the answer that in his "... series of efforts ..." he was "... probably [trying]to prove to and assure his claimed community he is indeed a Malay and not the ethnic Chinese he is and which he must have wish he isn't", wakakaka again.

      There is usually a reason for an ethnic Chinese (regardless of his religion or constitutional status, wakakaka) to keep attacking his own ethnic group.

      Do you ever come across Omar Ong Yoke Lin (or his family) or any of the Ma family (Dato' Haji Mustafa Ma is the president of MACMA) attacking Chinese the way the constitutional Malay does?

  14. Ktemoc really shows all the unattractive characteristics of the Ultra-Kiasu.

    1. wakakaka, if you say so ;-)

    2. Wahai Sak, you are wrong!

      KayTee's non-Kiasu-ness is exemplary. Notice how he is as incisive in his analysis of the DAP party election scandal as he is of the PKR party election scandal.

      Don't defame this thoroughly fair and objective blogger!

      If not, he will shoot you with even more wakakas!!!!

    3. aiseh you must also be honest lah - compare the shambles that is the PKR polls in both 2010 and this year, wakakaka, and an error in the DAP polls which was not only reported but also audited by an independent (non DAP) auditor. On instructions from RoS the polls was re-held.

      In the 2010 PKR polls, despite an offer by erstwhile PKR member Jonson Chong to fund an independent audit of the highly criticized/complained about Libaran polls, Dr Wan Azizah didn't even courteously refused Jonson's offer but ignored him completely - how rude she was! or maybe just takut, wakakaka

    4. (former) DAP Batu Kawan9:48 am, June 05, 2014

      PKR has rightly been condemned for its dishonest polls.
      However, any independent observer would see that the DAP's polls were equally dodgy, if not even more dodgy than PKR's.

      DAP's polls only required 1 count conducted within a few hours in 1 place (Penang's PISA stadium actually), and only involved counting a few hundred votes. No complex logistics, no complicated procedure required.

      It should have been a no brainer to have the DAP CEC polls done correctly. A very junior school-leaver clerk could have done the tallying job correctly.

      Yet, more than a week later DAP came back an announced totally different "amended" results. If they came back with a few wrongly counted votes it could have been forgivable, but the way the results were a total, complete about-turn stinks to high heaven.

      The So-Called independent audit fails to rebuild any confidence.

      The chain of custody and security of the so-called "votes" from the time the initial results were announced until the auditors validated it is not assured. The auditors reported what they saw, but were these really the original votes ?
      Who knows what "magic" was performed on the ballots in the two weeks interval ?

      I vowed never to vote for DAP again that day.
      As far as I'm concerned DAP has been exposed as a deeply dishonest party.

    5. As far as PKR and DAP are concerned, I personally feel that there are unfriendly internal elements out to sabotage their elections. Enough said.

  15. Some Cina need to get this through their thick skulls.

    "Masuk Melayu" has been around long before the British, long before the constitution.

    Ridhuan Tee would be considered Melayu even without the constitution. It's Malay culture.

    1. I hope you will/can convince him - as I mentioned his subconscious won't allow or assure him of that conversion or transformation, wakakaka

    2. Ask Perkim if all the Chinese converts are classified as Malays now and the issue will become clearer or more blurred.

  16. Who introduces this constitutional malay thingy in the 1970s ? What great desperation and motivation must have drove this person/group of people to resort to this non-sense man-made self-rewarding definition of "race" so as to considered as an Insider.

    The Federal Constitution defines the term “Malay” in the following manner:

    “Malay” means a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom"....

    So if a Malay suddenly opts out of his religion of Islam and habitually converse in English he now defined as a non Malay ? What race is he now then ? Anyway....can Malay be truly be classified as a 'RACE' ?

    When the foundation itself is suspect and not logically supported....things crumple to become non-sense.

  17. Melayu Singapura11:19 am, June 05, 2014

    Many, many years later, a British staff who served the Reid Commission was questioned during an interview why they allowed such a racist clause defining "Malayness" to be inserted into the Malayan constitution.
    The answer was that the Malays, especially UMNO and the Rulers had insisted on the clause providing for the Special Position of the Malays (not special rights, mind you) (Article 153) . Since this clause had legal standing, it became necessary to define elsewhere in the Constitution who exactly qualifies to be a Malay.

    The exact wording was the subject of intense debate.
    Some wanted a strict definition by birth, but since many "Malays" in Malaya were born in what is now Indonesia or even India, they ultimately settled on a cultural/religious definition.
    You didn't have to be born of Malay parents, you didn't have to be born in Malaya, you just had to profess the religion of Islam, habitually speak the Malay language, conform to Malay anyone could be a Malay by choice....even Ktemoc if he so chooses (wakakakaka)

    So...that's how Malaysia ended up with a very racist Constitution, which will stand for as long as Malaysia exists in its current form.

    BTW, Singapore's constitution also has a clause stating "Special Position of the Malays", but its amazing how both Malaysia and Singapore have in practice bastardized this originally well-intentioned clause.

    Malaysia has used Article 153 to justify all manner of abuse of power to enrich Cronies closely connected to the Ruling party, as well as all kinds of privileges far beyond the original wording.

    Singapore's Article 152 , on the other hand, has been purely decorative. There are no government programs , processes whatsoever to address Article 152. Strictly window dressing.
    The following article written by a Singapore Malay.

    1. I have read somewhere that only descendants of Malays living in Malaya at the time of independence would be eligible for the special position and assistance but not the subsequent arrivals and constitutional ones. I guess it would be near impossible to monitor who are the original ones. Hence, the complete mix-up of all eligible to be called Malays.